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Fairies And Monsters This Summer! !

Dear Readers



How are you getting on having your little monsters at home with you during the summer holidays? Are they being perfectly behaved or have they grown horns and become little devils? This month I have decided to pay homage to our future generation and themed this newsletter around children. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or guardian, there are plenty of fun ideas to keep you and your little ones busy until they return to school.


The Cake and Bake show is fast approaching and if you haven't already secured your tickets for the hottest seat in town, you can do so now with our fantastic reader offer. 


Don't forget to enter our 'Naked Cake' cake competition to win a signed Mich Turner Masterclass book.  I have already had tons of beautiful cakes sent to me and it is going to be almost impossible to choose a winner. I will though, on Wednesday 14th August, so please make sure your entry is with me by sending your photos to


Anyway, I am currently in France sipping on a full bodied glass of red so I won't keep you...until next month....


Happy baking




 Childhood Memories





The books in this picture were bought for me by my Godmother for my 1st birthday (therefore 40 years old!).  I love the childhood memories that I have and try to keep them alive with my own daughter who now reads these books herself. 


I would have absolutely loved these adorable little cupcakes for her 1st birthday party but sadly they weren't around 6 years ago. You are lucky enough to be able to buy them from us now though and keep Beatrix Potter alive! Our Peter Rabbit and Friends Cupcake Cases and Toppers Set comes with Green Sparkling Sugar and Small Icing White Flowers. All you need to add is the cake!







Garden Fairy Wishes





These stunning little beauties were made using our   special kit which includes Fairy Magic Cupcake Cases and Toppers with a sachet of pink sparkling sugar, a sachet of green sparkling sugar and 12 matching wafer flowers. You can choose which fairy goes with which flower but whatever you choose, it's impossible for these to not look amazing.

True Story - After this amazing photo shoot took place in my garden, we tidied up all the cakes and props and the photographer left for the day. 

That evening, my daughter ran in from the garden screaming that the fairies 
had left her a magic cupcake at the bottom of the garden! 

This is the picture of that magical cute!










 Monster Invasion!



With the release of the popular monster film this summer, we are brimming with new ideas and products for you.  It's sometimes hard to know what to do for little boys' parties but I'm sure they will love these ideas. Having said that, little girls love monsters too!








Our Hair-Raising New Product! 





This brand new product is absolutely amazing.  It is shredded edible wafer strands in the brightest turquoise colour and it screams out 'SULLY' to me! I have covered this cake in Sattina Sugarpaste, brushed some Piping Gel over it and sprinkled the magic blue fur over the cake. To make sure that there are no gaps I would advise you to colour your Sugarpaste or buttercream the same colour as the fur.  I think the nearest blue to this is Sugarflair Paste Colour in Ice Blue.



You can either add to the top of the cake one of our new Monsters University Sugar Plaques (make sure your cake is at least 9" diameter for these to fit on!) or make your very own 'Mike'  character using Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing (Sugarpaste) in green or colour some white sugarpaste with Sugarflair Kiwi Paste Colour,  as I have done above.  You could even use a cake pop for his eye! This fantastic new product is included in our Monster Cupcake Kit this month too.




Monstrous Fun With 





Let your imagination go wild with our range of Monster Decorations.  Pipe spikey buttercream hair using a Grass Tip or cut out teeth using the Set of 4 Diamond Plunger Cutters.  


You can either use our ready-made decorations or design your own crazy creatures like I have.  It would be handy to have a packet of our Candy Eyeballs and Spooky Yellow and Green Candy Eyeballs as I love monsters with LOTS of eyes, especially when you can add eyelashes...




What You Looking At?!



I love this cake, it makes me laugh.  Bake your cake in the medium 3d cupcake tin and cover the bottom half of the cupcake with black sugarpaste.  Make sure that you accentuate the grooves with the large end of a ball tool.  I then sprayed the black sugarpaste with silver edible lustre spray and it makes it look just like an old dustbin, it's amazing!  Colour some buttercream with Squires Kitchen paste colour in vine green and spread over the top of the cupcake. 


I find that this product makes the same green as our new green edible wafer strands so when you sprinkle these over the top you will get a very bright and even look to your monster.  


Finish off this crazy beast with cake pop eyes and for extra fun I have piped his eyebrows and mouth using a 1M tube filled with bright orange buttercream.  


I can't wait to see your little critters, please send me photos!



Holiday Fun 


Monster Cupcake Kit

Keep boredom at bay with our very own 

Monsters Cupcake Kit.




A Game Of Two Halves 

You can't have football cupcakes without grass so we have the perfect solution...Edible Wafer Strands in Green!  This is like a gift sent down from heaven and I am predicting that it will be very popular so make sure you get some to try out soon.





A Perfect Princess 




This gorgeous Princess doll cake is our latest video release and a handy step by step tutorial subject. 



This cake was made using the Classic Wonder Mould which is on special offer this month.  It's a great product as it includes a heating core which ensures a really even bake that is almost impossible with a cake this deep.







We have some new Doll Picks too that are really pretty.  They come in Brunette, Ethnic, Blonde, Redhead and Black Haired so something to suit everyone. 






For The Holidays 






This brand new kit is fantastic for anyone wanting to start decorating buttercream cupcakes. It has everything you need from cupcases to full online instructions.


The 4 online lessons teach you essential techniques, filling & decorating, piped flowers & fun character designs. Just think, by the end of the summer you could be an expert!



Design Your Own Cake




I get inspiration from all the wonderful products that we sell at Cake Craft World but it's not always possible to show you them all so I thought I would throw together some bits and pieces to inspire you to design your own cakes.






Pop these bee & ladybird sugar pipings on top of  your cake and wrap with our frog and waterlily ribbon for a pretty garden pond theme.











Create a funny themed cake with these farmyard animal pipings and finish off with this farm animal ribbon.












Decorate your cupcakes with these pirate sugar pipings, then add our fearsome skull and crossbones ribbon to your cupcake box.











If you are making a cake for a Lego-mad little boy then these building block party candles are perfect alongside the grosgrain rainbow ribbon.





New Improved Recipe





Our customer comments have been overwhelmingly positive for our new Sattina sugarpaste.  Most of you absolutely love it.  We have had some feedback that it is too soft to use in the summer heat we are currently experiencing.  Being the fast moving and innovative company we are, we listened to your comments and acted on them!  Please do try our new improved and firmer Sattina recipe which is now flying off our shelves, you won't be disappointed.






Tickets for only £10.00



For a fun family day out, don't miss this year's Cake & Bake Show with plenty to keep budding young bakers entertained from interactive feature stands to live bake offs and competitions.


For family baking tips, why not book a class with GBBO star Catherine Dresser in The Classrooms, let your little ones get creative with cupcake/cookie decorating, or just let them eat their fill in the Marketplace - packed with enough delicious cakes and bakes to give them a sugar rush to remember! 


Normally, a ticket to this event will cost £14.50 per adult but you can buy your tickets for only £10.00 when you are a Cake Craft World newsletter reader.



Purchase here: 


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