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Celebrate Summer 
with CAKE

Dear Readers


Summer is finally here and isn't it just spectacular (well, at the present time it is spectacular but I cannot guarantee it will be by the time you are reading this!). Summer makes me want to dress up and go to parties all the time so I have themed all of the cakes this month around celebrating the sun, love and life.  I'm sure that everyone will find something they like and if you do replicate any of the creations, don't forget to send me photos of your cakes to


More and more of you are liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter every day which is great because we love to share all our cake chat with you, plus sneak in some special offers and competitions every now and then!  We are also chatting lots with the organisers of the fantastic Cake & Bake Show and have some really exciting plans for our stand in September. Make a date to come and visit us there, between 13th - 15th September,  with our special ticket offer below.


I managed to catch up with the extremely busy Mich Turner from Little Venice Cake Company to find out what they are up to this summer.  Read my interview with her below, plus make the most of all the new products and special offers in this newsletter.  Get reading!


Until next month,


Happy Baking.





Our Cakes Got Naked!


It's so hot in England right now that even our cakes are getting naked! This burning hot trend is so fashionable and I'm loving it. You can choose your sponge flavour and colour, then co-ordinate it with the buttercream and decoration. The quickest way to make the sponges is to use our brand new cake mixes. Fresh fruit looks stunning on these cakes and handy to have if you are using your cake as a dessert.  


Fresh flowers would look lovely but I prefer using our amazing range of artificial flowers that seem to have such a vintage vibe.  They won't wilt and can be used again and again. 


I have attached the flowers and fruit to the cake using our flower picks and thrown in some artificial ivy for good measure! Finish off with a heavy dusting of icing sugar to add extra effect.  These cakes are perfect for a summer party, vintage-themed wedding or any special occasion. Enough talking, the stunning images really do speak for themselves so sit back and enjoy.





Can you tell which flowers are artificial and which are real? Our artificial flowers are made from paper which seems to make them so lifelike.







I went totally mad with this cake as you can see, but if you can't let go in the summer sun then when can you? To achieve the slightly softer shades of green and blue Sugarpaste I have added Lincoln Green Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing (Sugarpaste) to the same amount of White Sattina Sugarpaste.


I used Turquoise Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing (Sugarpaste) for the sky, again adding the same amount in White Sattina Sugarpaste to soften the colour.  Roll the green Sugarpaste into a sausage and roll out to about 5mm thick.  Cut a wavy line with a sharp knife or pastry wheel and attach it to the bottom of the blue tier with Edible Glue. 


Roll out either Satin Ice Gum Paste or Florist Paste to 1-2mm thick to make the musical notes and electric guitar (using the Extra Large Individual Patchwork Musical Note Cutter and Electric Guitar Patchwork Cutter). When dry, decorate with colour using Double Ended Edible Ink Pens.


TOP TIP - Leave your paste rolled out on the board for 15 minutes to develop a slight 'skin' over it before using Patchwork Cutters to create a perfect cut.


Decorate the cake using the White Satin Ribbon with Bunting, different coloured Forget-Me-Nots and Wafer Butterflies (B set). I have made flowers with coloured Sugarpaste and used our new Flower Power Set of 3 Cutters.


I've used our new Grosgrain Rainbow Ribbons around the base of this cake and the thinner version covering the edge of the drum board. The Petal Cake Drum (covered in Yellow Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing) makes this cake look so funky too! I used models from our fabulous range of non-edible models to finish off this cake.  The Happy Camping Tent, Festival Girl and Camper Van are all included.  I even sneaked in a Small Resin Man Playing a Guitar at the bottom too as he seems to look very at home on this cake.





If a mouthful of cake is all you need to offer your fellow festival goers, why not make these little cuties using the Multi-Coloured Mini Muffin Cases? If that's not enough, add these funky Sunglasses and Flip Flops Pics too!




Ribbons And Lace





We have sourced some really stunning new ribbons and lace for you this summer. Decorate your cakes, cake boxes, vases and garden chairs with them.  If you have any left over, you can even tie it in your hair! Click here for more of the new lace range.




5 Minutes with Mich! 



I visited Mich Turner MBE at her Little Venice Cake Company studio in London recently and seemed to fall upon a photo shoot for her upcoming book, due out in 2014.  This lady is busy with a capital B, what with the second series of Britain's Best Bakery in production, a new book on the horizon and a thriving couture cake business, I caught up with her to find out what's been happening.....



What are you up to in the Little Venice Cake Company kitchen?


We're really busy as it's the middle of the wedding season! Interestingly though, we're also working on lots of christening cakes right now and many of them are recovered rich fruit cakes from the top tiers of wedding cakes we made last summer - so this particular tradition seems to making a comeback, which is lovely.



What's been your most popular cake this year?


Our Chocolate Orange Truffle Torte has been really popular as so many brides are choosing to serve their cake as a dessert these days. This cake is perfect as an indulgent dessert.



Any key trend secrets you can let me into?


We've been doing it forever but we've found that many more cake decorators are using marzipan to cover their cakes before the final layer of Sugarpaste is applied. We have huge amounts of emails, tweets and calls about how to get a flawless finish and now that there are so many high quality, all natural marzipans on the market, it's becoming much more popular.



