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How To Create A Reindeer Carousel Cake


This festive carousel cake featuring whimsical reindeer would make a spectacular cake for children and adults this Christmas. You can simplify the design to create a single tier cake or even change the colour to suit the theme of your party.



Covering the Cake and Board


Covering the petal cake board in sugarpaste is not essential but it does create an elegant look. Brush the board with a little cooled boiled water, then dust your work surface with icing sugar and knead and roll out approximately 500g (1lb 2oz) of white sugarpaste. Lift up and place … Read More...

Halloween Cake Ideas – Spooky Chocolate Bark, Gothic Ghouls & Ghosts


To make this spooky chocolate bark, simply melt chocolate chips in the microwave, spread onto greaseproof paper using a flat palette knife and scatter rainbow chocolate drops and skulls & bones sprinkles over the top. Carefully pop in some candy eyeballs so that they sit the right way up and leave to set. Once set, break the chocolate bark into shards and use to decorate a cake, drop into Halloween treat bags or simply pile onto a plate ready for eating!


These wafer ‘gothic and horror’ plaques are great for teenage or adult parties. They can be used to … Read More...

Halloween Cake Ideas – Skeletons, Skulls And Bones



With skeleton and skull moulds, sprinkles, treat bags and cupcake cases – we hope you’ll find everything you need to create some really funky cakes and treats in our Halloween cake and cupcake decorations section.

We love this candy skeleton mould – not only is it great for making scary chocolate treats to offer trick or treaters, but you could also use it to build a skeleton to decorate the side of a cake, ideal if you want to create a fun centrepiece cake for a party!


1. Candy Eyeballs

Have fun decorating Halloween cupcakes, cakes and biscuits … Read More...

Halloween Cake Ideas – Spiders And Webs



Spin A Quick Spiders Web

This is probably the quickest Halloween cake we have ever made and you don’t have to cover the cake first in sugarpaste, you can spin the web over chocolate ganache, buttercream, mirror glaze or cupcakes. Spoon some ‘Royal Icing To Go’ into a disposable piping bag, cut a tiny hole in the bottom and drizzle over the top and sides in a fast backwards and forwards movement. Decorate with plastic spider rings and add a spritz of silver edible glitter to give a shimmery finish.


Spider biscuits

The simple shape of this …

Make A Splash With The Fmm Splat Cutters


Add a splash of colour to your cakes with the Fmm Splat Shape Cutters. Their soft curved shape is perfect for cutting out puddles but with a little imagination they can be used to create fun and funky flowers. Using brightly coloured icing, you quickly have the splats to go on a paint balling cake or splashes of paint that can be used on a DIY or paint palette cake.

Step 1.

Dust your work surface with cornflour (the cornflour pouch is perfect for this) and roll out some blue sugarpaste (also known as fondant icing) to around 3mm … Read More...

How To Use Easy Push Flower Cutters


We love these new Push Easy Flower cutters by Cake Star – they are just so easy to use and great fun for all the family. We used Sattina sugarpaste in an assortment of colours so that the flowers stayed soft and edible on the cakes. If you wish to make more delicate flowers or want them to stand upright, use a modelling paste like Sattina Perfect Paste.

Step 1.

Dust your surface with a cornflour pouch before kneading and rolling out some sugarpaste to around 2-3mm thick. Using a small non-stick rolling pin really helps stop the icing Read More...

Quick & Easy Bunting In No Time At All

1 Main image



Quick & Easy Sugar Bunting

Create really quick and easy sugar bunting with this new set of cutters, designed by us, and made by Fmm. The best paste to use is Sattina Perfect Paste or a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste kneaded together. You can check out how quick and easy they are to use on our YouTube video or simply follow the steps below.

 You will need:-

The Easy Bunting cutters, set of 3
Sattina Perfect Paste
Cornflour pouch
Small non-stick rolling pin
Edible glue
Paint brush
Small writing tube – 1, 1.5 or 2

Simple But Beautiful Ruffles And Frills With The Easiest Carnation Cutters


We are so proud of our newest little invention – not only does the ‘Easiest Carnation Ever’ cutter set make stunning carnations but creates beautifully romantic ruffles and frills too! The cake has been covered in Sattina antique lace sugarpaste which is a really soft, creamy peach colour that goes with any colour theme including pink! We used Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste mixed with a little antique lace sugarpaste (about 3 to 1) to make the ruffles so they are a soft colour that matches.

Positioning the ruffles . . .

To position the ruffles evenly on the …

Create Your Own Bouquet Of Cupcakes


There’s a new box on the scene that’s fun, easy to assemble and allows you to create a colourful bouquet of cupcakes. It’s available in several colours, comes flat packed with a clear insert for 7 cupcakes and assembles in no time at all – around one minute.



Step 1.

