You’re My Hero ‘Superman Cake’

This Father’s Day, why not make your Dad this awesome Superman cake, using the Superman logo edible printed cake topper. It’s quirky, fun and so much easier than it looks. It’s perfect for birthdays too!

We Used




Spring Meadow Stencil & Painted Cake

Follow our simple step by step guide to learn how to make this fresh and elegant spring meadow cake, using the meadow and foilage stencils by House of Cake.

You will need to make sure your cake is approx 5″ tall (around 13cm) so that the stencils will fit neatly onto the side. Once the cake has been covered in sugarpaste, leave the cake for at least 24 hours so that the icing will set firm.





Jurassic World Cake

Follow our step by step guide to create this ‘show-stopping  Jurassic World cake using simple painting techniques and effects. With random brush strokes, splatters and splodges of paint there’s no need for a perfect finish, making it a fun and easy cake for beginners!



You will need




‘Love In Bloom’ Wedding Cake With Ruffles & Brush Embroidery

This stunning, elegant floral cake is perfect for a wedding, or any other special celebration. It may look show-stopping, but it’s actually so easy to do when you use our brand new Karen Davies moulds. Follow this step by step guide to find out how!



We used




How To Make A Paw Patrol Shield Cake

This amazing Paw Patrol cake, made using the PhotoCake Paw Patrol edible topper is so easy to do! Follow our step by step guide, which shows you how to attach the edible print and create decorations to enhance the colours and design.

When carving a cake into any shape, it’s important to use a firm textured cake mix so that you can cut out the shape cleanly and neatly. We used Sattina golden delight Madeira cake mix in a 10 x 12″ cake tin; the cake mix is absolutely delicious and super easy to use as you simply add water … Read More...


How To Make An Easy Batman Cake Using PhotoCake

This show-stopping Batman cake, using both the PhotoCake Batman edible strips and circular disc, is super easy to make. Follow our step by step guide showing you how easy it is to attach the edible prints and handy hints on making a simple modelling paste and strong glue for heavier decorations.



We used



Large Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cake Cutter

When our MD, Lin, along with FMM Sugarcraft, designed the revolutionary mix ‘n’ match face cutter, our customers were blown away. It’s an all in one cutter that can create an endless variety of cake toppers, from tigers, penguins, chicks and ladybirds to elves, angels, Frankenstein’s monster and pumpkins. In fact, the only limit is your imagination!

This new large face cake cutter is the follow-up design, which is 13cm in diameter (instead of the original 6cm) and includes a new shape which is perfect for a tusk, long pointy nose or unicorn horn.

To show you how to …


Delicious Vegan Cake Recipes

Our professional vegan sponge cake mix can be used to make perfectly baked cakes, cupcakes, muffins, loaf cakes, and tray bakes! It tastes so delicious, it’s hard to believe it’s actually a mix that you simply add water and vegetable oil to and not home baked!

The cake mix is available in 500g and 1kg bags – see our quantity guide below for how much cake mix you will need for different size cakes etc.

For this 8″ sponge cake we used:

750g of vegan sponge cake mix

two 8″ round tins or sponge pans


338ml water

180ml vegetable …


How To Make A Circus Cake




4 Fabulous New Geometric Cutter Sets!

We are super excited to tell you about four new fabulous geometric cutter sets by PME. Each design comes in a set of 3 different sizes, great for creating patterns on cupcakes, cookies and cakes. The cutters are lovely and deep too, making them easy to use with sugarpaste, marzipan, pastry and modelling paste.

We have had a lot of fun experimenting with them and hope you love our selection of ideas below. The cutter sets can be bought individually at £6.75 each or you can buy all four designs for only £24.30.




This …


How To Make A Cute Christmas Penguin Cake

This cute little penguin cake is super quick and easy to make. Simply bake two cakes using the small half ball pan and sandwich together. The cake is perfect to offer family and friends and will give you approximately 8-10 portions. We used the Sattina golden delight Madeira cake mix which takes minutes to prepare – you simply add water, mix and bake!

Step One: Covering the cake

A handy hint when covering a 3D cake is to layer the cake with buttercream then insert a cake pop stick or short dowel through the middle. Make sure the dowel is … Read More...


Christmouse Feast Cake

Let us take you through a step by step tutorial and show you how easy it is to make this really cute festive ‘Christmouse Feast’ cake. You can use your favourite recipe or choose from one of our incredibly delicious cake mixes where all you have to do is add water (or water and oil), mix and bake. The medium ball tin will cut into approximately 12 portions or for a mini Christmas cake, the small ball tin will feed around 4 portions.

The Pudding

Step 1

Grease the ball tin with PME Release-a-cake so that the cake simply slides … Read More...


How To Make A Delicious Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Cake For Halloween

Halloween is already creeping up on us and what better way to scare the ghouls and ghosts away than with your very own chocolate pumpkin.  It may look terrifying, but it tastes absolutely delicious and best of all, is really easy to make! It’s sure to be a hit with your little trick or treaters.
Step one
To make our cake, we used Cake Craft World’s brand new chocolate orange cake mix, which is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! All you have to do is add water, mix and bake. It really is as simple as that.

How To Make A Buttercream Unicorn Cake In 10 Easy Steps

This adorable buttercream unicorn cake is so simple to do, even the most novice of cake decorators will be able to wow their guests by making it!  We used our brand new top and side scraper to achieve a smooth finish and a range of pretty decorations to complete this gorgeous cake.

For best results, attach your cake to the board with some buttercream and spread a thin layer of buttercream all over your cake evenly with a palette knife and scrape away any excess. Pop the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes (or the freezer for 15) before … Read More...


