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Dear Readers,



As I sit at my computer on this early mid-summer morning....I feel happy! The amount of rain we have had has made our country look so amazingly lush and the flowers in my garden are bursting with colour. This has given me the inspiration for a feature in this month's newsletter. Pretty sugar flowers, you can't beat them. The cutters available these days are so realistic that it isn't hard to make some stunning looking blooms.  


If you are holding a Macmillan coffee morning in September, you can't be without our very own Macmillan cupcake and mug cutters. Click here to buy them and hurry as they are flying off the shelves!


We are getting very excited about the Cake and Bake Show at Earls  Court on the 22nd and 23rd September. We have a stand next to the famous Mich Turner of Little Venice Cake Company. Mich will be demonstrating lots of new techniques and we will be selling her branded equipment plus many more goodies so please do come and visit us on Stand 30. As a thank you to all of our readers there will be a special discount for Cake Craft World customers. Just visit the website and when buying your tickets (£12.50), enter our promotional code 'cakecraftworld08' and your tickets will then cost you £10!


I didn't get so many photos from you all this month, I'm hoping that it is just because you are on holiday and not that you have stopped making cakes! Keep them coming please, it's always lovely to see your creations, especially when you have used our products!


We hope to see you all at Earls Court in September and then it will be Halloween believe it or not!


Until then, happy baking.



Happy Baking



Back To School

There are lots of classes available for you to join to either learn cake decorating right from the beginning or more advanced classes that are designed for learning new techniques.  Some people are looking for a weekly class to achieve a recognised certificate whilst others just want an informal one day class run by someone at home.I have found that the website is excellent for finding cake decorating courses in England.   


Our most popular question on Cake Craft World's online forum is 'what's the best way to cover a cake?'  Have you ever wondered how to create the perfect finish on sugarpaste cakes? This Summer Sugarpaste Kit contains all the equipment you need to help you achieve a smooth, professional finish every time.


The kit includes:

  • Icing sugar shaker - helps sprinkle icing sugar finely over your hands, kitchen surface and equipment when required.
  • 16" non-stick rolling pin - invaluable for rolling out sugarpaste without it sticking.

  • Pair of spacers - aids rolling out sugarpaste to the correct thickness and keeping an even depth.

  • Easyflow smoother - create a smooth surface that looks professional.

  • A 4" straight palette knife - cutting off surplus sugarpaste around the board and creating a neat bottom edge.  

If these products were bought individually they would cost £31.56 This kit is on special offer at £26.83



For a free downloadable sheet on how to cover a cake with sugarpaste click here >>>




Elegant Scroll Cake  



We have some lovely SMALL CUPCAKE PIPING TUBES in stock and I have been playing around to create some new uses for them.  Try the DECORATOR FAVOURITES PATTERN PRESS SET for creating perfect scroll patterns on cakes.  Simply cover your cake with sugarpaste and whilst still soft, emboss with your chosen pattern and then pipe over the top with royal icing, carefully following the guidelines.




I used...

I added some white sugarpaste to the jade and made a lighter shade for the covered board.  Crimp the sugarpaste covered board and stud each heart with a sugar pearl for added glamour.


These piping tubes can also be used for creating fun cupcakes like the ones below.


Please click on the items image to purchase



Pretty Cupcake Bouquet    


There seems to be so many ways to make cupcake bouquets that it all becomes a little confusing so below is my own tried and tested way.


I used...


First Step - Piping The Rose Cupcakes


A 1M piping tube is best for this job as it has only 6 points which are long enough to pipe deep ridges to give the appearance of petals. Firstly your cupcake must be completely flat so if it is domed, cut flat with a sharp knife. (To bake perfectly even cupcakes, see the feature below). Holding your piping bag upright, start piping a star in the centre of your cupcake and swirl outwards, overlapping the star slightly. The secret is to work your way around the surface of the cupcake without building height. Continue to swirl outwards and around the outer edge of the cupcake, easing off the pressure to finish. Sprinkle them with pink and white magic sparkles and put in the fridge for 15mins to allow the buttercream to stiffen a little.





