Be Creative With Curling Ribbon

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We used:
Red curling ribbon
A matching patterned ribbon
Palette knife

Using curling ribbon is a really economical and easy way of gift wrapping presents and decorating packaging. Here we have used a patterned ribbon tied around the box first and matched it with the red curling ribbon but you can use the curling ribbon to wrap around the box as well.


1.Wrap your cake box in a patterned ribbon or the red curling ribbon and tie a knot.


2.Cut three equal lengths of red curling ribbon.


3.Hold the three curling ribbon lengths together and tie around the ribbon knot on the box. Repeat again with another three lengths and tie around the ribbon on the box.


5.Run a palette knife firmly along each length of ribbon to create a tight curl. Make sure you hold the end nearest the box firmly with your other hand. When you have finished all twelve lengths, spend a little time arranging them to create a cascade of curls.