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Create Amazing Animals Using The FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter

The FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter is a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ cutter designed to make an endless variety of animals. A huge selection of faces can be created to decorate cupcakes, celebration cakes and cookies. With a little imagination and some tweaking, all you need is this one cutter.
Create everything from a frog to a hippo, tropical fish to a unicorn, tiger to a fox, and so much more. Fantasy animals, cute animals, zoo animals – so many themes, all just with one cutter!

The cutter allows you to make a 60mm face shape and a selection of features


How To Make A Cute Panda With Balloons Cake


We made this 6 inch deep cake using our red velvet cake mix and layered it with chocolate frosting. Our red velvet cake mix is so delicious and so easy to use – all you have to do, is add water! We covered our cake with 500g of Sattina true red sugarpaste and completed the look using a pretty red ribbon with white hearts design. This cake is perfect for Valentine’s, birthdays, and any other special occasion. You could make two cute pandas as a cake topper for an anniversary or a wedding to represent the happy couple!

 …

How To Make A Natural Wicker Heart Cake


This natural wicker heart design is a great cake for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. The colours used for the heart and cake are quite neutral, so you can use whatever colours you wish to match your theme and go wild with colourful flowers! If you don’t have the Karen Davies buttercream (effect) flowers mould, you can use other flower moulds and cutters or decorate the heart with roses using ‘The Easiest Rose Ever’ cutter.


1 – Choose your colour scheme

The first thing to do is to choose what colours you’re going Read More...

Add A Little Sparkle This New Year’s Eve


We wanted to welcome the new year in with a bang, so we experimented with gold glitter and lustre stars to add a little sparkle to our bakes. Adding edible glitter and sprinkles is a great way to jazz up your leftover treats from Christmas to make them look pretty for a New Year’s Eve party!


1 – We love these edible confetti stars which come in a handy resealable pouch! They are great for sprinkling over mince pies and cupcakes, or for decorating the sides of a chocolate cake. We used our chocolate fudge frosting to cover Read More...

The Easiest Ever Christmas Cake


Rich Fruit Cake

Tried and tested so many times, this Rich Fruit Cake mix is the best ever and you only have to add water! Here’s a true story for you from last year that still makes us laugh today. A cake decorating friend of ours who has made many cakes, used our rich fruit cake mix for a last minute order. The customer reported back the next day “that was the best rich fruit cake you have ever made, can we have that recipe next time?!“. We’ll take that compliment! If you prefer something a little smaller, why Read More...

How To Make An Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Cake


Geometric cakes are really trendy at the moment, which is why we absolutely love the new geometric cutter sets by PME! Our favourite at the moment is the jigsaw puzzle cutter. The set includes cutters in three different sizes which means they are perfect for any size cake, including tiered cakes and cupcakes, and you can create fun designs for any occasion. Make a simple children’s puzzle cake topper for a Christening or a birthday cake, and add icing letters to the larger puzzle pieces to create a personalised message.

Match your cake to your party theme by using Read More...

Fangtastic Ideas For Halloween


We’ve been having so much fun with wacky ideas for Halloween this month! We made something for everyone. These stunning gothic rose cupcakes are perfect for an adult Halloween party, whilst the silly spider cupcakes will go down a treat at kid’s parties. You can even have a go at carving out a skull cake for the perfect spooky centrepiece.



1 – Gothic Rose Cupcakes

  1. Fill the sides of your piping bag with black frosting, and the centre with red to achieve a two-tone effect.

  2. Pipe a swirl directly onto your chocolate cupcakes with the No.1B tube


How To Make A 3D Chocolate Rudolph Cake

If you’re not into fruit cake but still want to create a festive cake for Christmas, this 3D chocolate Rudolph cake is a fun alternative. We used Cake Craft World’s chocolate cake mix which is not only delicious, but super easy to make as all you have to do is add water, mix and bake. There’s even a ready-made chocolate frosting which tastes amazing when combined with the chocolate cake! The antlers need to be made the day before so they have time to dry and set firm. If you have time, cover the cake as well so that the Read More...

How To Make A Cute Icy Polar Bear Cake

It may seem like ages away, but Christmas will be here before we know it! We decided to get ready early and make a cute polar bear cake. We used 375g of Cake Craft World’s Golden Delight Madeira cake mix in the 6″ round tin and baked two to create the depth. This mix is delicious and so simple to use as all you have to do is add water, mix and bake. The polar bear is also easy to make and we love the sugar ice he is sitting on which we also placed around the board. It’s made Read More...

