Here are a few of my superhuman creations for you to try. 

Whatever age group, I am sure  there will be something 

for everyone in this awesome collection.  


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I have been back in the kitchen and in front of the camera again to bring you our 'Superhero Cupcakes' video. Watch the video, then download the free step by step guide on how to make these blockbusters.


I made this cake for my wonderful husband for Father's Day.  I used the Bake Yourself A Dream Man Kit. This comes with the tin, instructions and an easy-bake cake mix which I have used and tastes delicious. This kit is on special offer at the moment so grab it while you can!



If you would like to download a free step by step instruction sheet for this tin, click here.


I placed the baked cake on a black square cake drum and cut out a small amount of blue sugarpaste to place in the middle of the torso and then overlaid the whole of the body with white sugarpaste, cutting down the middle of the chest area (being careful not to score the blue sugarpaste) with a sharp knife.  I peeled back the edges to create the open shirt and attached a black sugarpaste tie. I painted my 'S' with paste colour, attached a cape and that was pretty much it. By the way, his smile was created using a PME Scallop And Comb Tool. 






Place an oval shaped cake on a red round drum and cover with red sugarpaste. Colour some Diamond Paste Luxury Royal Icing To Go with black food paste colour and load  into a piping bag with a No.2 writing tube.  


Pipe straight lines from the centre of the cake, over the top and down the sides in evenly spaced sections.





Starting from the centre of the cake, join up the lines with scalloped piping to create a web effect. 


Draw an eye stencil onto paper, cut out and use as a guide to cut around black rolled out sugarpaste. Position on to the cake and secure with edible glue.


Draw a smaller eye stencil onto paper, cut out and use as a guide to cut around white rolled out sugarpaste


Position on to the cake and secure with edible glue.


Bake some matching cupcakes in black cupcake cases


Using a cutter from the Reversible 6 Piece Cutter Set cover the top of the cakes with red sugarpaste, then pipe as before. 


Cut out black and white circles for the eyes and cut in half to create the slit eyes. Secure with edible glue and display in

red and white spotty cupcake boxes



This superhero cake is easy but so effective.  Place a round cake on a larger black round board and cover in yellow sugarpaste


Roll out a length of black florist paste/modelling paste mix to a thickness of 2mm and leave for 10 minutes to set. Use the Patchwork New York Skyline Cutter to cut out the design and attach it with edible glue to the side of the cake. 


Using flesh tone, black and white sugarpaste copy the design onto the top of the cake making sure to use a sharp knife to achieve neat and clean cuts. Attach all of the parts with edible glue and a paintbrush


The wording around the side of the cake uses the same method as shown in the Superhero Cupcakes free project sheet but on this larger cake we used the Set Of 3 Large Metal Star Cutters instead of the PME Star Plunger Cutters


Finish the cake by painting edible glue onto the black board and sprinkling with Black Glitter Flakes.



Let your imagination run wild on these tough cookies, perfect for birthday treats or little gifts for little boys.  From hearts to lips, stars and circles, you really can make fantastic cookies using any shaped cutters.  


Leave the sugarpaste on your cookies to dry before detailing with an edible ink pen.



Carry on the theme of your party with some creative packaging. Add a 'spin' by taking  a medium clear cellophane bag with a crimped base and  attach a plastic spider ring!  


These cookies were made using the Comfort-Grip Egg Cutter.






I am so excited about these brand new plaques that have just arrived.  They are totally perfect for the top of a 9" round (or larger) cake. Simply cover your cake with sugarpaste, lightly apply some edible glue and carefully lay the plaque over the top of the cake.  Add your own additional decoration for maximum wow factor.


All superheroes need to include lots of gold and silver to give them supersonic powers so now is the chance to try out our edible lustre sprays as they are on special offer.  



Unfortunately, we cannot send these outside of the UK mainland so the alternative is to use edible lustre dusts mixed with rejuvenator spirit.  Try this out, it is a great alternative!









Use this fantastic range of 60 Cosmic Coloured Cupcake Cases to make the brightest and bravest cupcakes in the universe!









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