How To Make A Cute Easter Bunny

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Easter is just around the corner and what better way to get ready than by making an Easter bunny cake!

We have kept it easy by using equipment you may already have in your cupboard. Apart from the white sugarpaste and modelling paste you need to cover the cake and make the features, all you need are some food colourings, edible glue and a selection of pretty sugar flowers.

To make life even easier, we used our Golden Delight Madeira cake mix which is not only delicious and economical but super simple, as you only need to add water, mix and bake. To create a deep cake, bake two 6″ cakes and layer together with frosting.

We used 2 x 6″ round cake tins to bake our cakes. Once they’re cooked, just layer them on top of each other, stick them together and cover the entire cake with buttercream. We used our ready made vanilla frosting.

Hint: Coat the outside of your cake with a layer of frosting then place in the fridge for an hour so that the frosting sets firm. Take out of the fridge and layer with another thin coat of frosting before covering in sugarpaste.

Step 1: Making The Bunny Ears

Roll our Sattina modelling paste until it’s around 5mm in thickness and cut out 2 bunny ear shapes. To make sure both ears are the same size and shape, either make a greaseproof template, or cut one ear out then use as a template for the second ear.

Set the ears to dry over a rolling pin so that they are slightly curved. To create little bends at the tip of each ear, leave them to dry so the tips bend over each end of the rolling pin.

Leave for 24 hours then mix a little ‘Pink’ ProGel food colouring with water and paint the inside of each ear. Leave to dry.

Step 2: Covering The Cake 

Knead your sugarpaste until it’s soft and pliable, then roll out on a little sieved icing sugar until it’s large enough to cover the cake and around 5mm in thickness. Carefully lift the sugarpaste onto the cake and smooth over with the palms of your hands or a cake smoother.

Next, place your rolled out paste carefully onto the cake. Smooth down the top first, then gently down the sides of the cake. Use a cake smoother to create a professional finish.

Step 3: Painting The Grass 

To paint the grass, mix ‘Lime Green’ ProGel food colouring with a little water in a palette and use a small paintbrush to paint grass onto the cake.

If the bottom edge of the cake isn’t perfect, don’t worry; add a 3mm ribbon to create a neat finish.

Hint: If you’re nervous about getting your grass right, practice on paper first!

Step 4: Making A Strong Edible Glue 

To attach the ears firmly to the cake, you will need to create a strong edible glue. You can do this by mixing your edible glue with some modelling paste. The easiest way to do this is by using a palette knife and mixing the two together on your work surface.

Step 5: Adding The Features


Decide where you want the ears to sit and attach two small balls of sugarpaste onto the cake using the strong edible glue mix (these will sit behind the ears to help them stand up).

Now spread some of the glue mixture onto the back and base of each ear before positioning in front of the sugar balls.


To make the paws, mould 2 balls of sugarpaste and use the end of a paintbrush to mark 3 lines along each paw. Attach to the cake and cake board with the edible glue mix.


Roll out a little white sugarpaste to around 5mm in thickness and cut out a small heart. Paint with the ‘Pink’ ProGel food colouring mixed with water. Leave to dry and attach to cake with the edible glue mix. You may have to hold the nose in place for 30 seconds to set.


Make two small balls out of sugarpaste, roll into an oval and flatten between your fingers. Add a chocolate button to each eye and attach to the cake with the edible glue mix. For a little glint in each eye, add a tiny white pearl with edible glue.

The Tail 

Lastly add a little fluffy tail to the back of the cake. This can be piped in frosting or use a shop bought mini meringue like in the picture here!

Step 6: Flowers, The Finishing Touch!

How you finish this cute bunny is up to you. You can either make your own sugar flowers or buy ready made small flowers from our fantastic range.

To attach the flowers to the cake, drop a star piping tube into a piping bag and fill with the left over frosting. Pipe small stars onto the cake and cake board and cover with an array of pretty flowers in different colours.

Hint: Don’t forget to cover the back of the ears in pretty flowers too!

We used:


1 kg Madeira mix

1kg white Sattina

250g Sattina modelling paste

Edible glue

Rainbow Dust ProGel ‘Pink’ food colouring

Rainbow Dust ProGel ‘Lime Green’ food colouring

Mini meringue (store bought)

Selection of icing flowers

Vanilla frosting

White mini pearl sprinkles


6“ round cake tin

10“ green round drum board

Small and large paint brush

Small closed star tube number 842

Disposable piping bag

3mm ribbon

Small heart cutter

Small palette knife