How To Attach Sugar Flowers To Your Cake

Sugar flowers are a stunning addition to any celebrations cake and we have an enormous range available on our website, from small single buds to large beautiful sprays, in colours to suit every season and occasion. But how do you attach  a gorgeous, delicate spray securely to your cake?

Read on to find out how easy it is to achieve this beautiful look.

Step 1

Once you have chosen a spray to suit your cake, you need to select a flower pick. We have small, medium or large picks available, depending on the size and weight of … Read More...


New Cake Decorating Products We Love!

It’s been an exciting month here at Cake Craft World, with some amazing new products arriving on our website, which we can’t wait to share with you!

Tropical Fruit Mould By Karen Davies

We have fallen in love with our Karen Davies tropical fruit mould, which is perfect for spring and summer! We used it to create the fruity topping on this amazing novelty pancake cake and found it easy to use and very realistic! We used modelling paste, finishing dusts and edible glaze spray to make these fruity treats. Fruits include: strawberry, orange slice, pineapple chunk, lemon wedge, tangerine … Read More...


A New Way To Stencil! Shabby Chic To Vintage Wallpaper & Marbling Effects.

Discover a new way to add ‘on trend’ patterns to your cakes using these new flexible mesh stencils. There are currently three designs including a vertical line design, pretty floral pattern and a watersplash design which can be used to create a marbling effect. For best results use the stencils with House of Cake gold and silver writing icings or royal icing.

How To Create Shabby Chic Stripes Using The Vertical Lines Mesh Stencil

Step One

To create a subtle stripy pink design, squeeze about a teaspoon of silver writing icing into a small pot and add a tiny amount … Read More...


How To Make A Cute Easter Bunny

Easter is just around the corner and what better way to get ready than by making an Easter bunny cake!

We have kept it easy by using equipment you may already have in your cupboard. Apart from the white sugarpaste and modelling paste you need to cover the cake and make the features, all you need are some food colourings, edible glue and a selection of pretty sugar flowers.

To make life even easier, we used our Golden Delight Madeira cake mix which is not only delicious and economical but super simple, as you only need to add water, mix … Read More...


Discover Our Delicious Cake Mixes For Mother’s Day

Discover our amazing array of new delicious cake mixes and frostings at Cake Craft World. We’re excited to announce the new additions to the collection, including an indulgent toffee cake mix, a moreish salted caramel frosting, a hearty and moist carrot cake mix, and the brilliant ‘bake even’ chocolate cupcake mix.

Our cake mixes are used by the professionals, and they’re our little secret to making delicious cakes and cupcakes every single time. The best part? All you have to do is just add water and oil! It really is as simple as that. Happy baking!

Toffee Cake Mix

This …


Create Amazing Animals Using The FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter

The FMM Mix ‘n’ Match Face Cutter is a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ cutter designed to make an endless variety of animals. A huge selection of faces can be created to decorate cupcakes, celebration cakes and cookies. With a little imagination and some tweaking, all you need is this one cutter.
Create everything from a frog to a hippo, tropical fish to a unicorn, tiger to a fox, and so much more. Fantasy animals, cute animals, zoo animals – so many themes, all just with one cutter!

The cutter allows you to make a 60mm face shape and a selection of features


How To Make A Cute Panda With Balloons Cake

We made this 6 inch deep cake using our red velvet cake mix and layered it with chocolate frosting. Our red velvet cake mix is so delicious and so easy to use – all you have to do, is add water! We covered our cake with 500g of Sattina true red sugarpaste and completed the look using a pretty red ribbon with white hearts design. This cake is perfect for Valentine’s, birthdays, and any other special occasion. You could make two cute pandas as a cake topper for an anniversary or a wedding to represent the happy couple!

Making The


How To Make A Natural Wicker Heart Cake

This natural wicker heart design is a great cake for every occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. The colours used for the heart and cake are quite neutral, so you can use whatever colours you wish to match your theme and go wild with colourful flowers! If you don’t have the Karen Davies buttercream (effect) flowers mould, you can use other flower moulds and cutters or decorate the heart with roses using ‘The Easiest Rose Ever’ cutter.

1 – Choose your colour scheme

The first thing to do is to choose what colours you’re going to be Read More...


Add A Little Sparkle This New Year’s Eve

We wanted to welcome the new year in with a bang, so we experimented with gold glitter and lustre stars to add a little sparkle to our bakes. Adding edible glitter and sprinkles is a great way to jazz up your leftover treats from Christmas to make them look pretty for a New Year’s Eve party!

1 – We love these edible confetti stars which come in a handy resealable pouch! They are great for sprinkling over mince pies and cupcakes, or for decorating the sides of a chocolate cake. We used our chocolate fudge frosting to cover a small Read More...


The Easiest Ever Christmas Cake

Rich Fruit Cake

Tried and tested so many times, this Rich Fruit Cake mix is the best ever and you only have to add water! Here’s a true story for you from last year that still makes us laugh today. A cake decorating friend of ours who has made many cakes, used our rich fruit cake mix for a last minute order. The customer reported back the next day “that was the best rich fruit cake you have ever made, can we have that recipe next time?!“. We’ll take that compliment! If you prefer something a little smaller, why not Read More...


How To Make An Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Cake

Geometric cakes are really trendy at the moment, which is why we absolutely love the new geometric cutter sets by PME! Our favourite at the moment is the jigsaw puzzle cutter. The set includes cutters in three different sizes which means they are perfect for any size cake, including tiered cakes and cupcakes, and you can create fun designs for any occasion. Make a simple children’s puzzle cake topper for a Christening or a birthday cake, and add icing letters to the larger puzzle pieces to create a personalised message.

Match your cake to your party theme by using different Read More...