How To Use A Damask Rose Stencil


These sparkly snowflakes have been made using coloured Sattina Sugarpaste, the Damask Rose Stencil and Snowflake Lustre Dust – perfect for decorating cookies, cakes and cupcakes.

Products used

Sattina Mediterranean Blue Sugarpaste

Damask Rose Stencil

Non Stick Rolling Pin

Sugarflair Snowflake Lustre Dust

Jem Petal Base

Metal Snowflake Cookie Cutter, Set Of 2

4″ Straight Palette Knife

Soft Dusting Brush


1. Dust your work surface with a little cornflour (we used the cornflour pouch) and roll out some sugarpaste to approximately 3-4mm thick. Brush a little Jem Petal Base onto the back of the stencil and press onto the … Read More...


Mr & Mrs Gingerbread In Christmas Jumpers


We had a lot of fun designing and decorating Christmas jumpers on these gingerbread cookies.    You may also like to check out our Gingerbread Family Cookie/Pastry Cutters which make slightly smaller cookies but are just as cute. They are really easy to do and a project the whole family can be involved with.

You Will Need:-
Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter Kit
Gingerbread Lady Cookie Cutter Kit
Sattina Sugarpaste in True Red, Grass GreenWhite
Circle Cutter from Reversible 6 Piece Circular Cutter Set
Cornflour Pouch
Small Non-Stick Rolling Pin
Set Of 4 Texture Sheets
Fmm Upper Case Alphabet


How To Create A Frosty Edible Sparkle…

…perfect to sprinkle over a ‘Frozen’ themed cake or Christmas cupcakes.

snowflake glitter-set

What you need:

Frosty Glitter & Snowflake Plunger Cutter Set which consists of:-

Hint of Blue Magic Sparkles & Doric Sparkle Edible Glitter
Small Snowflake Plunger Cutter

Other items:

Edible Glue or PME Edible Glaze Spray

Small pot


edible glitter

1. Create a shimmering, frosty glitter that is completely edible and looks amazing. By mixing Doric’s Edible Sparkle Glitter with Hint of Blue Magic Sparkles you can create a sparkly glitter that is perfect for this time of year. Pour equal amounts of both into a small pot and crush … Read More...