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Zoe Vickers

Dear Readers,



I cannot help but get excited when Christmas gets nearer;  people who do not bake throughout the year seem to dust off their tins and mixers to embrace the family traditions . My friend won't touch a cooking utensil throughout the year but even she has a go at making some gingerbread men and women to hang from her Christmas tree.


Christmas at Cake Craft World is a colourful and sparkly affair this year as you will see from my show stopper snowflake cake and our great coloured cake boards.  We have also gone cookie crazy  with designs suitable for any ages and abilities from little toddlers up to the professionals out there.


Both of our Facebook pages and Twitter followers are doing fantastically well and our numbers are growing daily.  We are keen to spread the cake love to as many people as possible so please recommend our pages to your friends and family or join yourself by clicking the social media icons at the bottom of this letter.  I had a fantastic amount of photographs emailed to me this month showing off all of your latest cake designs and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through them. The standard of work seems to get better and better every month!  Please continue sending them to me at and they can be viewed on our website by clicking on to our Cake Gallery.


One of our customers has made the headlines!  Claudia Newberry of Purple Flour Cakes was commissioned by the Chief Executive of the St. Giles' Trust to make a cake for their patron, the Duke of Cambridge, as a thank you for giving up his time and being part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.  Claudia set to work on her vintage Aston Martin, replicating the car that Prince William and Kate travelled in on their wedding day.  The cake was a vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream and all of her products were bought from Cake Craft World.  We are very proud of Claudia and also amazed at the finished result.  It is truly fantastic and has only 3 non edible items on the whole cake!




You could be the proud owner of the ultimate baker's gadget just in time for Christmas with our fabulous Kenwood K-Mix Christmas Giveaway.  Simply place an order on either of our websites or and you will be entered into our free draw.

Last but certainly not least, as you have all been such wonderful and loyal customers to us throughout the year we have a special present just for you.   How would you like to get 3 issues of Food Heaven for just 9.99 ? Food Heaven indulges all your cooking and baking needs. It features the popular titles Cupcake Heaven, Baking Heaven and Cake Decoration Heaven and you will also be treated to other one off specials that are bound to inspire your baking creativity.



I will be back just before Christmas but until then, get organised, get shopping and most importantly...get baking!



  Louise photo


Our New Video Tutorials 


Up to now we have been busy bringing you fantastic ideas with our monthly project sheets. This month we have a video tutorial instead. This is our first (so be kind) but we would love to know what you think and what you would like to see in future videos. So please drop us an email:



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


I just love this cake as it is sparkly, romantic, girly and Christmassy but there isn't a red or green bauble in sight.  It would make a fantastic winter wedding cake or a seasonal celebration cake for a very special occasion.  You could also just make one tier and decorate your family Christmas cake in the same way.

I used the Set of 3 Snowflake Plunger Cutters (professional quality with a 5 year guarantee), Edible Pearl Lustre Spray and Pink and White Non-Toxic Glitter.  I sprayed the snowflakes with a light coating of Edible Glaze Spray before dusting with glitter and then another layer of glaze spray over the top to ensure the glitter stays where it is.


Christmas Cupcake Parade   

All lined up ready for Santa's arrival.  This gorgeous crowd has been made with all the latest products from our Christmas range.  Choose from Candy Cane and Gingerbread Man Cases and Picks, Green and Red Checked Cases and Picks, Santa's Belt Cake Cases and Picks, Mini Gingerbread Men Sprinkles, Scrumptious Gold Star Sprinkles, Scrumptious Silver Star Sprinkles and Gingerbread Boy Decorations.  If you have any Pretzels handy, they always make great antlers at Christmas.  We have sprayed our little Rudolph cupcake on the end with Edible Pearl Lustre Spray to make him look like he was caught in a snow flurry.


Look Who's Popped Up  

For Chrismas    

These little mouthfuls of sweetness are perfect for Christmas gifts or to place on the table for the big day. 

BAUBLE - You can choose any colour of Candy Melt to create this pretty cake pop.  I shaped the top from sugarpaste and then painted Edible Gold Sparkle Lustre Dust mixed with Rejuvenator over the top.  

CHOIR BOY - I love the Mini Muffin Case acting as a frill collar, again I have edged it with Edible Gold Sparkle Lustre Dust mixed with Rejuvenator. 

