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Imogen Pottle (aged 7) made this amazing Monster High cake!

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Pack Of Candy Melts


Halloween Mini Cutter Set In A Box

Nesting Ghost Cutter Set In A Box

Wacky Witch
Cupcake Kit

Pack Of 12 Black & Orange 'Boo' Wafer Decorations

White Sugar Ghosts
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Piped Icing Halloween Decorations
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Halloween Newsletter


Halloween is huge in my house and we really get into the "spirit" of things. It is my favourite time of year and always makes me feel warm and cosy as we decorate the house ready for our Halloween party. 


I always find it amazing how many products are available for this season and it makes trick or treating such fun when you make your own Halloween treats.x





I know these ghouls are supposed to be hair-raisingly frightening but I can't help thinking they are really rather cute! This cake can be made for a large Halloween party or just one tier for an intimate ghoulish Halloween supper. Dust the Skeleton Parts Candy Mould with some icing sugar and then push sugarpaste into the body parts.  

To make the sugarpaste easier to release, mix a small amount of Sugarcel CMC into it beforehand. People always ask me how much CMC to add to the sugarpaste and I always say 'I don't use exact quantities!' The picture below shows how much I would add to the sugarpaste to help you judge. Leave the skeletons to dry and then add their scary facial features using a Jet Black Edible Ink Pen.
This cake is covered with our new Sattina Real Chocolate Sugarpaste and place on a coloured round board.  
To use Sattina Real Chocolate Sugarpaste as a cake covering, the cocoa solids need to be really warmed up, so make sure you knead it for a good couple of minutes until it is soft, shiny and pliable.  There is no need to use icing sugar when rolling out Sattina Real Chocolate when doing so on a non-stick surface, which is great because there will be no unsightly white marks.
Sattina Real Chocolate Sugarpaste can also be used as a modelling paste. Just knead for a very short time and, before it becomes soft and pliable, push it into the Halloween Tombstones Mould and then release. They should come out easily without having to dust the moulds because of its non-stick texture. Leave the tombstones to dry over night before spraying them with Silver Edible Lustre Spray.

Now for the fun part. Attach the tombstones and skeleton parts on to the cake with either edible glue or royal icing. Don't forget to use your imagination and add a bit of humour too, I have rolled out thin pieces of Sattina Sugarpaste in Pitch Black and glued them on to some of the skeleton heads to look like cloaks. 
Finally, colour some royal icing (or for ease, Luxury Royal Icing-To-Go) with the Kiwi Sugarflair paste colour from their new pastel range. Using a grass tube No 233 pipe tufts of grass all over the cake, this is a great way to cover up any mistakes! 
Lastly add some extra gore by piping raspberry flavoured jelly from our new 'Blood Tube'. Use any leftover body parts to create gruesome cupcakes like the one below. 

I'm totally bats about this little fella!  He comes from the set of 3 metal Halloween cookie cutters which includes a coffin, fangs and a bat. Make a small hole in the cookie dough before baking so that you can easily thread spooky ribbon through to hang around the house, kitchen or anywhere you fancy.


Mix up your spells in this hair raising cooking pot!  This cutter is part of the witches 4 piece cutter set and I have jazzed it up with multi coloured stars from our star plunger cutter set.  The beautiful colours I have used are from our brand new Sattina Sugarpaste range.







I love this haunted Halloween cookie cutter set.  The cat and skull can be made into so many different characters but this year I went for old bolt head and a very sleazy pussycat! Teeth are easy with the square plunger cutter set and the oval plunger cutter set came in handy for eyes!




This year's Halloween Baking Kit is absolutely 'fangtastic' for baking cupcakes & cookies for Halloween. 

The kit consists of: 
  • 4 grippy cutters (cat, ghost, pumpkin and bat)
  • 20 Trick or Treat cellophane bags with ties
  • 36 cupcake cases (orange, party green & purple - 12 of each)
  • 4 'Boo!' picks
  • 4 ghost rings
  • 4 spider rings. Get creative!

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! This totally cheeky witch is clutching on to her cauldron for dear life! Bake your cake in our Christmas pudding mould tin and cover in our new Pitch Black Sattina Sugarpaste.  

