Halloween Cake Ideas – Spooky Chocolate Bark, Gothic Ghouls & Ghosts


To make this spooky chocolate bark, simply melt chocolate chips in the microwave, spread onto greaseproof paper using a flat palette knife and scatter rainbow chocolate drops and skulls & bones sprinkles over the top. Carefully pop in some candy eyeballs so that they sit the right way up and leave to set. Once set, break the chocolate bark into shards and use to decorate a cake, drop into Halloween treat bags or simply pile onto a plate ready for eating!

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Halloween Cake Ideas – Skeletons, Skulls And Bones


With skeleton and skull moulds, sprinkles, treat bags and cupcake cases – we hope you’ll find everything you need to create some really funky cakes and treats in our Halloween cake and cupcake decorations section.

We love this candy skeleton mould – not only is it great for making scary chocolate treats to offer trick or treaters, but you could also use it to build a skeleton to decorate the side of a cake, ideal if you want to create a fun centrepiece cake for a party!

1. Candy Eyeballs

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Halloween Cake Ideas – Spiders And Webs


Spin A Quick Spiders Web

This is probably the quickest Halloween cake we have ever made and you don’t have to cover the cake first in sugarpaste, you can spin the web over chocolate ganache, buttercream, mirror glaze or cupcakes. Spoon some ‘Royal Icing To Go’ into a disposable piping bag, cut a tiny hole in the bottom and drizzle over the top and sides in a fast backwards and forwards movement. Decorate with plastic spider rings and add a spritz of silver edible glitter to give a shimmery finish.

Spider biscuits

The simple shape of this black metal