Halloween Cake Ideas – Spooky Chocolate Bark, Gothic Ghouls & Ghosts

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To make this spooky chocolate bark, simply melt chocolate chips in the microwave, spread onto greaseproof paper using a flat palette knife and scatter rainbow chocolate drops and skulls & bones sprinkles over the top. Carefully pop in some candy eyeballs so that they sit the right way up and leave to set. Once set, break the chocolate bark into shards and use to decorate a cake, drop into Halloween treat bags or simply pile onto a plate ready for eating!

These wafer ‘gothic and horror’ plaques are great for teenage or adult parties. They can be used to decorate all your Halloween treats from cupcakes to cookies and traybakes.



Bake cookies for a Halloween party or to give to friends and family using this ‘BOO’ cookie cutter. This cutter will cut all three letters together making it easier to create fun and tasty treats. A simple cookie recipe is also included.