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Cake Craft World Newsletter

Dear Readers,



Welcome to July and what a fun (if wet) summer it is turning out to be. The jubilee went off with a bang, our boy Murray got through to the final at Wimbledon and we ­now have the London Olympics rapidly approaching. I feel quite exhausted just thinking about it! We had great fun at this year's Baker's Fair held at Kempton Park on Sunday 24th June. I demonstrated different ways to decorate your cakes and treats using our new pearlised sprinkle range and we even got the thumbs up from Anthea Turner who was presenting the competition awards!


This month we have turned a little bit nostalgic. The retro and vintage trends that we are seeing in clothing, interiors and even cars is going from strength to strength and it has very much reached the cake decorating world. By the end of this month's newsletter I am sure that you will be trying out at least one of the ideas and passing them on to your friends, family and customers.


I hope that you all enjoy watching the Olympics, either at an event or on the television. I am off on my summer break to Italy next week but will be taking lots of pictures of pretty things for some cake inspiration. I will let you know what I find when I return!


Happy Baking


  Lin, myself and Anthea at Baker's Fair!

Free How To Make The Perfect Cake Pop Project Sheet


Available for Download Now!




Things Aren't What They Used  

To Be....


...and thank goodness for that as when I think of wafer flowers I conjure up cheap and nasty faded cake decorations that looked like they had been sitting on the shop shelves for too long! Well wafer flowers are back in fashion and they have definitely had a face lift! Our range of Wafer Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours and they really are very high quality. The beautiful cake below shows how they can be used to create stunning decorations on celebration and wedding cakes but they are equally eye catching on top of a cupcake. They are available in packs of 12 or 100 pieces making them suitable for both the keen cake decorator and larger bakeries.








Sprinkle Some Love Over Your Cakes    


We launched a brand new range of Mini Pearls and Sugars and Sugar Strands at this year's Baker's Fair and they were very well received, in fact everyone loved them. Their uses are endless and we have had such fun thinking up and trying many different ways of putting the 'sprinkle' back into your life! Below are just some ideas.


Pretty up your buttercream by sprinkling our Mini Pearls on top. The secret to an even sprinkle is to drop the Mini Pearls from about 6" high whilst slowly turning the cupcake below. Do this while the buttercream is soft otherwise they may not stick when it sets.




For a quick and effective design why not cover your cupcake or celebration cake with a Sugarpaste and before it sets hard, cut out a shape with a Cutter, pull the cut out shape away from the cake and fill the hole with sprinkles. It looks great and is so easy to do.


If you are making delicious muffins you may not want elaborate decoration to take away from the flavour so why not just sprinkle some Sugar Strands or Mini Pearls onto some freshly made fondant icing for a more subdued look. These muffins look great in our Tulip Muffin Wraps.


For a fun and colourful celebration cake, why not cover the middle of our Wafer Daisies with Edible Glue and sprinkle them with Mini Pearls. To create the gorgeous flower topper just take some Coloured Metallic Wires and thread the Wafer Leaves and Wafer Flowers onto them and then insert the wire stems into a Small Flower Pick that has been pressed into the top of the cake.



If you are having a vintage tea party why not bake a traditional Victoria sponge. Bring the cake right up to date by colouring the buttercream pink and piping some scrolls around the top edge of the cake using one of the Cupcake Piping Tubes. Finish the cake off with the Vintage Pink Icing Rose Bouquet and a generous sprinkling of Coloured Sugar, so vintage!



If you are on a tight budget the most cost effective way to decorate your cupcakes is to play with Colours. By choosing the right buttercream and Sprinkles you can create some really eye catching combinations that won't need any other decoration. White is great for anything wedding, christening, communion and Christmas, although white on blue is very pretty for Christmas too. Orange and black for Halloween, yellow and black for bumble bees, red and black for ladybirds...the list is endless! Pinks, lilacs and greens together give a very vintage feel as well so have some fun and experiment for yourself.


Coloured Sugar also looks great when sprinkled onto Sugarpaste. Dampen the Sugarpaste with a small amount of water first and then sprinkle the Coloured Sugar over the top. I really like the idea of this pretty Deep Pink Sugar over the top of the Black Sugarpaste.


The same method can be used to coat Sugarpaste with Mini Pearls too.



