Let’s Make Valentine’s Cookies

We are taking a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year and focusing on ‘sharing the love’ with family and friends as well as partners. When you open the ‘Let’s Make Valentine’s Cookies’ baking box, you will find it contains all the essential products to bake at least 12 delicious heart cookies. We have included two different coloured icings, rose gold blush sprinkles and the ‘With Love’ embosser so that you or your family can enjoy designing and decorating cookies for the loved ones in your life – a great project to keep little ones busy too!


You will


Let’s Make A Cute Dinosaur Cake

. . . or a fabulously funky monster!

This cute dinosaur tin is the perfect size for a small party (offering up to 15 portions) and in current pandemic times, just enough to enjoy at home and then deliver to family and friends so they don’t miss out!


You will need:

500g Sattina golden delight Madeira cake mix
400g tub Dr Oetker classic vanilla flavour style frosting
250g Sattina white sugarpaste
500g Sattina grass green sugarpaste
Wilton lemon yellow paste food colouring
A sprinkling of icing sugar
Edible glue
PME Release-a-Cake (optional)

KitchenCraft dinosaur tin
14″ square


How To Decorate Cookies With Flooded Icing And Paint Like A Pro

. . . using the Wilton multi-cookie cutter and Sattina vanilla biscuit mix.

Flooding and painting cookies is so much fun and easy once you know the basic technique. It means you can take your cookies to another level, decorating them with a smooth runny icing that dries hard enough to paint. Great for customising cookies for special occasions or for family and friends as home-baked gifts!

You will need:

Wilton Christmas multi-cookie cutter sheet
Wilton non-stick large baking tray
Paint brush and paint palette
Cocktail stick
Kitchen paper
Rolling pin
Wilton disposable bags
Wilton No 2 piping tube