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January Newsletter
Hello readers and may I wish you a very happy New Year! It seems like only yesterday I was tapping away at my computer wishing you a happy Christmas and now we are well into January.  As we plan our newsletters for the next year we thought it would be nice to give you some ideas for special birthday cakes that you may be making during 2013.  I hope you like them as we have tried to cater for all tastes.  

As I type, I am also packing for a trip to New York in 3 days.  I have never been and am extremely excited about it, especially as I am leaving everything behind and going with my lovely Mum who suprised me with the trip as a 40th birthday present!  As soon as we land I am heading for the famous Magnolia Bakery (as seen in Sex in the City) and I also will be dropping in to Carlo's to see Buddy (Cake Boss) (I promise to take some photos!)

We have some cute Valentine ideas for all you romantics out there and I have also squeezed in some well known children's characters for you to try.

I hope you have a fantastic January and look forward to chatting again next month. Until then, happy baking.



Valentine Cakes




If you have a special person in your life then why not make them a beautiful cake on the most romantic day of the year? These pretty cakes  were all made using our range of fantastic products.



Cover your  square cake with red sugarpaste, roll out some teddy bear brown sugarpaste and mould your own cute little bear using round cutters for the head.  Roll out a small amount of white sugarpaste and get your message across to your loved one using the funky alphabet and number cutter set.  Make sure you use modelling paste or florist paste with this cutter set as it does not work so well with sugarpaste (unless you add some gum tragacanth or CMC to it first).  I have used an edible ruby jelly heart in the middle of my message and I think it works really well.  Use the large icing red embossed hearts to decorate the edges of the cake.  I have used the white embossed hearts too.  Finish off your cake with a pretty ribbon from our great Valentine range.

If you prefer making cupcakes, then these little adorable cakes were  made using our Valentine fun pix, pink and red hearts sprinkle mix, the set of 4 heart leaves, floral textured mats, rejuvenator spirit and  gold sparkle lustre dust, red turkey roses, large red embossed hearts and a 'To My Valentine' motto.  Get creating! All the cupcakes were baked using cupcake cases from our Valentine range.


Edible Glitter


Edible glitter is now available and for a touch of sparkle apply this fine glittery lustre dust to your cupcakes or treats. The glitter effect is very subtle and appears more like a lustre than a glitter but it is truly edible as the manufacturers have satisfied Trading Standards and the FSA regulations.  For the full colour range click here.


Sparkle Edible Glitter


Special Birthdays


This collection of celebration cakes really can be used for any event or any age of birthday.  Take a look at these for some inspiration.




This cake is perfect for someone who loves a flutter!  We have covered the 3 tiers in different coloured sugarpaste, the middle being covered in grey sugarpaste and then sprayed with silver edible lustre spray to give a little glamour.  The main decoration on this cake is the playing card patchwork cutter set which includes a plain & king card cutter, a hand of 5 cards, spade, diamond, club and heart cutters in different sizes and number embossers. It is best to use either florist paste or a mix of florist and modelling paste for this cutter as you need to roll the paste very thin in order to capture all the details on the embossers.  After cutting out and embossing all the designs, leave to dry and then paint the cards (copying the colours from a real pack of cards is always best) using food paste colours mixed with some water or rejuvenator spirit

These cards and shapes have been lightly sprayed with edible lustre spray to give a lovely finish.  You can decorate your cake further with non-edible trinkets to portray the person's interests; here we have used our cute little scooters and a beer mug filled with edible gold dragees.  This person was a rugby fan so he has a rugby ball candle.  The lovely wording was created using modelling paste (rolled out very thinly and then left to set for 10 mins) and Clikstix script cutter with ejector set.  For an extra special occasion, cover your board with black sugarpaste or you could use one of our black round cake drums.



Cut random strips of black sugarpaste and arrange on your white covered cake to make a funky zebra print design. These can then be complemented with the zebra print edible sugar sheets we stock. You can cut them into any design you wish using scissors or any shaped metal cutters. To give the cake its bling, fix black ribbon around the base of the cake and layer with clear diamantes on a silver chain. Edible silver balls look great in a plastic champagne glass and the wording on this cake was made with the funky alphabet cutter set. The cake topper is made by curling black metallic wire and then placing them all in a plastic pick that is set into the top of the cake. These metallic wires come in a variety of colours to suit most colour schemes. The cute cupcakes are a perfect partner to this cake, don't you think?




30th - 40th

These 2 cakes can be used for any age and are unisex.  The edible streamers are made by rolling modelling paste very thinly and then cutting the paste into strips.  They are then wound around something like a cake dowel and left to dry until hard. Gently release them and spray with edible pearl lustre spray for a glimmering effect. These streamers could be made with sugarpaste but would take much longer to dry.  We have a great range of themed ribbons for any event and these can be layered over either a pink or blue ribbon to show whether a male or female.  Decorate with one of our many beautiful feather sprays or sparkly diamante numbers on wires.



