How To Create Sharp, Crisp Edges On Sugarpasted Cakes Using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers


Discover the secret for creating sharp, crisp edges on sugarpasted cakes using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers. They can be used on sugarpasted and marzipanned rich fruit cakes or on sponge cakes covered in ganache or buttercream. We have used a Madeira cake covered in buttercream and Antique Lace Sattina sugarpaste which has then been decorated using a ready-made edible lace, sprayed gold. The flexi smoothers come in three sizes which can be bought individually or as a set.

Small set for 3″ to 5″ cakes

Medium set for 6″ to  9″ cakes

Large set for 10″ plus cakes



How To Pipe Pretty Flowers In Seconds


Pipe beautiful buttercream or royal icing flowers in seconds with these new flower piping tips. The rose, rose bud and Holland tulip can be bought individually or there is a set of 11 tips that are ideal for piping a variety of pretty flowers from violets to daisies, crocus, roses, freesia and more! To create vibrantly coloured piped flowers, colour your buttercream with a gel or paste food colouring as opposed to a liquid colouring.

Preparing Your Cupcakes

To decorate a cupcake, start by slicing the top off so that it is completely level then cover with a Read More...