How To Make A Creepy Spider Cake


With a few products you can create this fun Halloween cake and add your own creepy message.

Products Used:

FMM Alphabet & Number Upper Case Cutter Set

Reversible 6 Piece Circular Cutter Set

Sattina Pitch Black Sugarpaste

Sattina Bright Orange Sugarpaste

No 1.5 or 2 piping tube

Renshaw Dahlia Black Flower & Modelling Paste

PME Halloween Chocolate/Candy Mould

Cornflour Pouch

Diamond Paste Royal Icing To Go

Candy Eyeballs

PME Glaze Spray

Non-stick rolling pin

1.To make the spider’s web, roll out some black sugarpaste and cut out a circle that will fit in the middle of your cake. Use a … Read More...


Making Small Pretty Flowers Using The Mixed Blossom Flower Making Kit


Create a cascade of mixed blossoms suitable for cupcakes or a cake using the Mixed Blossom Flower Making Kit. This amazing little kit includes 6 different flower cutters and a versatile mould that works wonders with every cutter, shaping and embossing each flower. The Renshaw Flower & Modelling paste can be rolled out very fine and releases perfectly from the mould ready to use or they can be left to dry hard overnight.

Kit includes:

Blossom Sugar Art ‘Set of 5 Small Cutters’

Blossom Sugar Art ‘Blossom Cutter & Mould’

Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste 250g

You Will Need:


Making Faces For Cakes & Cupcakes

What You Need

Karen Davies Large Face/Head Mould

Coloured Sugarpaste

Cornflour pouch

Fine paint brush

Rejuvenator spirit

Coloured powder colours

Paint palette

Edible ink pens

1. Dust the face mould with cornflour

2. Roll the sugarpaste into a ball then into a teardrop shape, enough to fill the mould. With the point facing into the nose, press the sugarpaste fully into the mould and cut any excess off with a palette knife.

3. Turn the mould over and release the sugarpaste.


4. To paint with powder colours, tap a little of the edible dust into a paint palette and mix … Read More...