Create Your Own Bouquet Of Cupcakes

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There’s a new box on the scene that’s fun, easy to assemble and allows you to create a colourful bouquet of cupcakes. It’s available in several colours, comes flat packed with a clear insert for 7 cupcakes and assembles in no time at all – around one minute.

Step 1.

Open the box and fold the base in (each flap is numbered to make it even easier!)


Step 2.

Push the middle inwards where the box is scored and tie a ribbon or bow around it – this will keep the box together (our ‘quick bows‘ are perfect for doing this).  Push the insert into the top.


Step 3.

Place your cupcakes into the insert.


Step 4.

Wrapping cellophane around the box gives a really professional finish and makes travelling with the bouquet easy. Simply wrap the cellophane around the box, secure the sides with a little cellotape and tie the top with a bow.


Step 5.

The boxes and ‘quick bows’ come in a variety of colours to suit all occasions from Christenings and baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries or just a gift to say ‘thank you’.