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Halloween Newsletter

Roses are red 
Slime is green 
Just round the corner 

Dear Readers,



Welcome to this month's newsletter and I hope you liked my little ditty (it took me all of 7 seconds to compile).  If you hadn't already guessed, this month is all about that spooky time of year when the witches come out to play with their black cats and broomsticks and most's a good excuse to eat CAKE!  This year we have tried and tested even more fantastic products and they all get our seal of approval.  There is a great Halloween special offer too if you are thinking of throwing your own Halloween party so grab it whilst you can as these offers always seem to be so popular.



There is an extra feature at the bottom of this newsletter to tell you all the news about our time at the spectacular Cake & Bake Show, held at Earl's Court on the 22nd & 23rd September.  It was the first year for this show and proved to be a great success.  Read more about our weekend at the Cake & Bake Show below.



Thank you again to everyone who sent in their photographs of masterpieces for the Hall of Fame. Please keep them coming in by sending your photographs in an attachment to



Until next month, happy baking.






Scary Skull & Petrifying
Pumpkin Pans

If you are throwing a small party to celebrate Halloween then these pans are just perfect.  They are very good quality and the non-stick surface is extremely good.  I have used orange and green Sugarpaste to cover my pumpkin. I painted on the features using Liquorice Paste Colour thinned down with a squirt of Rejuvenator Spirit but you could use a Black Edible Colouring Pen.

The Skull Pan can be used in many different ways, I have turned it into one of my daughter's favourite dolls here.  Anyone recognise it?  The sparkly bow was created by spraying Edible Glaze Spray over the Fuchsia Sugarpaste and then tapping  Fuchsia Pink Glitter over the top.  I have secured the glitter with another light spray of the glaze and left to dry before attaching to the skull.  Don't forget that even though the glitter is non-toxic, it should not be eaten and therefore remember to remove the bow before tucking in.



Eeeeek Eyeballs!   


There is nothing funnier than these googly eyes.  I am going to stick them on every piece of food I can find on Halloween! The Spooky Yellow and Green Eyeballs are great for using on cupcakes.  I have used them on this spine-tingling spider cupcake and also on this revolting eyeball cake pop.  His unearthly legs are made using the Black Decorating Candy Strings.
They would also be good for witches hair.




If these are too big, then our Candy Eyeballs may be just perfect for you.  They work very well on cupcake buttercream.  The picture below shows them with our Spooky Mini Baking Cases and we have also used them on shop-bought meringues and finished off with Orange and Black 'BOO' Halloween Picks.


Creepy Sprinkles Lab Test Tubes


This fantastic set of 4 Creepy Sprinkles Lab Test Tubes are filled with various decorative edible sprinkles and stored in their own plastic 'lab test tube' stand.  I've had great fun experimenting with the fantastic variety of sprinkles in each test tube and your little ones can also pretend they're in their very own lab!  This is a super Halloween gift to give to a child (or even a grown up!).




Boney Sprinkles 

These Halloween Bone Sprinkles are brilliant for sprinkling over all your Halloween treats including cupcakes, biscuits, desserts, cakes and ice cream. To make your buttercream look even spookier, spray it lightly with this Black Colour Mist Food Spray.  We also have the food spray in Orange.

Bling Up Your Halloween    


If you want to put a little sparkle into your Halloween then look no further than this Pack of 18 Sparkly Skeleton Cupcake Wraps.  They are perfect for finishing off your cupcakes and they do have a white hologram sparkle to them.  Decorate your cupcakes with our Piped Icing Halloween Decorations as shown in the picture.




Creepy Cupcake Line Up



Look at this queue of creepy ghouls! They are chilling enough to scare any mere mortal and totally edible.


Cupcake 1 - The skull and arms were made with the Skeleton Parts Candy Mould and Sugarpaste.  There is more on this product in our free 'Frightfully Fun Halloween Ideas' download.



Cupcake 2 -  Our Small Scary Face Cutter on top of Black Sugarpaste crimped with Small Closed Curve Serrated Crimper and sprinkled with Mini Silver Star Sprinkles.  Sprinkle these tiny edible silver stars over sugar models, cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, desserts and ice cream. For a special occasion, they can even be sprinkled into champagne or a cream liqueur.



Cupcake 3 - Our Small Witches Hat Cutter with Mini Gold Star Sprinkles. 