SNOWMAN - This is one that the children could help decorate. You can personalise it using any Coloured Ribbon as the scarf.  I used the Black Decorating Candy Strings to make the ear muff headband but you could use Black Sugarpaste

CHRISTMAS PUD - Milk Chocolate Couverture Chips were used to cover this cake pop.  In order for the chocolate to stay thin and glossy you can add some vegetable oil to the chocolate and it will make it extra glossy.  Top it off with a piece of White Chocolate Cocoform and holly made with the Small Three Leaf Holly Plunger Cutter

RUDOLPH - Made in the same way as the Christmas Pud but with added Candy Eyeballs, a red drop from our Rainbow Chocolate Drops and some antlers made with Florist Paste cut out with the Rue Cutter.    
If you wanted to make some festive favours for the dinner table then the Christmas Pud cake pops can be made in the same way as above but without the Lollipop Stick and placed in a Gold Foil Petit Fours Case.  These cake pops also fit into the Poinsettia Sweet Boxes for added glamour.   

It's Snowing Chocolate  


I love this beautiful cupcake baked in a
Gold Cupcake Case, the buttercream sprayed lightly with Edible Gold Lustre Spray and topped with a Deluxe White Chocolate Lustre Snowflake.

We've Gone Christmas  

Cookie Crazy 


With so many lovely cookie dough recipes around at Christmas I have really gone to town with my selection of decorated biscuits this year.  They can be made using a gingerbread recipe or even just a good old fashioned shortbread one.  Here are some decorating ideas to inspire you and if you fancy having a try, click here for our full Christmas range.

You could also try this fantastic new publication from Wilton called Cookie Exchange. It has literally hundreds of Christmas cookie decorating ideas. 

It even shows you how to do all the basic decorating techniques in order to create these little masterpieces and most of them can be tweaked to cater for non-Christmas designs too.



This cookie was made using the 6 Point Metal Star Cutter and covered with Amethyst M&B Luxury Sugarpaste.  I then piped a design over the top with royal icing and when dry, painted it with our Edible Gold Sparkle Lustre Dust and Rejuvenator kit.


We've Got Christmas  

All Wrapped Up    


Nothing is simpler than painting some holly onto a covered cake with Holly Green Paste Colour mixed with water and then dot with circles of Christmas Red paste Colour for berries.  I have used the Multi Ribbon Cutter to create this seasonal red bow out of sugarpaste.


Frosty The Snowman    


If you love Mr Frosty then you will be very happy to know that the Set of 3 Tins that made him is on SPECIAL OFFER this month.

Try it yourself - 



Cute Christmas Trees 


This Pack of 5 Mini Christmas Tree Baking Moulds is an absolute bargain at only 3.25.  They can be used in so many ways and all look great.


Squash some cookie dough into the mould, sprinkle some Silver Balls over the top and then bake in the oven or bake your normal sponge in the mould and then decorate with Rainbow Chocolate Drops.

Alternatively, bake your normal sponge and then pipe the fir on your tree with a Star Tube, finishing off with some pretty Scrumptious Gold Star Sprinkles, Scrumptious Silver Star Sprinkles and Silver Balls..  Great ideas for the children to get involved with...even if it is just putting on the stars.


Santa's Arrival 

Display your cupcakes in style with this spectacular Rudolph and Sleigh Treat Stand.  I love it and will definitely be making space on my Christmas table for it this year.

Cookies & Cake  


I have used the Mini Christmas Tree Baking Mould for this cake and made sure I greased the mould well with Bake Easy before baking to ensure the sponge came out easily.  Cover the cake as normal with sugarpaste and decorate with Black Decorating Candy Strings, mini lights stamped out of coloured sugarpaste with a Medium Round Plunger Cutter and topped off with a star using the Metal Christmas Star Cutter. Cover your board with coloured sugarpaste to create a background scene and add these gorgeous cookies using the set of 2 Waving Santa and Reindeer Cutters.   
The reindeer have been covered in Teddy Bear Brown Sugarpaste which was embossed using the Little Venice Cake Company Fanciful Flourish Impressions Rolling Pin and then finished off with Edible Gold Lustre Spray for added glitz.  I did pipe some brown royal icing on the antlers but they really do look just as good without.  Santa was dressed in red and black sugarpaste.  Roll out the colour and then cut out each section of the outfit and attach to the cookie with Edible Glue.  I have completed the outfit with a bright yellow buckle using the small and medium cutters from the Set of 3 Square Plunger Cutters.  Finish Santa off by piping his hair, beard and cuffs with royal icing in a bag fitted with a Star Tube No.5.

If you would rather give your cookies away as a gift, why not buy a festive cup to display them in and wrap them in one of our many Cellophane Bags, tied with a beautiful festive Ribbon




Introducing Mr & Mrs Reindeer

These cute Reindeer biscuits fit perfectly in the Treat Box Kit.  Rudolph's smile is made with the PME Scallop and Comb Tool.


The Perfect Pair!



This delightful Santa & Rudolph Mould is so easy to use. Just knead together a mixture of either 1/2 flower paste and 1/2 sugarpaste or 1/3 Mexican paste and 2/3 sugarpaste and push into the mould. The mould is pliable and flexible so your icing or marzipan will easily pop out.


