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Squires Kitchen Exhibition  

Below are just a few of the many fantastic cakes that
were on display at the exhibition.


Dear Readers,



What a busy time we have all had! My bunting is now looking wet and soggy but the memories I have of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations make it all worthwhile. I have been contacted by ITV with some exciting news of a new competition looking for Britain's best recipe which will be televised (Masterchef meets The Great British Bake Off?), more details below.


We move on to the next phase of our summer celebrations now with the Olympics and of course it is the wedding favourite. Below are some clever ideas we have thought up here at Cake Craft World and fingers crossed we get the excuse to make lots of cupcakes with GOLD medals on them.


Wedding fashions change every year and I get very excited when the market leading dress designers launch their new ranges as this is where most of us cake designers get our inspiration from. However, this summer our inspiration has come from flowers and jewels and the impact they have on our collection of cakes below is amazing. If you make wedding cakes, the biggest problem is remembering to ask all the relevant questions when taking an order. Worry no more, Cake Craft World have the solution, more details below.


I had the pleasure of joining Peggy Porschen earlier this month at the launch of her latest book, Boutique Baking. This is quite simply a stunning book which is full of the most delicious recipes. I have, so far, had the pleasure of the Scrumptious Carrot Cake (amazing), the Glorious Victoria Cake (just as amazing) and the Meringue Kisses, which I coloured red, white and blue for the Jubilee and they all went (120 of them) in about 5 minutes! I think the beauty of them is that they can be picked up and eaten 'on the run' which appeals to children. We are now stocking this book and I urge you to buy it if you are looking for steadfast, no nonsense, beautifully tasting cake recipes with minimal fuss and maximum wow. Added to all this, Peggy is a lovely lady who is very modest about her huge talent and still seems to be able to invent the most breathtakingly delicate edibles I have ever seen or tasted. A nice little surprise at the parlour when you visit now is that they have a licence to sell alcohol! No, it hasn't turned into a bar but you can indulge in a spot of afternoon tea with a glass of Laurent Perrier Rose. The pink goes perfectly with the décor and the only problem is that you won't want to leave...


Thank you for your photos and emails this month, especially to all of you who posted your Jubilee cakes on our Facebook page. I have included a few of these this month, plus some gorgeous cakes from the ladies here at Cake Craft World. Send me in a photo of your latest work to and I will try and enter it on to our Hall of Fame.


Until next month, happy baking...



Free Hydrangea Flowers Project Sheet Available for Download Now!




Our Featured Product


This month's featured product is our very own pair of hydrangea cutters, in association with the free step by step guide on how to make hydrangea flowers. They come in 2 sizes and by purchasing our lovely cutters and choosing your own Edible Lustre Dusts, you have everything you need to make some stunning flowers for both cupcakes and larger cakes. The downloadable step by step guide gives you suggestions of colours that match the cupcakes we have shown below.  




If you would like to create a hydrangea wedding cake like the one below, mix Squire's Kitchen Florist Paste with different quantities of Grape Violet Paste Colour, going from a tiny touch to create the palest lilac up to the deepest lilac shown below. Use a cocktail stick to control the amount of colour. Brush your flowers when dry with Sugarflair Edible Lustre Dust in Dusky Lilac and finish off by spraying some of them with Edible Pearl Lustre Spray. Don't forget to make a few more to cascade down your cake to give a realistic look to your flowers.





Peace Rose Elegance  




Perfectly balanced colouring is achieved in this wedding cake using our NEW Burgundy Peace Rose Sprays. The sprays are available in both small and medium and consist of 1 rose and bud with the petal edges embellished with glitter, white filler flowers and 5 green leaves. The swag is made from a mix of 1/3 white Regalice Sugarpaste, 1/3 white Mexican Modelling Paste and 1/3 soft beige Mexican Modelling Paste. The subtle texture of the 'material' swag was achieved using one of the ingenious Little Venice Cake Company Impressions Rolling Pins. They come in 3 designs and the whole range of products can be found by clicking here. Simply roll your sugarpaste / modelling paste mix thinly with a normal rolling pin and then, when you are about to roll your last roll (when the paste is about 5mm thick) swap over to the Impressions Rolling Pin and roll evenly and firmly over the paste to create the pattern.  


Paint Edible Glue on the area in which the swag will fall and then speedily gather up the swag at each end and carefully drape it onto the side of your cake, ensuring that you use a gentle touch so as not to disturb the embossed pattern. Once the swag has dried, insert Small Flower Picks into the icing, positioning them down the side of the cake to create a cascade of flowers. Then you can insert your Glitter Edge Burgundy Peace Rose Sprays into the Flower Picks and arrange as you wish.  


Incidentally, this cake was covered in Celebration Regalice Sugarpaste which is an ivory colour and while the sugarpaste was still soft, each tier was studded with Pearlised Oyster Sugar Balls. Just dab a tiny amount of Edible Glue on the spot where you want the sugar ball to go and stick them on. Finish the cake with a colour co-ordinated ribbon around your board. We have used the 15mm Satin Burgundy Ribbon.



Vintage Decadence   




This cake reminds me of sumptuous silk drapes all gathered together with expensive jewelled brooches, the kind my great-grandmother used to wear. The drapes were made in the same way as the cake above using White Mexican Modelling Paste and Celebration Regalice Sugarpaste to achieve an ivory colour. There are 3 separate drapes on this cake which make it easier to handle. The bow at the top was made from the same paste mix and was also embossed using the Little Venice Cake Company Impressions Rolling Pins, of which there are 3 designs. The one used on this particular cake was the Fanciful Flourish design. When finished, the whole cake was given a coating of Edible Pearl Lustre Spray to achieve the pearlised effect. 