Open the box and fold the base in (each flap is numbered to make it even easier!)



Step 2.

Push the middle inwards where the box is scored and tie a ribbon or bow around it – this will keep the box together (our ‘quick Read More...

How To Create Sharp, Crisp Edges On Sugarpasted Cakes Using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers


Discover the secret for creating sharp, crisp edges on sugarpasted cakes using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers. They can be used on sugarpasted and marzipanned rich fruit cakes or on sponge cakes covered in ganache or buttercream. We have used a Madeira cake covered in buttercream and Antique Lace Sattina sugarpaste which has then been decorated using a ready-made edible lace, sprayed gold. The flexi smoothers come in three sizes which can be bought individually or as a set.

Small set for 3″ to 5″ cakes

Medium set for 6″ to  9″ cakes

Large set for 10″ plus cakes

 …

How To Pipe Pretty Flowers In Seconds


Pipe beautiful buttercream or royal icing flowers in seconds with these new flower piping tips. The rose, rose bud and Holland tulip can be bought individually or there is a set of 11 tips that are ideal for piping a variety of pretty flowers from violets to daisies, crocus, roses, freesia and more! To create vibrantly coloured piped flowers, colour your buttercream with a gel or paste food colouring as opposed to a liquid colouring.


Preparing Your Cupcakes

To decorate a cupcake, start by slicing the top off so that it is completely level then cover with Read More...

Create Your Own Masterpieces With This Stunning Range Of Designer Edible Paints


We love this vibrant range of 15 easy-to-use edible paints which have been developed by Squires Kitchen alongside expert cake artist, Natasha Collins.  These versatile food paints have a smooth, streak-free consistency which is ideal for painting directly onto sugarpaste (rolled fondant), modelling paste or marzipan so that you can paint beautiful designs straight onto cakes, cupcakes and cookies.



Natasha has specially selected all the paint colours in the range, choosing a contemporary colour palette of popular shades that she regularly uses on her cakes. The paints can be used straight from the pot for bold colours … Read More...

How To Make An ‘Eggsquisite’ Easter Drip Cake


Drip cakes are all the fashion this year and so we have designed our own Easter drip cake and cupcake using coloured candy buttons and a selection of Easter decorations. Learn handy tips on how to achieve this effect so that you can create your own show stopper Easter cake! If you’re short of time, try our golden delight Madeira mix, 500grams of mix makes a delicious 7″ round cake and all you do is add water, mix and bake!


Step 1. Melting The Candy

Start with a 7″ round cake covered in sugarpaste and leave overnight so … Read More...

How To Make A Show Stopper Sprinkle Bunny Cake


Create a show stopper sprinkle cake this Easter topped with cute candy bunnies. You can use a normal depth cake but the extra depth of using two cakes will ensure it takes centre stage and the colourful sprinkle coating will get everyone‘s attention.


Step 1.

To create a show stopper extra deep cake, stack two 6″ cakes on top of each other and layer with buttercream or your favourite filling. Coat the outside with buttercream using a palette knife and a deep side scraper to achieve a smooth finish. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes so that … Read More...

How To Make A Cherry Blossom Mother’s Day Cake


This beautiful Cherry Blossom themed Mother’s Day cake is simply stunning and easy to create with a little help from a variety of our lovely coloured products and equipment. We have topped it with a pretty handmade sugar Cherry Blossom spray from our collection of sugar sprays in the Mother’s Day cake decorations section.


Step 1 – Painting cherry blossom branches

To create the cherry blossom branches around the cake, use a picture as a guide and paint freehand using a small thin brush with Rainbow Dust ‘Paint it’ brown.

Start by mixing your colour in a …

How To Make Perfect Icing Ruffles Every Time


How to make icing ruffles

‘The Easiest Rose Ever‘ cutter isn’t just for making roses, you can also use it to create beautiful ruffles that cascade down the side of a cake or frill upwards. The cutter comes in three sizes so you can create small, medium and large ruffles (we have used the larger of the small set for this cake). To ensure the ruffles keep their shape, use a modelling paste such as Sattina 3 in 1.


Step 1.

Colour the Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste using Sugarflair Lavender Paste colouring to create several shades of lavender.





This Week – Embossed Hearts for Cookies, Decorations & Plaques



These Pavoni Plunger cutters make creating patterned cookies, decorations and plaques quick and simple. The small one at 4.5cm across is perfect for bite size cookies, and together, between the two sizes you can create cupcake decorations, side plaques and cake toppers. Just remember, if you want the decoration to stand up use a modelling paste, otherwise keep it edible and use sugarpaste or marzipan.

We Used:
Pavoni Heart Plunger Cutters, Set of 2
Rainbow Dust Metallic Golden Sands Dust
Sattina Cerise Pink, True Red & Regal Purple Sugarpaste
Cornflour Pouch
Paint Palette
Nylon Brush No 3

 …

This Week – Teddies For All Occasions!