Tell me about your new book


Book five will be published in spring 2014. We've been working really hard trialling new recipes and putting together new designs. We think that the cakes are the most delicious yet, especially the new and improved vanilla cake recipe!



As I was leaving Mich kindly took one of her fantastic Cake Masterclass books off the shelf and signed it for me.  It is going to the best naked cake picture sent to me over the next month so get baking and send your images to Images will be accepted until Wednesday 14th August.





This year's London Cake & Bake Show will host a Wedding Cake of the Future Showcase. This new and exclusive collection of incredible wedding cakes will be created by some of the UK's most revered designers all based on one theme: The Future. Each expert in their specialist field of cake decorating will showcase their exceptional skills and expertise, giving visitors to the show a rare glimpse into the most exciting and innovative trends in wedding cake design.


The cakes will be kept a closely-guarded secret by each of the creators and will only be revealed once the show is open to the public. You can see these stunning cakes for yourself by visiting the Cake and Bake Show from the 13th-15th September and we are offering you a great deal. Normally, a ticket to this event will cost £14.50 per adult but you can buy your tickets for only £10.00 per adult with us! Yes, you heard me correctly, only £10.00 per ticket when you are a Cake Craft World newsletter reader.  




Purchase here: 


Shell Seeking


If you are unsure of your piping skills, worry no more!  This ingenious little Shell Mould by Karen Davies takes all the guessing out of evenly sized piped shells.  Just pop some Modelling Paste (or Sugarpaste mixed with Sugarcel CMC) in to the lightly dusted mould and ease out before attaching to the base of your cake.  What could be simpler?




Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.....

I love carpets of daisies popping up through the grass; it reminds me of my childhood and the pretty necklaces I used to make for all my family.  The reality was that they had to walk around with dead weeds around their necks all day as I now have to with my own daughter's daisy chains! This cake shows off our Soft Green coloured Sattina Sugarpaste perfectly and the subtlety of the yellow centres is simply sublime.


Different height cakes together are very popular this summer and I have shown how effective this can be when stacking a four tier cake.  I also like the alternate colouring of the tiers to really show off each one to its maximum.


The decoration on this cake couldn't be simpler.  Roll out  Flower Paste or Modelling Paste (whichever you prefer, they will both work) to approx. 1-2mm thick and leave for 15 minutes to develop a skin over the paste (remember, this will give ultra- sharp edges to your cuts).  I have used the Small and Extra Small Daisy/Marguerite Plunger Cutters for the top 2 tiers, cutting them out and leaving them to dry in a Paint Palette. When dried, attach them evenly around the top of the tiers with Edible Glue, making sure that they are all at the same level. Colour small balls of Sugarpaste with a tiny amount of Daffodil Sugarflair Paste Colour and attach to the centres of the daisies with a tiny amount of Edible Glue and then emboss them gently with the ingenious Daisy Centre Stamps.  This set of 6 stamps makes the daisies look so real!


The decoration on the bottom tier uses the Daisy Chain Cutter. Using the same paste as above, attach with Edible Glue immediately (no need to leave these ones to dry) and emboss the centres with the Daisy Centre Stamps as before.


I like to sometimes use 2 Cake Drum Boards to really set off the base of a cake and I have done so with this one. Just cover the 2 boards as normal and glue one to the other after attaching the 15mm satin ribbons around the edges.


I have piped a snail trail around one of the tiers of this cake with royal icing and a No.2 writing tube but you could use the Karen Davies Shell Border Mould instead.


I love the simplicity of this cake but you could always add some real lace, such as the Cream Austrian Lace with a Scalloped Edge on this cake or choose from our extensive range of lace ribbons.  Whatever you decide, I think you will agree that they are both stunning.




Daisy cake with no lace




 Daisy cake with real lace




In Love with Cupcakes


This Wedding Cupcake Kit from Meri Meri is absolutely adorable and can be decorated to become something very personal. It is the perfect excuse for you to co-ordinate all the colours of your own wedding theme into your cakes, as I have in the pictures. You can use any of our flower cutters and pop the coloured edible pearl balls into the centres, securing with Edible Glue, to finish them off.  You can make them taste delicious too.  I have used the Beau Flavoured Sugarpastes to make all of the decorations for these cupcakes so every mouthful will be different, from candy floss to cappuccino to Champagne to orange fizz could you resist?



Champagne, Violet and Pistachio Flavoured Sugarpastes were used to create these flowers and leaf.




  Beau Flavoured Sugarpastes 






These wedding cupcakes look fantastic on our Swirly Cupcake Stand. Available in white or pink and on Special Offer for this month only.


Special Offer

Was: £15.27 

Now: £12.97



 Tall Cake Boxes 



Our fantastic and exclusive Tall Cake Boxes are now back in stock!  At 14" wide and 13" high, they are ideal for stacked cakes or deep novelty cakes.



 A Tray of Deliciousness 



I just love this picture, it screams out posh summer tea party to me and I would have liked to have been invited to this one! 


There were so many products used on these little delicacies such as Flavoured Sugarpastes, Pearl Lustre Spray, Cherub Moulds, Rose Moulds, Textured Rolling Pins, Wafer Flowers, Edible Pearl Balls...the list goes on. Use your imagination to create some of your own masterpieces or just copy these!





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