Edible Glitters Are Not Just For Sprinkling!

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With lots of new mixes of Edible Glitters arriving from Rainbow Dust, we have had some fun discovering what you can do with them. Our favourite three at the moment are the Halloween Glitter (a mix of orange and black sparkles), the Berry Burst which is bright and colourful for fireworks and the Frosty Blue mix which is great for creating icy skies or night skies on black icing!


Rainbow Dust Edible Glitters

Edible Glue & Brush

1. Playing around with the glitter we discovered it isn’t just for sprinkling over cupcakes and that there is an easy way to cover a cake completely, even the sides! Simply roll out your sugarpaste as normal and before placing it on your cake, sprinkle with the edible glitter. Roll over once more with your rolling pin to press the glitter lightly into the icing and cover the cake as normal. Here we used the Halloween Glitter to add a colourful effect to the purple icing.

2. We love the Frosty Blue Edible Glitter as it looks great rolled into blue icing to create a glittery, frosty sky. It also works brilliantly rolled into black sugarpaste to create a night sky or a solar system, perfect if you were looking to make a Star Wars cake.

3. To create more delicate designs that have a shape like the spiral on the top of this cake, brush a little edible glue onto the icing then sprinkle the glitter carefully over the glue which will set it in place.

4. Decorate cookies with coloured sugarpaste. The Gold Glitter looks great rolled into orange or black icing!

5. The Purple Glitter is just enough to brighten up this spooky spider cookie!

6. If you prefer to decorate your biscuits with royal icing, pipe an outline around the design, flood with runny royal icing and sprinkle over with glitter. Once dry the glitter will be set in place.