Home Decorated Easter Chocolate Bark … the easy alternative to Easter eggs!

This step-by-step project will show you how to make colourful Easter themed chocolates. It’s a great alternative to buying Easter eggs and, best of all, it’s so easy that you can get everyone involved in making it.

Choose from white, milk or dark Callebaut couverture chocolate chips so that everyone can enjoy their favourite chocolate!

Don’t be put off by the word “couverture” – it’s just the name for “proper” chocolate that hasn’t had lots of additives mixed into it, so it melts well, is easy to use and most importantly has a great flavour too!


Let’s Get Started


Bouquet Of Flowers Cake Topper For Mum


This sweet bouquet cake decoration can be created in advance on an icing covered plaque or decorated straight onto an iced cake, cupcakes or even cookies. Use ready-made sugar blossoms or cut out your own using blossom plunger cutters and coloured sugarpaste. For the cake we used Sattina golden delight cake mix which is deliciously moist and super quick and easy as you just mix with water and bake! This topper can be adapted for any favourite family member or friend and is a great project to get the children involved with so why not have a go!… Read More...