How To Create A Red And Rose Gold Heart Cake

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Red Rose and Gold Heart Cake Main Image

We created this vibrant red and rose gold ‘Queen of Hearts’ inspired cake for Valentine’s this year using edible cake lace. This cake will be adored by your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, or you could feature it as a centrepiece at an Alice in Wonderland themed party! Lace is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to your cakes, and it couldn’t be easier to use. Each unique design can be cut and coloured as desired, so feel free to experiment with them and achieve your ideal shapes and shades. You could try cutting out stars for cookies, polka dots for chocolates, or stripes for icing – whatever your heart desires! We’ve also used lace on cupcakes and cookies to create individual gifts all wrapped up in lacy cellophane bags – these would make perfect wedding favours.

Step 1.

Mix a little rose gold lustre dust with some rejuvenator spirit and using a small brush, start painting your edible lace. Once your lace is dry, you can add more sparkle and intensify the colour if desired by taking a dry brush and dabbing more rose gold lustre dust over the top.

1 Painting on Rose Gold Lustre

Step 2.

Use a heart shaped cutter to cut individual hearts out of your painted lace. To achieve a symmetrical pattern, make sure you place the cutter at equal distances, so there is equal space between each heart. Put the cut out lace hearts aside to use on cookies and cupcakes, and save one for the top of your cake.

2 Cutting heart shapesv2

Step 3.

Covering the board in sugarpaste is not essential but it does create an elegant look. Brush the board with a little cooled boiled water, then dust your work surface with icing sugar and roll out approximately 150g of red sugarpaste onto your surface. Lift up and place onto the board, and then smooth over with a cake smoother for a professional finish.

Cut off any excess icing with a small palette knife and decorate the edge of the cake board with a 15mm red ribbon attaching it with double sided tape. If you prefer not to cover the board in icing, use a red coloured board to match the colour theme of your cake.

Knead and roll out approximately 500g of red sugarpaste large enough to cover the top and sides of your cake. For a professional finish, smooth the surface with a cake smoother then place your sugarpaste onto your cake, cutting away the excess around the bottom. Carefully place a cake lifter or palette knife under the cake, and lift and place onto the covered board, attaching with a little royal icing. If you want to achieve a crisp look, use a Bellissimo cake smoother to create the sharp top edge. Take your strip of rose gold lace and wrap it carefully around your cake, attaching it with edible glue.

3 Sticking Hearts on

Step 4.

To create the heart plaque for the top of your cake, cut out a slightly bigger heart from red sugarpaste, attach one of your rose gold lace hearts over the top with edible glue, and leave to harden overnight. Once the sugarpaste heart has set, stand this up slightly on the top of your cake by taking a small ball of sugarpaste and placing it behind the heart plaque.

4 Colour and cut lace

We have used:

For The Cake:
•    750g (approx) Red Sattina sugarpaste
•    Sattina royal icing
•    Large non-stick rolling pin
•    8 inch round cake drum
•    6 inch cake tin
•    Double sided tape
•    Palette knife or Cake lifter
•    Cake Smoother

To Decorate:
•    Edible glue
•    Cornflour pouch
•    Rejuvenator spirit
•    Small brush
•    Sugarflair Rose gold lustre dust
•    ‘Floral’ Edible lace
•    Red ribbon