Create Fabulous Cake Toppers And Cookies …..

….. using the fantastic LissieLou cutter and embossing sets!

Making cake toppers and decorated cookies has never been easier – simply choose your design, cut out, emboss, and decorate to suit the theme of your party or occasion. In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to create a rocket cookie cake topper but once you know the technique, you can apply it to any shaped LissieLou cutter and embossing set.

You will need:

Sattina vanilla biscuit mix 500g
Sattina sugarpaste (250g packs are available in a range of colours)
Small rolling pin

LissieLou cutter


Simply Delicious Portuguese Style Custard Tarts

You don’t have to leave the country to bring the flavour of Portugal to your home. These Portuguese style egg tarts have a creamy custard filling flavoured with Dr. Oetker vanilla bean paste and are encased in crisp, flaky pastry. Served warm, they melt in your mouth and are so delicious that you will not believe how quick and easy they are to prepare and make!


You Will Need (Makes 12)

PME Release-A-Cake
320g pack ready-rolled puff pastry
400g can ready-made custard
1 rounded teaspoon Dr Oetker Vanilla bean paste
2 small / medium eggs
Blueberries (optional)


Bee-autiful Bee Biscuits

From delicately painted designs to sophisticated little golden bees on honeycomb, follow our two step by step projects to create your own unique ‘bee-autiful’ bee biscuits. We used the Sattina vanilla biscuit mix which makes approximately 16 round biscuits so we decorated some as painted bee biscuits and the others as golden bee biscuits.


Painted Bee Biscuits

You Will Need:

Sattina vanilla biscuit mix
Sattina Ready To Use royal icing mix
Rainbow Dust Jet Black edible ink pen
Sugarflair Liquorice (black) paste colouring
Sugarflair Shadow Grey paste food colouring
1 sheet of edible gold leaf
Sattina white sugarpaste