You can always separate the two and have Santa on one cupcake and Rudolph on the other.  Finish your cupcake with White Snowflake Sprinkles and pop a Mini Silver Star Sprinkle on Rudolph's nose.

You could of course just use the heads of the mould on cupcakes. This Rudolph cupcake is sprinkled with Green Coloured Sparkling Sugar.

Santa's beard has been piped with royal icing using a Writing Tube No.2.  Finish off the background by sprinkling Snow White Magic Sparkles all over.


Christmas Cutters



We have an amazing array of Christmas cutters that will last you forever so they really are worth investing in.  The more you have, the better the design you can create on your cakes.  Click here to choose from all of our cutters including the holly, tree, stocking, reindeer and gingerbread man.

Christmas Magic


These 2 sets of cutters are fantastic value for money.  The set of 5 Christmas Tree Cutters include the trees, a circular cutter and 2 metres of red ribbon. They are perfect for either making cookies or using with salt dough to adorn your tree. We have used them to decorate some boards here but it shows what can be done on a cake too. The set of 5 Christmas Tree Bauble Cutters includes exactly the same as the tree cutters and are a bargain at 3.00 per set. 





At last, no need to cover your boards in sugarpaste anymore as we now stock a large range of Coloured Drums.  This cute cake has been made using one of our favourite Christmas decorations, the Claydough Santa and Rudolph  and wrapped with a fancy festive Ribbon.  Seal the bottom edge of the cake by piping a star design in royal icing and edge the cake with Small Light Green Icing Triple Holly Decorations. Our 'Ho Ho Ho' was made with Florist Paste cut out with the FMM Funky Alphabet and Number Cutter Set.   

For more Christmas Decorations, click here

Take One & Make One



I love this clever idea thought up by one of our ladies here.  Our Edible Flat Santa Heads are fantastic toppers for cupcakes and look great teamed with the Santa's Belt Baking Cases and Picks, finished with a sprinkling of Scrumptious Mini Silver Stars.  Alternatively, use them as a quick fix to modelling by using them on the top of a Santa body made from red sugarpaste.  Our White Snowball Sprinkles are great as snowballs on top of the cake or attached around the base of the cake as shown here. 

It's Snowing Sprinkles! 

These brand new sprinkles have landed at Cake Craft World and we love them!  They come in gold and silver and can be used for decorating cupcakes, cakes, chocolates, biscuits and cake pops.  They are even great for ice cream..


Have A Stylish Christmas




Put a bit of style into your Christmas with this colourful cake.  The Purple Board and Pink and Blue Snowflake Ribbon really stand out from the crowd while The Jem Christmas Baubles and Bows Set create a lovely top decoration.   To make the  baubles use coloured Florist Paste and roll out very thinly using a light smearing of Jem Petal Base on your worktop. Cut out each bauble,  peel the decoration carefully off your worktop and place on greaseproof or kitchen paper.  Lightly spray with Edible Pearl Lustre Spray and attach to your cake with edible glue or a little royal icing.  For an authentic look thread real Ribbon through the holes of the baubles and decorate the top of the cake with Three Leaf Holly Plunger Cutter leaves studded with Gold Balls.  Finish the cake with some attractive piping around the edge, we used the PME No 13 Star Tube

This showstopper snowflake decoration is made using the spectacular Giant Snowflake Cookie Cutter.  Simply cut out from White Regalice and use your imagination to create a stunning pattern; here we have used The Fanciful Flourish Impressions Rolling Pin and Mixed Silver Balls which can be attached with small dots of royal icing or Edible Glue. We finished the cake with an easy piping technique around the base using the PME No 6 Star Tube whereby you pipe a star, drag it upwards and attach a silver ball. Don't forget, you can use the cutter to make giant cookies or even salt dough decorations! 

Special Offers & Christmas Kits


Rejuvenator Spirit & Edible Gold Sparkle
Lustre Dust kit 
This Rejuvenator Spirit & Edible Gold Sparkle Lustre Dust kit is the perfect combination for painting onto royal icing or sugarpaste to achieve a beautiful shimmery gold effect. The lustre dust may also be used to brush over freshly rolled sugarpaste to give a lustre finish. 



Snowflake Cake kit   

This Snowflake Cake kit contains a few of the items we used to create our stunning contemporary Christmas Snowflake cake which has been a real conversation piece. Whether you wish to produce a stacked cake for a winter wedding or just a single cake for a Christmas tea this selection of items will be invaluable.


Kit includes:-


Set Of 3 Deep Round Tins  

Fantastic set of 3 deep round tins 3", 4" and 5" in diameter as used in the Frosty the Snowman cake.











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