Cute Christmas Cupcakes Using Pavoni Cutters

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Create these simple festive cupcakes using four cute Christmas shaped plunger cutters. We have used coloured sugarpaste to decorate the cupcakes but the cutters can also be used to cut out marzipan decorations or even cookies.  Pop the finished cupcakes in one of our Christmas themed boxes and you will have a home baked gift that looks truly amazing!


We used:

Ready made cupcakes in green & red cases

Set of 4 Christmas Pavoni Plunger Cutters

Non-stick rolling pin

Cornflour pouch

Coloured sugarpaste

Selection of silver and red edible balls

Candy cane sprinkles

Sparkling white sugar sprinkles

Reversible 6 Piece Circular Cutter Set and Set of 6 Circle cutters

Black edible ink pen

Edible glue


Before you make the decorations cover your cupcakes in a circle of sugarpaste or layer of buttercream which will keep them moist.

1. To make the decorations, sprinkle a little icing sugar or cornflour on your work surface and roll out some coloured sugarpaste to about 3mm thick. Press the cutter onto the icing to cut out the shape then push down the plunger to emboss the design before lifting up the cutter. Place the decoration on your cupcake, use a little edible glue if your cupcake is covered in sugarpaste, then decorate with edible balls and sprinkles.


2. To make the Father Christmas head, firstly cut out the shape in flesh remembering to emboss the design. Cut out a second layer in white with a circle cut out in the middle so that his face will show through. Lastly, cut out his hat in red and assemble the layers on top of each other.


3. Shape extra features from sugarpaste like his moustache, eye brows and mouth and use a black edible ink pen to draw on the eyes.