Second Step - Constructing The Bouquet


Pick a pot or container to display the bouquet in. If you choose a light container then be sure to weight it down inside with something edible and heavy, such as sugarpaste. Choose a polystyrene dummy the same size as the top of your container and wedge it in, ensuring that it is tight enough not to fall out. Stick 2 wooden cocktail sticks approx. 1cm apart into the middle of the dummy. Then depending on how big your container is, stick 2 cocktail sticks per cupcake around the next tier of the dummy. Continue until there are enough cocktail sticks to cover the surface of the container. Remove the cupcakes from the fridge and holding them securely round the sides (being careful not to damage the buttercream swirls) pierce the cocktail sticks into the bottoms of the cupcakes, starting with the one in the middle.




Third Step - Decorating The Bouquet



When all cupcakes are attached to the dummy, check for gaps and fill any with wafer leaves. Choose a pretty ribbon and tie a big bow at the front of your bouquet for an extra special finish. If your container is small enough, you may be able to package your bouquet in the LARGE WHITE WINDOW BOX normally used for large 3D cupcakes.






Getting Your Cupcakes Perfectly Even

To ensure that each cupcake you bake is the same height, invest in a food scoop.  Fill it with cake mix and then use a palette knife to level off the mix.  Use the ejector handle to release the mix into the cupcake case and then bake until light and fluffy.




Pretty Sugar Flower


Fantasy Flower 


I used... 

Roll out florist paste until very thin and leave to set for 5 minutes. Cut out 3 different size flowers and roll the ball tool along the edges of the petals to soften and frill slightly.  Dab a tiny amount of edible glue in the centre of each flower and layer them one on top of the other with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom.  Place on a polystyrene flower former to dry.  If you do not have a flower former then you can make one with crumpled up tin foil.  When dry, lightly spray with pearl edible lustre spray and stick a ball of black Mexican paste in the middle and cover with edible glue.  Sprinkle black sugar sprinkles over the black ball and discard the excess sugar. 


Daffodil, Daisy & Buttercup   


For the daffodil, I used...

Roll the florist paste until very thin and leave to set for 5 mins.  Cut out the 2 sections of the daffodil cutter, frill the trumpet section with the celstick and vein the bottom section with the Dresden tool. Glue both ends of the trumpet together and then glue to the bottom section of the daffodil. Leave to dry.

For the daisy, I used...

Roll out the florist paste and cut out 2 daisy shapes per flower. Glue together ensuring all the petals from both layers can be seen. Roll a small ball of yellow sugarpaste and glue to the middle of the top layer. Gently lay the correct size daisy centre stamp over the ball and push very gently. You may want to dust the stamp with cornflower before embossing.


For the buttercup, I used...


Roll out the florist paste and cut out each size of the blossom plunger cutters. Circle the large end of the ball tool in each petal to create a cupped shape. You will need to use the small end of the ball tool for the smaller size. Glue together and paint little dots in the middle with the egg yellow paste colour.






For the gerbera, I used...

Gerberas are just a bigger version of the daisies so follow the instructions above.



 Poppy And Fern


For the poppy, I used...

The poppy is made in exactly the same way as the fantasy flower but instead of black sugar sprinkles, the middle is decorated with cut black matt stamens.



For the fern, I used...

Use a ball tool to release all the leaves from this incredibly intricate cutter by gently poking the small end into all the many leaves.



Heavenly Cupcake Stand



We are all going mad for this cupcake stand with glass domes. It is a beautiful ivory coloured ceramic cake stand with 6 individual glass domes. Each dome sits inside its individual fluted base, able to take a cupcake up to 55mm in diameter and 75mm in height. This adjustable stand is perfect on a counter in a patisserie or for a quintessential cream tea.



Summer Petunias



I used...

This picture oozes summer, especially with all the bright and vibrant colours used. The set of petunia cutter & double sided mould is so easy to use and gives a really professional finish. I find Beau florist paste works best with this set.  Just roll out the paste, cut out the petunia and then put in onto the mould and emboss gently.  Leave to dry.

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