We used:
Jem ‘Pop It’ Teddy Mould, 2 Piece Set
Sattina Perfect Paste
9″ Rolling Pin
Palette Knife
Cornflour Pouch
Scriber Needle or cocktail stick
Bow Easy Press Fondant Mould
PME Set Of 3 Heart Shape Plunger Cutters
Edible Glue
Selection Of Paste Food Colourings

We love the shape of the Jem ‘Pop It’ teddy cutter set, and don’t forget, you get 2 moulds which means you get double the use – teddies for cupcakes and cakes! We have found the best icing to use is Sattina Perfect Paste which stays nice and malleable for pushing into the moulds but … Read More...

This Week – Personalising Cakes Has Never Been Easier!


Push Easy Alphabet & Number Cutters make creating messages a dream as they are just so easy to use! No more misshapen letters from trying to tease them carefully out of cutters – simply cut, press the plunger down to emboss and then pop them out ready to go on your cake. Suitable to use with sugarpaste, marzipan, modelling paste or even cookie dough, you can even make a name or message the main feature of the cake or cupcakes by decorating the letters or numbers to suit the occasion. The cutters are available in lower case, upper case and … Read More...

This Week – Christmas All Wrapped Up!


Baking homemade treats for Christmas presents and parties has never been more popular. From cookies and cakes to mince pies and truffles, there’s a box, bag or wrapping idea for everything! With the right ribbon and a little bit of ‘know how’, learn how to impress your friends and family with stylish gifts that still have that homemade feel about them.

What we used:

Christmas Boxes
Christmas Cellophane Bags
Christmas Cellophane
Christmas Ribbon
Sweet & Chocolate Boxes
The Mini Bowdabra
Standard Cake Boxes



One of this year’s trends seems to be an earthy rustic look which works really … Read More...

How To Make The Easiest Ever Christmas Cake!


Tried and tested so many times, this Rich Fruit Cake mix is the best ever and you only have to add water! A true story… recently someone, who has made many many cakes, used our rich fruit cake mix for a last minute order. The customer reported back the next day “that was the best rich fruit cake you have ever made, can we have that recipe next time”! If you prefer something a little smaller, why not make your friends and family individual rich fruit cupcakes! Use metallic cupcake cases, top with marzipan and sugarpaste and present them in … Read More...

Edible Glitters Are Not Just For Sprinkling!

With lots of new mixes of Edible Glitters arriving from Rainbow Dust, we have had some fun discovering what you can do with them. Our favourite three at the moment are the Halloween Glitter (a mix of orange and black sparkles), the Berry Burst which is bright and colourful for fireworks and the Frosty Blue mix which is great for creating icy skies or night skies on black icing!


Rainbow Dust Edible Glitters

Edible Glue & Brush

1. Playing around with the glitter we discovered it isn’t just for sprinkling over cupcakes and that there is an easy way … Read More...

This Week – How To Make The Easiest Sugar Roses Ever



We used
FMM The Easiest Rose Ever Cutter
50/50 mix of Sattina Sugarpaste & Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
FMM or PME Foam Pad
Small Rolling pin
Cornflour Pouch
Edible Glue
Paint Brush
Sharp Knife
Stay Fresh Mat (optional)
Colours used to create the cascade of pink roses –
Sattina Cerise Sugarpaste (mixed with modelling paste)
Sattina Candy Floss Sugarpaste (mixed with modelling paste)




You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to make beautiful roses using this cutter! Every rose bud and rose on this cake was made using this one cutter. You can … Read More...

This Week – Step By Step Guide To Using Cake Box Extenders


Cake box extenders offer an economical and easy way to pack and transport large stacked cakes. They are made from a food safe sturdy cardboard and come in a selection of sizes. Follow our step by step guide for the easiest way to assemble, it only takes a few minutes.

When using an extender, you will need a cake box the same size. For example, to use a 14 x 14 x 18 inch high extender, you will also need a 14 x 14 inch box. Buy the extender on its own or alternatively as a set with Read More...

This Week – Bright and Beautiful Butterflies


We used:
Make & Bake Butterfly Cookie Cutter Set
Sattina Coloured Sugarpaste in –
Cerise Pink
Regal Purple
Grass Green
Sunshine Yellow
True Red
Selection of Sugar Crystals and Sugar Strands
Edible Glue and Paint Brush
Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
Cornflour Pouch

The Make & Bake butterfly cookie cutter set has 6 cutters that you can mix and match to create colourful cake decorations, cookies and even cupcake toppers. Have fun designing butterflies and flowers that look different every time and decorate them with sugar crystals, strands and sprinkles for a mosaic effect. If you have children, they could even … Read More...