Fangtastic Ideas For Halloween

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We’ve been having so much fun with wacky ideas for Halloween this month! We made something for everyone. These stunning gothic rose cupcakes are perfect for an adult Halloween party, whilst the silly spider cupcakes will go down a treat at kid’s parties. You can even have a go at carving out a skull cake for the perfect spooky centrepiece.

1 – Gothic Rose Cupcakes

  1. Fill the sides of your piping bag with black frosting, and the centre with red to achieve a two-tone effect.

  2. Pipe a swirl directly onto your chocolate cupcakes with the No.1B tube to create the shape of the rose. We used the Bake Even chocolate cupcake mix which will make cupcakes with an even rise in no time at all – simply add oil and water!

  3. Pipe the leaves on with frosting coloured green using the No.366 tube.

  4. Spritz on some rose pink edible glitter to finish it off.

2 – Halloween Skull Cake

  1. Use chocolate cake mix to make a round cake, then carve it into the shape of a skull – oval at the top, flat at the bottom.

  2. Use a knife to cut out the hollows of the cheeks, and place two teardrop shaped lumps of sugarpaste on the apples of the cheeks to define the shape.

  3. When you’re happy with the shape, cover your cake in white Sattina sugarpaste. Mark out the eyes and nose using the end of a small rolling pin to create indents.

  4. Dust some black edible blossom tint in the eyes, nose, and hollows of the cheek to give the the features some depth.

  5. Use a black edible ink pen to draw on the teeth and the small crack at the top of the skull.

  6. Decorate your board with crushed Oreo biscuits to create the illusion of dirt, and make some earthworms out of light pink sugarpaste to decorate.

  7. Add some candy eyes and spider ring decorations to finish.

3 – Spider Cupcakes

  1. The great thing about this idea is you have most of what you need in the spider cupcake kit! Simply bake some cupcakes using the Bake Even chocolate cake mix and leave to cool.

  2. Colour your frosting with black food colouring before piping it directly onto your cupcakes to create a furry effect.

  3. Attach the little candy eyes and legs contained in the kit to finish.

You will need:

For the Gothic Rose Cupcakes:

Wilton No.1B rose/drop flower piping tube

Wilton No.366 leaf piping tube

Rainbow Dust Poppy ProGel concentrated gel food colouring

Rainbow Dust Black ProGel concentrated gel food colouring

Rainbow Dust Leaf Green ProGel concentrated gel food colouring

Rose Pink edible glitter spray pump

Wilton 16 inch disposable piping bags

Red greaseproof cupcake cases

Bake Even chocolate cupcake mix

For the Halloween Skull Cake:

Round black cake drum

White Sattina sugarpaste

Black Sugarflair edible blossom tint dusting colour

PME Black Brush n Fine pen

Candy Floss Pink Sattina sugarpaste

Spooky green & yellow candy eyeballs

Plastic spider ring decorations

Chocolate cake mix

Crushed Oreo biscuits

Small rolling pin

For the Spider Cupcakes:

Halloween spider cupcake decorating kit

Vanilla frosting

Rainbow Dust Black ProGel concentrated gel food colouring

Bake Even chocolate cupcake mix

Wilton 16 inch disposable piping bags

Piping tube – PME star tube no.13