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Spring Newsletter

Dear Readers


Spring has sprung at last and after the gruelling winter we've had doesn't everyone seem so much happier now the weather has brightened up? It's almost like we have all come out of hibernation! There seem to be so many fundraising events and cake bakes this year but one that caught my eye is SPARKS for children's health. Read below for more information on our involvement with this fantastic charity. Cake International in London was a huge success and it is where we officially launched our very own sugarpaste, Sattina, into the market. We sold out completely and have had the most fantastic feedback from our customers. Luckily it is all back in stock now. If you have tried Sattina I would really appreciate your feedback.  I also would like to see some more pictures of your cakes please! Send any emails directly to me at:  


Until next month, happy sunny baking.





New Project Sheet!
chocolate lace 


Note: If you browser cannot open the guide please download Adobe Reader free of charge here:>


Mozzila Users:  Due to a recent update to their PDF plugin we recommend Adobe Reader to view the files correctly.


Paste Storage Box


At long last, a paste colour storage box! This handy box holds 20 Wilton paste colours with no spillages. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other and have a very secure lid. They look pretty too!




Was 13.49 Now 12.20
(Box Only)





We are offering our readers a Paste Colour Storage Box, together with 14 of our favourite Wilton paste colours (black, brown, Christmas red, golden yellow, ivory, kelly green, leaf green, lemon yellow, pink, red red, rose, royal blue, sky blue and violet) for the very special price of 35.00. If this set was bought online separately it would cost you 41.60!


wilton paste colour box


Was 41.60 Now 35.00

Bake for Bumps - Calling all  

Cake Lovers!



This May seize the opportunity to join Sparks in raising money for children's health, by hosting your very own cake sale. Whether at home, work or school, they are asking people up and down the country to host their own yummy cake sale. Simply get together with family and friends for an indulgent slice of cake (or two!). By baking or buying some tasty treats you can help Sparks give hope to thousands of children and their families. It could just be the yummiest way of making a real difference to children's health.  


Sparks fund life-saving medical research for babies, children and mums-to-be. The medical breakthroughs they make possible bring hope to families in the UK and across the world. In order to do this, they need your help. Register for your Bumper Pack at If you would like to join in the fun, we are offering a 10% discount on supplies bought for your Bake for Bumps cakes. Just enter B4BCAKE at the checkout. This offer is not available in our shops.


Sattina Real Chocolate 



After the enormous success of our Sattina Sugarpaste launch we now bring you Sattina Real Chocolate, a delicious Sugarpaste made with a whopping 28% of cocoa content. To keep the rich dark colour of the chocolate I use cocoa powder instead of icing sugar when rolling out to stop it sticking to the work surface.



This cake shows the versatility of this product, you can cover cakes or model roses with it. It works perfectly in most moulds too, including the Blossom Art cutters and veiners used on our vintage spring cake. I simply love working with this product as it has the consistency of Cocoform mixed with Sugarpaste but without all the hassle of having to mix them together. I have used the Karen Davies Lottie Lace Mould on this cake too and didn't even need to dust it before putting the Real Chocolate Sattina in. I would say this product is a modelling chocolate that is suitable for covering cakes. Whatever it is, I love it.




Purchase Sattina Real Chocolate






All Spotty & Stripey



This simple yet classy cake uses all the new  Sattina Vintage Range colours. I have added a tiny amount of CMC to the Sattina to ensure it doesn't misshapen when you pick the stripes up to place them on the cake. Sugarcel CMC is a gum tragacanth substitute that is added to sugarpaste to toughen it.



How much CMC do I add? This varies depending on what you require the Sugarpaste to do. If you want to just slightly toughen the Sugarpaste to keep its shape then I suggest tsp to 250g (although you do not need to mix up 250g at a time!).


The perfect stripe can only really be achieved by using the Fmm Multi Ribbon Cutter. It comes with full instructions and has different patterned wheels so you can create straight and serrated lines, as shown on this cake.


Positioning your spots randomly always gives the best effect so cut out different sized circles in different colours to achieve an assorted pattern. I have used the Set Of 6 Metal Circle Cutters for the top tier but you could also use the Set Of 3 Round Plunger Cutters. It is preferable to be able to make the whole cake edible so the Multi Ribbon Cutter is also brilliant for making edible ribbon for the base of cakes as shown above.