Have fun modelling your witch with all of our Sattina colours but I would advise you to knead a little CMC powder into the sugarpaste to make it a littler firmer when modelling.  

I have covered the board with Golden Brown Sattina Sugarpaste and used our large texture sheet with the wood work pattern to create this fantastic effect. For the flames roll out sausages of Sunshine Yellow, Bright Orange and True Red Sattina Sugarpaste, join them together, roll out as one piece and drag the comb end of the PME Scallop and Comb Tool along the sugarpaste to create grooves. 

Fill your cauldron with silver 'bubble' balls and add a little trick or treat bag wafer decoration to finish.


Add these freaky felines to your cupcakes - This pack of 60 black, green & orange edible wafer witches on broomsticks & cats confetti are fantastic for sprinkling over cupcakes or cookies at Halloween.


This cupcake uses a little bit of everything from our pack of bats and spiders, plastic BOO picks and our very own exclusive scary face cutter.  Use an edible pen to draw on the freaky features to finish.


Trick or treating has never been more fun now that you can make your own little gifts for the scary ghouls that visit your door on fright night. Present them with a real treat of a cupcake topped with buttercream piped from a 1M tube.  

For added delight, paint some paste colour up the sides of the piping bag so that when the buttercream feeds through, the effect is brilliant.  Wait for these to set a little before putting them in cute spider bags and tie with a cool Halloween ribbon.

This batty cupcake is soooo realistic that it makes me shudder just looking at it!  The buttercream is coloured with the new kiwi food paste colour. Add some 'blood' to make this cupcake super scary.  

This pack of 12 edible black wafer decorations, 6 bats & 6 spiders are perfect for cupcakes at a Halloween tea or as a lovely surprise for little trick or treaters at your door.


This is a great one for the children.  Just bake some cupcakes in these webby little cases, pipe hairy bodies with a star shaped tube and then attach the googly eyes and long lanky legs to create some really cheeky spiders this Halloween.



Melt some white chocolate or candy melts into this 3D skulls mould or you can even push Sattina Sugarpaste into it as I have done here.  Add a little CMC powder beforehand to make them release from the mould a little easier , leave to dry then fill in the features with a black edible pen. 


Finish off with either a sparkly skeleton cupcake wrap, a thin piece of black sugarpaste as a cloak or even both!



Cake popping couldn't be easier this Halloween with our new little gadgets to make life easier, quicker and crazier! The stainless steel chocolate melting pot is a quick and easy alternative to making a bain-marie. It features twin pouring lips which act as rests to melt the chocolate over a saucepan, genius! 


The silicone chocolate melting jug melts chocolate quickly, safely & without mess in the microwave.   It's made from heat resistant silicone so you simply add the chocolate and heat.


The handle remains cool to the touch for easy removal and the spout allows accurate pouring into moulds.


Candy Melts are a simple to use ready-made coloured candy that are great for pouring into moulds or covering cake pops.  They have the texture and consistency of chocolate but none of the fuss as no tempering is required. You simply melt, pour and set! Use our black, green, orange and purple cake pop sticks with these cool Halloween cake pop moulds to create the spookiest treats in town.


O' what tangled webs we weave! This black sheer ribbon is covered in wicked white webs and has the creepiest of spiders crawling all over it. It is lightly wired so easily keeps its shape if tied in a bow and would look great tied around a cake or even around your front door knocker to scare off the trick or treaters.



This spooky spider cupcake kit has everything you need to decorate and display your cupcakes for a fantastic Halloween tea.


Kit includes: 

  • trick or Treat Pop-Up Cake Stand 
    (holds approx. 24 cupcakes) 
  • 36 
    cupcake cases (12 x purple, 12 x orange & 12 x black)
  • 12 
    spider web wraps
  • 12 
    edible wafer bats & spiders

All you have to add is the cake!



We have a great range of Halloween cutters, including our own exclusive designs like this witch's hat above.  



I have shown you some of our great Halloween ideas in detail this month but there are many more products for this spooky season so take a trip through the online Halloween shop.


Visit our Halloween section:



Check out our NEW Halloween photo section on Pinterest. As well as many Halloween cake creations, there are also many other fantastic ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.



For even more great Halloween ideas, please visit our FREE project sheets section on our website. There you will find the project sheet pictured above along with many others for you to download and try out. 


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