How To Make A Unicorn Cake With A Buttercream Mane

Unicorns are still the trendiest mythical creature around, and nothing is stopping them! We jumped on the bandwagon and made this magical unicorn cake using the Wilton ‘I Taught Myself Buttercream Flowers’ kit. We absolutely adore this set! It contains five piping nozzles perfect for creating different shapes and sizes in your buttercream for a textured mane, a flower nail, and 12 disposable piping bags to fill with every colour of the rainbow. The kit also includes a 44 page booklet full of amazing ideas and stunning photos to inspire you.


Step 1.

Make two deep 8 inch …

How To Make Buttercream Effect Flowers Using Moulds

The Karen Davies Buttercream Flowers Mould is ideal for creating realistic flowers with a buttercream effect for wedding cakes and celebration cakes. The ‘buttercream flower’ look on cakes couldn’t be easier to recreate thanks to this amazing mould! By using Sattina Perfect Paste instead of buttercream you make less of a mess and still achieve a beautiful effect. The mould allows you to produce stunning flowers quickly and easily, and takes away the worry of your buttercream melting!


Step 1.

Dust your mould with a cornflour pouch, then turn the mould over and tap any excess out.

 …

How To Make A Delicious Raspberry & White Chocolate Gateaux

We’re mixing things up and giving you a delicious alternative to strawberries and cream this summer with our raspberry and white chocolate frosting! This tasty frosting is ready to use straight away, so it’s ideal for those last minute celebration cakes. It’s perfect for filling and covering larger cakes or piping straight onto cupcakes. We made a multi-layered cake using our Golden Delight Madeira cake mix, and piped on little swirls using the new Wilton No.1B drop flower/rose piping tube. Serve this up at a summer party and you can guarantee it’ll be gone in minutes!




How To Make A 3D Standing Minion Cake

Minions are a very popular choice for a birthday cake, and now we’ve found the perfect fuss free way to make one! The 3D Minions Cake Frame Kit is designed primarily for making your own standing Minion cake. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, and perfect for making 3D novelty cakes on a sturdy re-useable base. Minions come in all shapes and sizes, so feel free to get creative and alter your design to suit the look you’re going for!


Step 1.

Assemble your cake frame as per the instructions contained within the box. Cover the base of your … Read More...

How To Make A Happy Birthday Icing Cake Topper

Use the Fmm Happy Birthday cutter to create a funky shaped birthday cake topper that can be popped on the side or top of your cake and coloured and decorated to suit the theme of your party.


Step 1.

It’s really important to use the right icing with this cutter. You must use a modelling paste like Sattina 3 in 1 or Sattina Perfect Paste (a mix of 50/50 modelling and sugarpaste) so that the icing doesn’t stretch and tear – don’t just use sugarpaste!

Dust your work surface and the cutter with the cornflour pouch and roll out … Read More...

The Easiest Sugar Peony Ever

Want to make pretty peonies but feel it looks far too complicated? With the help of ‘The Easiest Peony Ever’ cutter set, it couldn’t be easier! They have been designed to work together to make the easiest and quickest Peony ever. These cutters are so versatile, you can create peonies of different sizes by simply adding additional strips or taking some away. Create an elegant topper for a wedding cake, or an extravagant bouquet of peonies of all different shapes and sizes. Anything is possible with this cutter!


Step 1.

First, lightly dust your work surface with a … Read More...

How To Make Every Letter And Number With One Magic Tin

One tin, countless uses. The Wilton Countless Celebrations Cake Pan Set is perfect for making cakes fit for all occasions. Whether it’s a simple number cake for a special birthday, or a themed cake for a child’s birthday party, you can make it all with this one handy piece of equipment. One pan bakes more than 39 shapes, including letters A to Z, numerals 0 to 9, punctuation, and personalised shapes you can design into novelty cakes, such as robots and animals. Simply add the inserts where required to form your desired shape, bake, and decorate!


Step 1.

The …

How To Make Sparkly Pearls

We love the range of Karen Davies moulds that includes an incredible ornate pearl effect mould and a pearl border mould. Take a look at how we have used these moulds to completely transform two simple cakes into a couple of stunning showstoppers!


Step 1.

Use a dry brush to cover the entire mould with a generous amount of ‘String of Pearls’ edible dust.



Step 2.

Dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch. Take approximately 250g of Sattina Perfect Paste and shape it into a thick sausage with your hands. Use your rolling pin … Read More...