Amazing Textured Sheets




This gorgeous bed cake was made by Debbie here at Cake Craft World using a selection of the fantastic texture mats by Edible Creations. The floorboards were embossed using the fantastic Wood Work Texture Sheet, the blanket pattern was created using a sheet from the Lace Wraps Texture Sheet set and the folded towel pattern on the end of the bed uses the Macintosh Texture Sheet. The headboard and bedstead were made using Sattina mixed with CMC. In order to make sure the Sattina dries hard enough to stand up, I would suggest using 1tsp of CMC to 250g of Sattina.  


Once rolled out, emboss with the Wood Work Texture Sheet and shape the edges with the largest scalloped cutter from the Fmm Straight Frill Set 3 (9-12). Debbie has used a Medium Plastic Flower Blossom Plunger Cutter to decorate the headboard but you can used any shaped cutter. The rest of the cake is totally up to your imagination!



If you invest in the Fmm Straight Frill Set 3 (9-12) needed for the headboard above, it can be used for so many other projects too. This cake uses the largest scallop cutter too and I have made this colourful cake using all 10 of the fabulous new Pastel Paste Colours from Sugarflair. Used sparingly, you can achieve the most delicate of pastel colours whilst adding more gives you vibrant colours without changing the consistency of the product you are working with. You can paint with them by adding a little water, although adding Rejuvenator Spirit or Dipping Solution works better.   



*** Special Offer ***

Complete Set Of 10 (1 Of Each Colour) 



Perfect Vintage Bunting 




The top tier of this cake shows our brand new Set of 3 Bunting Cutters using the new vintage colour range of Sattina Sugarpaste. To ensure perfectly measured scallops every time I use the Cake Side Scallop Marking Templates. It's always hard to know how to finish off the top of these bunting swags so I have used a pretty bow from the Great Impressions Bows Mould. If you want to add a rope effect to the bunting you could pipe a snail trail with a Pme Writing Tube No.2 as I have done. Don't forget to add a little Sugarcel CMC to our Sattina Sugarpaste if using it in a mould. The bunting cutters also look fantastic on cupcakes.





Vintage Spring Cake




This beautiful 3 tiered cake is covered in Sattina Antique Lace using our new Deep Round Polystyrene Bevelled Edge Dummies. They are 5" deep as opposed to our normal height dummies that are 3" deep. The twisted swags around the middle tier were made using the Multi Ribbon Cutter and it is always best to use a Modelling Paste as the swags need to be thin and strong enough to withstand being twisted without breaking, although sugarpaste with Sugarcel CMC is an alternative. The bottom tier swags were made using the Celshapes Swags Mould with a white Sattina/Sugarcel CMC mix. This mould is so easy to use and the swags can be fixed to the side of the cake using Edible Glue.


The lace used around the base of each tier are a mix of Ivory Cotton Lace Ribbon (40mm wide) and Ivory Narrow Brocade Trim (12mm wide).




 The flowers and leaves on this cake are made from the following cutters using Sattina Sugarpaste mixed with a small amount of Sugarcel CMC to strengthen it.




Pink Flowers - Sattina Sugarpaste in Blush Pink -

Blossom Sugar Art Petunia Cutter & Mould



Blue Flowers - Sattina Sugarpaste in Powder Blue - Blossom Art Hydrangea Cutter & Mould 


Extra Small Daisy - Sattina Sugarpaste in Cappuccino - Extra Small Daisy / Marguerite Pme Plunger Cutter 


Small Daisy - Sattina Sugarpaste in Antique Lace - Small Daisy / Marguerite Pme Plunger Cutter

Ivy Leaves - Sattina Sugarpaste in Soft Green - Ivy Leaf Plunger Cutters  



The finishing touches to the vintage spring cake include dusting the middles of the petunias and hydrangeas with  Sugarflair Blossom Tint Dusting Colours (Dusky Pink and Ocean Blue) and painting foliage on the cake and the ivy leaves using Gooseberry Sugarflair Paste Colour mixed with Rejuvenator Spirit.





I am in pearl heaven this month with the arrival of these beautiful pots of Soft Green, Pink Blue and Yellow Pearl Balls. They are perfect for using on this year's fashionable vintage and jewelled cakes but they are also great for using as the centres of flowers as they match our new vintage colour range of Sattina Sugarpaste perfectly, as shown on the vintage spring cake and this cake below.