Making Faces For Cakes & Cupcakes

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What You Need

Karen Davies Large Face/Head Mould

Coloured Sugarpaste

Cornflour pouch

Fine paint brush

Rejuvenator spirit

Coloured powder colours

Paint palette

Edible ink pens

1. Dust the face mould with cornflour

2. Roll the sugarpaste into a ball then into a teardrop shape, enough to fill the mould. With the point facing into the nose, press the sugarpaste fully into the mould and cut any excess off with a palette knife.

3. Turn the mould over and release the sugarpaste.


4. To paint with powder colours, tap a little of the edible dust into a paint palette and mix with a few drops of rejuvenator spirit. Use a fine paint brush to paint on the details of the eyes, leaving each colour to dry for a few minutes before layering with the next colour. To add colour to the cheeks, tip a little pink dust onto some kitchen paper, dap a soft brush into the powder, tap off any excess and dust lightly over the cheeks.


5. You can use an edible ink pens to draw on the eye lashes and lips or paint them on with a fine paint brush.


6. Lastly, shape the hair out of coloured sugarpaste and stick into place with edible glue or cooled boiled water.


Handy Hint

Try Renshaw’s ‘5 Colour Mulitpack of Sugarpaste in Naturals’ which includes 5 colours suitable for different skin tones and hair.

Top tip

We use rejuvenator spirit to paint with instead of water as it allows the paint to dry quicker.