The Easiest Sugar Peony Ever

Want to make pretty peonies but feel it looks far too complicated? With the help of ‘The Easiest Peony Ever’ cutter set, it couldn’t be easier! They have been designed to work together to make the easiest and quickest Peony ever. These cutters are so versatile, you can create peonies of different sizes by simply adding additional strips or taking some away. Create an elegant topper for a wedding cake, or an extravagant bouquet of peonies of all different shapes and sizes. Anything is possible with this cutter!

Step 1.

First, lightly dust your work surface with a cornflour Read More...


How To Make Every Letter And Number With One Magic Tin

One tin, countless uses. The Wilton Countless Celebrations Cake Pan Set is perfect for making cakes fit for all occasions. Whether it’s a simple number cake for a special birthday, or a themed cake for a child’s birthday party, you can make it all with this one handy piece of equipment. One pan bakes more than 39 shapes, including letters A to Z, numerals 0 to 9, punctuation, and personalised shapes you can design into novelty cakes, such as robots and animals. Simply add the inserts where required to form your desired shape, bake, and decorate!

Step 1.

The great …