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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a rip-roaring new year. It's surely now time for some rest and relaxation after too much food, drink and telly. There are also my New Year's resolutions, which traditionally have to be broken at some point in January. I make and break the same ones every year, do you do that? So this year I am resolving NOT to get fit and NOT to get slim. Hopefully I can break these ones too... 
This year will be very exciting for our Cake Craft World customers as we are preparing to launch some fantastic new projects in 2014. 
Thanks to all our customers and their awesome cake photos. Congratulations if your photos made the Hall of Fame and please keep them flowing in.


Happy Baking.

Chinese New Year 
January 31st sees the start of the Chinese New Year and 2014 is the year of the horse. From faces to fans and dresses to dragons, celebrate this vibrant occasion with some spectacular cupcakes.


Chinese Dress Tutorial
Have fun trying our pretty Chinese dress tutorial.  You could make a whole wardrobe of dresses in all colours!



Enjoy creating your beautiful Chinese New Year gifts and present them with our co-ordinating red and gold cupcake boxes and ribbons - perfect for friends, work colleagues or to celebrate the occasion at school. 





Rainbow Flower Cake 


After Christmas it is always nice to look forward to the spring and seeing some colour back in our gardens.  This pretty rainbow cake not only looks as fresh as a spring day on the outside but has a hidden rainbow pattern on the inside too. To make this cake download our easy step by step tutorial using 3 of our favourite flower cutters.

On special offer this month are Delia's 7" and 8" sponge tins and liners. These work fantastically well when baking multiple layers as they distribute the heat evenly giving you a perfectly level bake every time.

A Gem Of A Cupcake

Introducing our new Fully Faceted Edible Gems!  They are the most realistic gems on the market and are perfect for special occasions.  

Match the gems to your wedding or party colour scheme for a dazzling bespoke look, use them to depict a certain anniversary or even a birthstone.
Once we started to play around with these Edible Gems, it was obvious that they looked fantastic set into the Vintage Brooch Mould by Karen Davies. All you have to do is cut out the middle with a circle cutter to allow the jewel to sit snugly in it.

To create this lifelike brooch simply dust the mould with Satin Silver Lustre Dust, press a small amount of sugarpaste in and release.  The brooch should easily drop out as the lustre dust prevents it from sticking in the mould.  Cut out the centre with a small Circle Cutter and pop the chosen coloured Edible Gem into the middle. You can embellish further with Edible Pearl Balls or our brand new Small Edible Diamonds which are only 5mm across.




Sensational Sparkling Sprinkles 


Add some glitz to your jewelled cupcakes with our brand new Sparkling Sprinkles - the nearest thing to real glitter and 100% edible!  They are perfect for sprinkling on buttercream or sugarpaste and come in some dazzling colours.  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

Pure Gold 


Invest in a Vintage Brooch Mould by Karen Davies and this sumptuous cake with matching cupcakes becomes very simple to make. 

This cake is covered in Golden Brown Sattina Sugarpaste and edged round the top and bottom with swags from the Celshapes Swags Mould. Before the sugarpaste dries, use the handy Press Ice Ribbon Tool to emboss perfect dots around the base. 

Lightly spray the whole cake with Gold and Pearl Edible Lustre Spray. Attach Gold Dragees (balls) into the holes with Edible Glue and wrap Gold and Cream Twist Cord around the base twice.  

Make the brooches using sparkly Lustre Dusts and Dragees and attach to the ends of the swags when dried.

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Cheeky Little Cupcakes 


With Valentine's Day just around the corner these fun cupcakes are the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

Do you dream of chocolate?

Click here for the 
I Love Chocolate Mould
Or the perfect body?

 Click here for the 
Six Pack Torso Silicone Mould 
and the Beach Bum Silicone Mould

Or love fancy underwear?
Click here for the 
Lacy Undies Silicone Mould 
and Alphabet Sprinkles
Or maybe just some peace? 




Click here for the Floral Bird Silicone Mould

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