The sugar brooches are made using the Karen Davies Brooch Mould. All of Karen's moulds are absolutely fantastic and even more importantly, she's a lovely lady too! These moulds are best used with either Mexican Modelling Paste or Beau Products Flavoured Sugarpaste, featured in last month's newsletter. Using either of these pastes will ensure a perfect non-stick result and once dried you can have real fun decorating and spraying them with Edible Pearl, Silver or Gold Lustre Spray. If you are unsure of how to use a mould, just take a ball of paste big enough to fill the mould and press it firmly down over the pattern. Spread the paste to the edges of the mould and flick the excess off the edge with your thumb until you get a smooth and even edge around the whole mould. Turn the mould over and carefully release the paste. I have adorned my brooches with Silver Dragees and displayed them on cupcakes next to the wedding cake for maximum wow effect.




Pretty Little Gems    



Talking of jewels, look at these pretty little gems that we've found!



These Pink Edible Jelly Flowers are soft, translucent and perfect for cupcakes or large cakes




These Clear Edible Jelly Diamonds are also soft, translucent and perfect for engagement and anniversary cakes. In fact, they can bring a touch of bling to anything edible!



Simply Stunning     



If you are looking for a simple arrangement for the centre of a cake or a topper for a tiered wedding cake then you won't find anything prettier than this White Sugar Lily Of The Valley Spray. It includes 8 stems with open flowers and buds, 8 leaves and 8 larger flowers at the base. This cake has simple piping detail around the sides and is crowned with our Small Piped Icing White Roses





Ribbons Galore


A wedding cake wouldn't be complete without ribbon either edging the board or forming part of the main decoration and here at Cake Craft World we have a huge selection of ribbons, click here to view.  



Beautiful Brides & Glamorous Grooms


As we are talking weddings you may be interested in our new additions to the Bride and Grooms section. They are a real keepsake and make excellent toppers for either large single tier cakes or tall multi-tiered cakes.


Brand New Customer Order Pad 


If you have your own cake making business then it helps to look professional with this brand new Customer Order Book. Each sheet contains all the vital information required when taking your customer's order and is duplicated with its own carbon copy for your records. There is a space to add your business card and each pad contains 50 orders.


We're Off To The Races! 


June is the month for Ascot races so why not add some tasty cupcakes to your picnic hamper this year. Just pipe some green buttercream grass with a 233 Grass Tube, decorate with Pale Pink Icing Horses and then pop some little Icing Forget Me Nots on to finish.



The Olympics Are Nearly Here!   


Now that the Jubilee celebrations are over, that means one thing...the Olympics are just around the corner! As we don't need much of an excuse to have a party in England, why not throw a tea party for each event that Team GB are competing in. To help you along the way, we have found these superb Sport Icon Sugarettes that represent sports including cycling, rowing, running, sailing, swimming and javelin.

We British are also very optimistic people so we think these Icing Gold Medal Sugarettes are going to be very popular during the Olympics. They look fab on cupcakes, round the side of large cakes and even on the top of ice creams. We have teamed them up with the Patriotic Stripe Ribbon and sprinkled both cupcakes with Red, White and Blue Nonpareils. The cupcake cases used are the Red, White and Blue Striped and Gold Cupcake Cases.




Summer Swimming


This cake was made using the Cobble Stone and Stone Embossing Set on the NEW colour Grey Sugarpaste. Just cover the cake in sugarpaste and when still soft, carefully lie the embosser over in level lines to achieve the perfect effect. Decorate the board as you wish and to finish, mix a tiny amount of Baby Blue Sugarflair Paste Colour to Clear Piping Gel to make the water and then spoon into the middle of the swimming pool. I have used our Girl and Boy Swimmers to decorate this cake but you could always make your own swimmers in the water by modelling just their heads, arms and legs.


If you have boys in your family, these Wrestling models may come in very handy on birthday cakes! 

The Closing Ceremony


I absolute adore this Betty Boop Mini Champion Figurine and she looks to me as though she is performing in either the opening or closing Olympic ceremony. This cake is cleverly decorated around the side using our Small Icing Union Jack Sugarettes cut into squares. They are attached to the cake using Edible Glue and flag poles have been created by piping a white line with royal icing...absolute genius!


 ** Special Offers **
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Karen Davies Brooch Mould

A very popular wedding cake design is a ribbon around the cake fastened with a brooch. Now your cakes can have edible brooches when you use this mould. They can also be placed in the centre of sugar bows. Our Magic Sparkles work beautifully on the brooches so they are still completely edible.


WAS £15.50 - NOW £12.40  





Little Venice Cake Company Clear Rambling Rose Impressions Rolling Pin
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 Little Venice Cake Company Clear English Rose Impression Rolling Pin

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One Last Thing

A new cookery show for ITV called Food Glorious Food is in the pipeline. It is a very exciting national cookery competition that absolutely anyone can enter, as long as they have an original dish/recipe that they cook and love! The winner has the chance to win a very large cash prize and see their dish on the shelves of Marks and Spencer nationwide. The recipe can be anything from chutney to a Victoria Sponge or even a humble Shepherd's pie. Would you and any of your fellow cake enthusiasts, cookery class attendees, or foodie friends consider applying with your favourite recipe?! Please note that the competition is open to absolutely anyone - Mums, Grannies, kids, Dads and even group entries are possible too! Please visit to apply online and good luck!

Well that's it for this month and didn't we squeeze a lot in again? Have fun baking, making, creating and eating and don't forget to send me your photos at Talking of eating, this is what is left of my own Peggy Porschen Glorious Victoria cake, yummy!





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