How To Paint A Cake Super Gold

We’re always asked what the secret is to achieving a solid gold colour on cakes. It seems to be one of those techniques that everyone wants to master, and now we have discovered the perfect way to do it. With the Rolkem Super Gold metallic food colouring lustre dust, it couldn’t be easier. This truly super colour gives you a stunning result that’s comparable to gold leaf!


Step 1.

For a 6″ deep cake, mix approximately half a pot of Super Gold with a little rejuvenator spirit. Add just enough rejuvenator spirit to create a stunning pool … Read More...

How To Make A Bouncy Easter Bunny Sugar Model

The Easter Bunny has arrived in the form of this adorable sugar model. If you are looking for Easter cake decorating ideas, this makes a quirky little centrepiece to bring a traditional Easter cake to life, and requires only two modelling tools. It might look tricky, but it actually couldn’t be easier. Why not give it a go this Easter!


Step 1.

First, dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch. To make the bunny’s body, take some Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste and roll it into a large cone shape, ensuring it’s slightly pointed at the … Read More...

How To Make A Completely Cuckoo Chocolate Drip Cake For Easter

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d get creative with the main thing that everyone looks forward to… chocolate! We went a bit cuckoo with this luxury chocolate drip cake topped with a realistic looking rooster. We like to think of it as a quirky alternative to the customary yellow fluffy chick cake topper – the cake may look a bit wacky, but it tastes absolutely delicious!


Step 1.

To create the extra deep cake, use a 6″ deep cake tin, or stack two 6″ cakes on top of each other and layer with chocolate frosting. … Read More...

How To Make A Sparkly Tiara With Edible Jewels

Learn how easy it is to create a spectacular tiara cake topper in icing using the set of Tiara Cutters by Fmm! Decorated with edible jewels and finished with an edible sparkly glitter, it’s perfect for a little princess’s birthday cake! The set comes in 2 sizes so you can make little ones for cupcakes and we really love using them to cut out delicate side designs – check out our beautiful aqua wedding cake below!


Step 1.

Using a cocktail stick, add a tiny amount of fuchsia paste food colouring to approximately 100g of Sattina 3 in Read More...

How To Make Oodles Of Pretty Icing Flowers In No Time At All!

We absolutely love the Blossom Sugar Art box set! It’s packed full of 15 unique flower cutters and 3 double sided moulds which couldn’t be easier to use. It’s the perfect gift for beginners, as well as experienced cake decorators who want to make professional looking flowers quickly and without all the fuss. It’s so quick and simple, even the kids can get involved!


Step 1.

Divide some Sattina perfect paste into three, and colour each section with different shades of lavender, fuchsia, and yellow. Use a cocktail stick to add just a tiny amount as the paste … Read More...

How To Buttercream A Tall Cake And Paint These Cute Decorations

We created this trendy tall cake using a few of our favourite baking essentials – the cake leveller, the cake lifter, and the tall side scraper. We also took the opportunity to try out some of FMM’s adorable cutters to show you a simple technique of painting on icing. The style is in the form of a children’s book illustration, you really don’t have to be an amazing artist to achieve this!


Step 1.

For a delicious moist cake, use 1 kilo of Golden Delight Madeira cake mix, baked in two 7“ round cake tins. This is … Read More...

Discover Our Brand New Delicious Cake Mixes

Discover our amazing array of new delicious cake mixes and frostings at Cake Craft World. We’re excited to announce the new additions to the collection, including an indulgent toffee cake mix, a moreish salted caramel frosting, a hearty and moist carrot cake mix, and the brilliant ‘bake even’ chocolate cupcake mix.

Our cake mixes are used by the professionals, and they’re our little secret to making delicious cakes and cupcakes every single time. The best part? All you have to do is just add water and oil! It really is as simple as that. Happy baking!


Toffee Cake Mix


How To Make A Ski Chalet Cake

This quaint little ski lodge sits upon a charming backdrop of snow topped rocky mountains. Get creative and adorn your cake with some textured fir trees and frosty snowflakes to finish off your magical winter retreat.

Step 1.

Cover the cake and the hexagonal board with Sattina white sugarpaste using the smoother tool and leave to set. To create the raised effect for the chalet to sit on, roll out some white Sattina sugarpaste to a thickness of 1cm and cut out a disc using the round side of the PME round & wavy edge cutter XXX large. Attach this … Read More...