If you are having a huge celebration with many guests, you may even need a 3 tiered cake!  This is a great way of feeding your guests some dessert as well so you could be adventurous with your sponge flavours.  I used the extra large patchwork letter and number cutters and florist paste which I  rolled out very thinly. A good tip is to roll out the florist paste and leave it to go slightly hard for approximately 15 minutes before cutting out the letters and numbers as it makes cutting them out much easier.  To create bold colours, always use coloured florist paste as near to the glitter colour as you can.  If you use white florist paste and then glitter it with blue non toxic glitter, it will not have the same effect as when you use blue florist paste.  When the letters and numbers are completely dry (leave for at least 2 hours or overnight if possible) spray them lightly with edible glaze spray or paint over with a thin layer of edible glue, place on to a piece of silicone or baking paper and completely cover each letter and number with non toxic glitter.  You may appear to only get a couple of letters covered out of one little pot but once you have shaken off  the excess and carefully poured all the glitter back into the pot, you will realise that you have hardly used any at all!  One pot of glitter will easily cover at least 8-10 letters or numbers.  When all the letters and numbers are glittered, spray another light layer of edible glaze spray over again to secure the glitter and stop it dropping over your cake. 

As you can see, we have also glittered our stars which were made with the set of 4 star cutters. To make the star topper, insert blue metallic wires into the cut out stars, let them dry and arrange in a small cake pick.  Once everything is dried attach to your cake using a small amount of royal icing and leave to dry before transporting. This model was made using modelling paste and left to dry before fixing onto the cake with royal icing and again, left to dry before transporting.



Were you disco dancing in the 70's?  This groovy 60th cake is perfect for anyone who reminisces about those good old days!  This cake design is based around the disco dancers patchwork cutter set and it is extremely good value for the amount of cutters you get.  The figures have been made using exactly the same method as with the extra large patchwork letters and numbers.  The multi-coloured glitter effect was achieved by using different coloured non toxic glitters in lines over the edible glaze sprayed cutout and then quickly flicking it off, ensuring that the colours don't blend.  Spray again with edible glaze spray to set. You can adorn your cake with all sorts of non edible decorations as I have.  The black feather cake top with small plastic pick works really well with this cake.
Groovy Cake Cutters


Another Video Release From  

Cake Craft World Tv!


Following the success of the first 2 videos we now have the third one ready for release entitled 'How To Cover A Cake In Sugarpaste'.  I hope you like it as much as the others and watch this space for many more this year.  If you have any great ideas for future videos then please let me know by emailing me at



Children's Favourites



One of the top toys this Christmas was the Furby.  They were around when I was little and now they have been reborn all these years later!  They are cute little furry creatures and extremely easy to create as a cake.  I used a tiffin tin to bake my sponge and then, once my royal icing (or you can use buttercream) is coloured to the desired Furby colour, I piped all over the cake using a No.233 grass piping tube.  Once this was done I added some gum tragacanth to some colour co-ordinated sugarpaste and, with some help from the largest rose petal cutter, metal heart cutter and circle cutter, I created this cute face.



People always ask us at Cake Craft World how to use the many shaped tins that we sell so we thought we would launch a free project sheet (below) for you to download that shows you how to decorate these fabulous characters in different ways.  I think that Dora the Explorer looks fantastic on our coloured cake drum and the assorted animal icing faces that are peeping out of the royal icing grass (made with the No.233 grass tube) create a really authentic jungle feel.  We have many shaped tins in our range, click here for more.

Dora also comes with friends too!  We have a new range of Dora the Explorer cupcakes cases and picks which can all be decorated and presented on this fantastic cupcake stand.  What more could you ask for?




We also have Spongebob Squarepants and his friend Patrick the starfish to add to our character range. So easy to use, even the children can decorate their own cupcakes with these cupcake cases and matching picks.


Decorating A
Shaped Tin Guide 






Win a 100 in our lucky hearts competition.


To celebrate the new year we are giving away 100 worth of cake decorating goodies of your choice in our lucky hearts competition ! To enter just find all three lucky hearts (numbered 1-3) hidden somewhere in the site ! 

Take down the special number associated with each heart and send them to us using our contact form.

(no purchase necessary, not open to cake craft employees. The winner will be picked out at random. Closing date 14.02.2013 . Good Luck !)






New year, new colours! We are delighted to inform you that Sugarflair have released some new colours into the world of cake decorating; we have used them here to colour our buttercream.

Top Row - Turquoise, Khaki, Lilac

Middle Row - Burgundy, Egyptian Orange

Bottom Row - Deep Purple


As an introductory offer, we are selling the set of 6 new colours for 10.99 instead of the normal 13.20 for a limited period only.


Set Of 6 New Sugarflair Paste Colours


Winner Of The Kenwood K-Mix Christmas Giveaway


We are absolutely delighted to announce that the winner of our Kenwood K-Mix Christmas giveaway competition was Euan Coney (aged 10) from Flintshire.  Euan bakes with his Mum and was over the moon when we called to tell him he had won.  He didn't waste any time making this spectacular coloured sponge as soon as it arrived! He has also made bread rolls and has lots of ideas for more baking.  Well done Euan.

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Sweet Heart Pan

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Hearts Chocolate Mould

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PME foam flower making pads and
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