Add A Little Sparkle This New Year’s Eve

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We wanted to welcome the new year in with a bang, so we experimented with gold glitter and lustre stars to add a little sparkle to our bakes. Adding edible glitter and sprinkles is a great way to jazz up your leftover treats from Christmas to make them look pretty for a New Year’s Eve party!



We used:-

Edible confetti stars pouch

Glimmer gold star sugar sprinkles

Gold lustre sugar stars

Edible non aerosol glitter spray pump in gold

Mini gold star sprinkles

Single sheet of 24 carat gold leaf

Chocolate frosting

Cake Star push easy lower case alphabet cutters

Cake Star push easy upper case alphabet cutters

Sattina regal purple sugarpaste

Sugarflair Pure Gold lustre glitter dust or Squires Kitchen Gold Sparkles lustre dust

Rejuvenator spirit



1 – We love these edible confetti stars which come in a handy resealable pouch! They are great for sprinkling over mince pies and cupcakes, or for decorating the sides of a chocolate cake. We used our chocolate fudge frosting to cover a small cake, and sprinkled some of these around the bottom edges to add some sparkle.

2 – These glimmer gold star sugar sprinkles are so cute and come in a compact pot so they can be stored away easily. We also love the gold lustre sugar stars which are very similar! Sprinkle them over cupcakes, mince pies, cookies, and other baked treats and present them on a golden board to match.

3 – This edible gold glitter spray pump is one of our favourite products and we use it on almost everything! It comes in silver and rose pink too, and it’s great for spritzing over your cakes and other bakes to finish them off.

4 – These mini gold star sprinkles come in a handy little vial so they can be easily scattered over cakes and cupcakes. We used these and some stunning gold leaf to decorate Ferrero Rochers and florentines to make pretty favours for dinner party guests. If your theme is silver, we also have silver leaf and mini silver star sprinkles too! Pop your decorated sweets in a cellophane bag and tie them with a ribbon to finish them off and you could even add a little gift tag and write the person’s name on it! You could also add a dash of these mini gold star sprinkles to glasses of prosecco to add a sparkly touch.

5 – If you’ve kept up to date with us for a while, you’ll know how much we absolutely love the Cake Star push easy alphabet cutters! They are so easy to use, and they’re perfect for creating personalised messages. We cut our letters out of Sattina regal purple sugarpaste and painted the edges with an edible paint we made using an edible gold lustre dust, we like Sugarflair ‘Pure gold’ or Squires Kitchen ‘Gold sparkles’, mixed with rejuvenator spirit. Then finally spritz with a little edible gold glitter to finish it off.