How To Make A 3D Chocolate Rudolph Cake

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If you’re not into fruit cake but still want to create a festive cake for Christmas, this 3D chocolate Rudolph cake is a fun alternative. We used Cake Craft World’s chocolate cake mix which is not only delicious, but super easy to make as all you have to do is add water, mix and bake. There’s even a ready-made chocolate frosting which tastes amazing when combined with the chocolate cake! The antlers need to be made the day before so they have time to dry and set firm. If you have time, cover the cake as well so that the icing is firm to the touch before decorating the next day.

The Antlers

Knead and roll out white modelling paste into 3 sausage shapes as shown, making sure to taper the ends to narrow points. Make 1 large and 2 small, then lay them flat and attach the antler together with edible glue or royal icing. Leave to dry for a few hours.

Painting antlers gold

When dry, paint the antlers gold with an edible paint made using Rolkem super gold metallic food colouring lustre dust mixed with rejuvenator spirit.

Covering the cake, Eyes & Ears

To create a deep cake, bake two 7″ round chocolate cakes. Slice each cake in half and layer the four cakes on top of each other with chocolate frosting. Finish with a coat of frosting over the entire cake and cover in golden brown Sattina sugarpaste. We used a chocolate brown cake board to complement our cake.

To make the eyes, cut out circles using different sized cutters. Start by cutting out two large circles in white modelling paste, then trim the tops as shown using the same size circle cutter. Cut out two smaller blue circles in icing, then two even smaller black circles. Attach the eyes to the cake with a little edible glue. Create the eyebrows and little eyelashes in black sugarpaste or modelling paste by rolling out into long sausages for the eyebrows, and smaller ones for the lashes.

You can either use an arum lily cutter for the ears or make a simple template yourself to cut around. Roll out brown sugarpaste or modelling paste to about 7mm in thickness, then cut out 2 ears. Stand them up to dry completely.

When they are dry, attach the ears to the cake with edible glue. If you are travelling with the cake, insert small lengths of spaghetti into the bottom of the ears then into the cake to keep them sturdy. The ears can be left brown or enhanced with 2 cut out shapes in pink for the inner ears.

Attaching The Antlers

Once the ears are in place, insert cocktail sticks into the base of the antlers and attach to the top of your cake with royal icing.

Adding A Nose

Make a nose out of a ball of red sugarpaste and secure with edible glue or royal icing.

Add a small circle of white sugarpaste or modelling paste to the nose as a highlight. While cutting this circle out, enhance the eyes with a couple of small circles too. Spritz the nose with a little edible glitter to finish.

Falling snowflakes

To decorate the board with snowflakes, use the PME snowflake plunger cutters. They are so easy to use! Simply roll out some white sugarpaste or modelling icing, cut out snowflake shapes using the plunger cutters, spritz them with a little edible glitter spray in silver, and attach to your board with edible glue.


To make small holly decorations, colour some Sattina white 3 in 1 modelling paste with Wilton leaf green paste colour, and use the PME triple holly cutters to cut out the leaves. Roll tiny balls of red sugarpaste for the berries.

Piping A Little Mane

Pipe a little mane using a large open star piping tube – the 1B tube is great for this. Use chocolate frosting or a coloured buttercream of your choice. Attach the holly decorations to the mane and the antlers with edible glue or royal icing.

Adding A Message

Finish your cake by adding a personalised message. Roll out some green, red or white sugarpaste or modelling paste, and use the push easy mini upper case alphabet cutters to cut out your letters. The push easy range of cutters are so easy to use – we use them every time we want to personalise our cakes! Attach your letters to the board with edible glue.

You will need:

Edible Items

2 x 1kg Cake Craft World chocolate cake mix

750g Cake Craft World chocolate frosting

1kg Sattina golden brown sugarpaste

250g Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste

Black Renshaw modelling paste

Small amounts of Sattina coloured sugarpaste in true red and grass green

Sky blue Sugarflair pastel paste food colouring

Wilton leaf green paste colour

Rolkem super gold metallic food colouring lustre dust

Rejuvenator spirit

Edible glue

Edible silver glitter spray pump

Small amount of vanilla frosting (optional) for the mane


12″ chocolate brown cake board

7″ round cake tin

1B Wilton piping tube

PME triple holly leaf cutter

PME set of 3 snowflake cutters

PME set of plunger circle cutters

Cake Star push easy mini upper case alphabet cutters

Reversible set of 6 round cutters

FMM set of 3 arum lily cutters

1m of 7mm chocolate brown satin ribbon

1m of 7mm red & white country checked ribbon

Double sided tape

Cocktail sticks

Cake dowel

Cake smoother

16″ rolling pin