Cupcake 4 - Our Small Pumpkin Cutter used with Orange Sugarpaste and when dried, details added with Black Edible Colouring Pen.  This cupcake is baked in a Halloween Bats & Cats Cupcake Case.


Cupcake 5 - Our spooky spider, as before. By the way, have you noticed our other spider in the picture? He's not for sale I'm afraid!


Cupcake 6  -  This little cupcake has our Small Ghost Cutter on the top.

Putting The Crunch Into Halloween


We have 3 fantastic cookie sets to show you this month and I have decorated them in a spooky way to give you lots of ideas depending on your ability.

This Set of 7 Monster/Alien Cookie Cutters is perfect for Halloween and then can be used afterwards for a Space themed party.



Create some fantastic Halloween cookies with this Halloween 3 Piece Cookie Cutter Set and decorate with sugarpaste or fondant icing.


I have really gone to town with the decoration of the Witches 4 Piece Cookie Cutter Set, use your imagination to create your own masterpieces.


Look Who's Popped Up To See Us     


I don't think any of these characters would win a beauty contest do you?  Here are some fun ideas with cake pops using all of the fabulous products available in our Cake Pops section. The witch's hair is Black Decorating Candy String and Dracula's cape is made using the famous purple wrapper from Quality Street.  Look at our smart little cake pops all dressed up in their ribbons.  For more ribbon designs, click here.

Tasty Little Treat     


I love this Lips Comfort Grip Cutter so much that I couldn't wait until Valentine's Day to use it, so....Halloween!  Just create some sugarpaste fangs and paint on a little blood and you have a truly gruesome treat.



Halloween All Wrapped Up     



There are so many ways to decorate your treats and now to wrap them! For our full range of Halloween Cellophane Bags & Boxes click here. If you love these ribbons, click here for many more designs.



Petrifying Product Ideas    




1 - This Set of 4 Small Cupcake Piping Tubes are perfect for piping swirls on mini cupcakes and  and creating different effects on larger cupcakes.

2 - Decorate spooky cupcakes easily with this Halloween  Cupcake Combo Pack. This set features two different cupcake case and four pick designs.

3 - Pack of 50 Orange & Black Tulip Muffin Wraps, fantastic for Halloween parties. Use with our Standard Muffin Pan.




Halloween Cupcake Kit Offer


Create an amazing centre piece for your Halloween parties with this fantastic set.

Great value at just £9.99 this set includes:-

  • Skull cardboard cupcake stand
  • Mixed pack of 36 mauve, black & orange cupcake cases
  • Pack of 12 plastic spider rings
  • Pack of 12 plastic ghost rings
  • 5 x 15g packs of green sparkling coloured sugar sachets

Click here to see more 


Frightfully Fun Halloween Ideas      

Halloween gives everyone the excuse to spend some time in the kitchen. Our free downloadable sheet has some fun ideas for decorating and packaging your spooky Halloween treats. If you want to know the secret of how to achieve ghostly white buttercream as in the picture, read on...




The Cake & Bake Show    

We had such a great time at the show and met some really lovely people, including many of our customers and of course the celebrity bakers and cake decorators that were involved in the event, including our friend Mich Turner of the Little Venice Cake Company. One thing we did learn is that we need a bigger stand so that we do not run out of stock again! If you missed out on our special show offers, here they are for a limited period while stocks last.





 ***** Special Offers *****
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6 Inch Five Petal
Aluminium Tin
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6 Inch Heart 
Aluminium Tin

WAS  £10.25 NOW   £9.99  

Set Of 3 FMM Double-Sided Cutters For Cupcakes
WAS £10.15 NOW £9.00

Set Of 2 Deep Square Aluminium Tins

WAS  £15.97  NOW  £14.50

Set Of 3 Deep  
Round Tins

WAS £13.53 NOW  £11.99

  Jem Blossom/Petal Former And Petal/Veiner Friller Tool

WAS £7.70 NOW  £6.90

Set Of 3 Large Plain Star, Holly & Heart Shape Crimpers

WAS  £6.60  NOW  £6.00

Set Of 2 Small Serrated Open Scallop & Closed Curve Crimpers

WAS £4.40 NOW  £4.00   

Set Of 2 Large Closed Vee & Closed Curve Serrated Crimpers 

WAS £4.40 NOW  £4.00

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