How To Create A Frosty Edible Sparkle…

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…perfect to sprinkle over a ‘Frozen’ themed cake or Christmas cupcakes.

snowflake glitter-set

What you need:

Frosty Glitter & Snowflake Plunger Cutter Set which consists of:-

Hint of Blue Magic Sparkles & Doric Sparkle Edible Glitter
Small Snowflake Plunger Cutter

Other items:

Edible Glue or PME Edible Glaze Spray

Small pot


edible glitter

1. Create a shimmering, frosty glitter that is completely edible and looks amazing. By mixing Doric’s Edible Sparkle Glitter with Hint of Blue Magic Sparkles you can create a sparkly glitter that is perfect for this time of year. Pour equal amounts of both into a small pot and crush the two glitters together with the back of a teaspoon.

lustre spray cake

2. There are different ways to attach the glitter to your cake, you can use an edible glaze spray over large areas.

add edible glitter

3. Remember to pour the glitter onto the glaze quickly after spraying the area so that it adheres to the cake before the glaze dries.

Edible Glue

4. Alternatively, if you are adding the glitter to smaller areas or cupcakes, brush the icing with a light covering of edible glue. Hold the decoration at an angle to pour the glitter and place a sheet of greaseproof or kitchen roll underneath so that you can catch any glitter that falls off and re-use it.


5. The glitter mix looks fabulous on winter cupcakes with a couple of icing snowflakes. Cut out a circle of Mediterranean Sattina Sugarpaste the same size as the top of the cupcake, brush over with edible glue then sprinkle the sparkle mix. Finish with a couple of icing snowflakes, we mixed white and blue sugarpaste together to get the pretty pale blue colour.