How To Create Sharp, Crisp Edges On Sugarpasted Cakes Using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers

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Discover the secret for creating sharp, crisp edges on sugarpasted cakes using Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers. They can be used on sugarpasted and marzipanned rich fruit cakes or on sponge cakes covered in ganache or buttercream. We have used a Madeira cake covered in buttercream and Antique Lace Sattina sugarpaste which has then been decorated using a ready-made edible lace, sprayed gold. The flexi smoothers come in three sizes which can be bought individually or as a set.

Small set for 3″ to 5″ cakes

Medium set for 6″ to  9″ cakes

Large set for 10″ plus cakes

Step 1.

Place your cake on the drum cake board and cover in buttercream using a side scraper and palette knife. Place the cake in the fridge for around 20 minutes so that the buttercream hardens. Take out of the fridge, sharpen the top edge with a palette knife and smooth over another thin layer of buttercream.


Step 2.

Dust your work surface with icing sugar then knead and roll out approximately 750g of sugarpaste (5mm thick) large enough to cover the top and sides of the cake. Keep turning the sugarpaste, making sure that it does not stick to your work surface, dusting with extra icing sugar if needed. Rub an Easyflow smoother over the icing to eliminate any marks made by the rolling pin then carefully lift up the sugarpaste on your forearms and drape over the cake. Smooth over the top of the cake first to remove any air bubbles then work around and down the side of the cake, smoothing out any  pleats. Use a palette knife to trim away the excess around the board, making sure that you do not cut too closely as the icing often rises up slightly.


Step 3.

Use the Bellissimo Flexi smoothers straight away while the sugarpaste is still soft and be aware that one side of them is smooth to use against the cake and one side is slightly rough so that they are easy to hold. Hold the straight-edged smoother against the top side of the cake and the curved smoother firmly on top of the cake with the curved edge against the curve of the cake. There are 3 sizes of Flexi smoothers so make sure you use the correct size! Hold the top smoother still and rub the side smoother against the side of the cake to create a sharp edge moving both smoothers around the cake until you have a perfectly crisp, neat and sharp edge.


Step 4.

If possible, leave the cake overnight on the board so that the icing hardens. If you want to transfer your cake to a sugarpasted board (as shown in the photo), spread a small amount of buttercream on the board where the cake will sit before carefully lifting and placing the cake in position.


Marzipanned Cakes

You can use the Bellissimo Flexi smoothers on marzipan too. Just make sure you cover the cake with marzipan in two pieces, top and sides separately then use the Flexi smoothers to sharpen the top edge.

We used:

Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers
Easyflow smoother (optional)
Sattina Antique Lace Sugarpaste 1kg
6″ deep Madeira cake
9″ round cake drum
Spare board (optional)
Small palette knife
Large non-stick rolling pin
Icing sugar in a shaker
Deep side scraper
Edible ‘ready-made’ cake lace ‘Floral’
PME gold lustre spray