Maybe the most 'pop'ular use for our Sprinkles is coating your Cake Pops in them! This is so easy to do and looks fantastic. See our Downloadable Information Sheet on how to make and decorate cake pops.




Our Sugars, Sugar Strands and Mini Pearls are sold in both 500g and 2kg bags and are both completely natural and suitable for vegetarians. They are also a fantastic price working out at approx. 1p to sprinkle a cupcake!  



All The Fun of The Vintage Fair!   


The circus instantly reminds me of childhood and so does this 3 tier Helter Skelter Cake Stand that comes with 10 flag stickers to personalise the occasion.   




To me, the term retro is fashions that you remember when you were a young child and so for me that would be the '70's. This era was all about wild and wacky colour pairings. To create a retro look it doesn't matter what decoration you use as long as you get the colour matches right. The cupcakes below are very retro looking because of the colours used.



Play with Coloured Sugarpaste to achieve these funky flowers using different sizes of Plastic Blossom Flower Plunger Cutters.



Two different looks with the same Small Sweet in Wrapper Cutter.

The same can be done with our Small Present Cutter. You choose the colour combination...


Sweet Windmills      




We have some lovely windmill collections in stock this summer and I have tried to match the decoration on the cupcakes to that on the windmill. If you are stuck for design ideas, take inspiration from other decorations as I have with these little gems.





All Boxed Up       



We love these retro Aqua with Pink Spot Cupcake Boxes. They come in packs of 3 and each box holds 4 standard cupcakes and includes an insert to keep them in place. Our vintage cupcakes look fantastic in them as do cookies, doughnuts and many other sweet treats.



On Your Marks, Get Set, London Olympics 2012!


After the huge success of our Jubilee Celebration Pop Tops we jumped at the chance of stocking these Victorious Pop Top Cake Decorations for the upcoming London Olympics. Transform a simple cake, cupcakes or even a platter of food into an Olympic extravaganza! Simply push the card picks directly into your cake. The 12 images include a show jumper, relay runner, tennis player, rower, weight lifter, javelin thrower, runner, union jacks, torch, olive wreaths, international flags & London skyline.


If you fancy having a go at making some simple Olympic cupcake decorations, why not try adapting our Small Scary Face Cutter into a torch and experiment on different ways of getting a flame effect.






World's Biggest Coffee Morning - 28th September 2012


We are lucky enough to have the opportunity of working with an amazing charity this year. These gorgeous cutters have been designed by ourselves and made exclusively for us in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support. For every mug cutter sold, 50p will be paid to Macmillan Cancer Support. The 2 piece Large Mug and Handle Cutter will cut the outline shape of a mug and the handle cutter will add further detail if required. It is perfect for decorating large cakes, cookies & biscuits for Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning. Why not turn the cutter 45 degrees and use as a handbag cutter too?! This cutter is also available in a smaller size. Please note, unlike the large mug cutter, the Small Mug Cutter does not come with a separate handle cutter. There is a Small and Large Cupcake Cutter available too and they are perfect for decorating the tops of cupcakes.



Cake Pops are Tops  


We are going mad for Cake Pops here at Cake Craft World. The arrival of our new range of sprinkles and sugars have got us creating all sorts of pretty ideas. If you are still unsure of how to make, roll, dip and decorate your cake pops then help is at hand with our brand new downloadable PDF 'How To Make The Perfect Cake Pop'.


Depending on your level of confidence and/or expertise, cake pops can look beautiful when simply decorated....





...or dipped in our White Mini Balls and then fashioned into a cute sheep....



...or by using wacky coloured Candy Melts and characterising with the fabulous Candy Eyeballs...




 ...or Halloween and Christmas...


 ...or turning your favourite characters into edible treats...



...or by wrapping them in these LOW COST Clear Bags suitable for cake pops. They have a crimped base and a gusset on either side that opens up. They are ideal for showcasing cake pops & packaging sweets, chocolates, nuts and lollies. Please note that the cake pops & ribbons are NOT included with them though.....



....and finally by displaying them in a pretty container filled with sugar so that your cake pops can stand up and wait to be devoured by hungry mouths!

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This pack of 3 edible metallic lustre liquids can be delicately painted onto hand piped detail or sugar flowers and decorations for a professional finish. Make sure to shake the bottles before use.   


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