Delicious Vegan Cake Recipes

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Our professional vegan sponge cake mix can be used to make perfectly baked cakes, cupcakes, muffins, loaf cakes, and tray bakes! It tastes so delicious, it’s hard to believe it’s actually a mix that you simply add water and vegetable oil to and not home baked!

The cake mix is available in 500g and 1kg bags – see our quantity guide below for how much cake mix you will need for different size cakes etc.

For this 8″ sponge cake we used:

750g of vegan sponge cake mix

two 8″ round tins or sponge pans


338ml water

180ml vegetable oil

Fresh raspberries or strawberries

Step One

Preheat the oven to Gas 2 / 150’C and prepare two 8″ tins or sandwich pans by lining with greaseproof paper or spread over with Release-A-Cake to stop the cakes sticking. If you do not have 2 tins, cook one after the other!

Step Two

Put the cake mix, water and oil into a large mixing bowl and mix on a medium setting for approximately 3 minutes.

Step Three

Pour the mix evenly between the two tins and cover each tin with tin foil. This will keep the cake extra moist and help the cakes to rise evenly.

Step Four

Start checking the cakes after 30 mins. If the top of the cake has no wobble, insert a skewer or cake tester into the middle – if it comes out clean, the cake is cooked. If not continue baking checking every 5-10 minutes. The deeper the cake, the longer it will take to cook!

Step Five

When baked, leave to cool for a while then remove from the tin and leave to continue cooling. When completely cool the cake can be decorated or tightly wrapped in clingfilm for decorating at a later date.

Step Six

Use a sharp knife or cake leveller to slice the cake in half and wash and dry enough fresh raspberries to layer inside the cake and decorate the top. Follow the recipe below for creamy vegan frosting which can be layered inside the cake and across the top.

Vegan Vanilla Frosting

We love this smooth and creamy vanilla frosting recipe, it’s very quick and easy to make and is perfect for spreading on cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies! Just make sure when you are buying the ingredients that they are vegan friendly!

We used

50g vegan butter

450g icing sugar

60 ml unsweetened almond milk

Vanilla extract or flavouring

Step One

Put the vegan butter, icing sugar and approximately half the almond milk into a mixing bowl and start mixing with a wooden spoon to incorporate all the ingredients to stop the icing sugar going everywhere!

Step Two

Continue mixing with an electric mixer. Starting on slow, gradually increase the speed, adding the rest of the almond milk and a few drops of vanilla essence or flavouring until the frosting is smooth and the consistency is thick but easily spreadable. Depending on the vegan butter used, you may have to use slightly less almond milk to achieve a thick consistency – you can always add a little more icing sugar if the frosting is too runny!

Chocolate Frosting

To create a delicious chocolate frosting, follow the recipe above adding approximately 4 tablespoons of vegan cocoa powder.

Quantity Guide For Vegan Sponge Cake Mix

This is an approximate guide for 3″ deep round cakes.

6″ 500g

7″ 500g

8″ 750g

9″ 1kg

10″ 1.25kg

Cupcakes & loaf pans

2lb / large loaf pan 500g

15 cupcakes or 12 large muffins 500g

Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix

Check out our vegan chocolate cake mix that is just as delicious and simple to bake!