How To Attach Sugar Flowers To Your Cake

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Sugar flowers are a stunning addition to any celebrations cake and we have an enormous range available on our website, from small single buds to large beautiful sprays, in colours to suit every season and occasion. But how do you attach  a gorgeous, delicate spray securely to your cake?

Read on to find out how easy it is to achieve this beautiful look.

Step 1

Once you have chosen a spray to suit your cake, you need to select a flower pick. We have small, medium or large picks available, depending on the size and weight of your spray.

Step 2

Carefully unwrap your sugar flower and cut the stem with wire cutters so it’s approximately half the length of the pick. Then gently bend the stem behind the flower into a right angle.

Step 3

Roll a small ball of sugarpaste into a sausage shape, and push it into the pick so that it completely covers the bottom half. Then, push the stem into the paste as far as it will go. This will secure your flower into the pick.

Step 4

Position the pick on the cake at a slight angle facing out and push it firmly into the cake. Some people prefer to do this step without the flower in place – it’s a personal choice.

Step 5

Gently arrange the flowers to cascade down or across your cake.

Step 6

To make your spray bigger, simply place another spray directly behind the first, facing in the opposite direction. Twist the stems together, before pushing them into your pick.

Step 7

Gently arrange your flowers until you’ve achieved the desired effect.

You can follow the same instructions to decorate cakes using artificial flowers of any kind, which are also available on our website.  You can click through to our large range of sugar flowers here.

Products we used:

Medium Flower Pick

Handmade Pink Peonies And Petite Blossom Flower Spray

Sattina Sugarpaste