The Easiest Ever Christmas Cake

Rich Fruit Cake

Tried and tested so many times, this Rich Fruit Cake mix is the best ever and you only have to add water! Here’s a true story for you from last year that still makes us laugh today. A cake decorating friend of ours who has made many cakes, used our rich fruit cake mix for a last minute order. The customer reported back the next day “that was the best rich fruit cake you have ever made, can we have that recipe next time?!“. We’ll take that compliment! If you prefer something a little smaller, why not Read More...


How To Make An Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Cake

Geometric cakes are really trendy at the moment, which is why we absolutely love the new geometric cutter sets by PME! Our favourite at the moment is the jigsaw puzzle cutter. The set includes cutters in three different sizes which means they are perfect for any size cake, including tiered cakes and cupcakes, and you can create fun designs for any occasion. Make a simple children’s puzzle cake topper for a Christening or a birthday cake, and add icing letters to the larger puzzle pieces to create a personalised message.

Match your cake to your party theme by using different Read More...