How To Make A 3D Standing Minion Cake

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Minions are a very popular choice for a birthday cake, and now we’ve found the perfect fuss free way to make one! The 3D Minions Cake Frame Kit is designed primarily for making your own standing Minion cake. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, and perfect for making 3D novelty cakes on a sturdy re-useable base. Minions come in all shapes and sizes, so feel free to get creative and alter your design to suit the look you’re going for!

Step 1.

Assemble your cake frame as per the instructions contained within the box. Cover the base of your frame in Rice Krispies Treats.

Step 2.

Melt some white chocolate, and use a palette knife to cover the top of your Rice Krispie base.

Step 3.

Stack and fill four 6″ round madeira sponge cakes, and place your stacked cakes on top of the cereal base. It’s a good idea to use a small circle cutter to cut out the holes where the poles in the frame sit to prevent the cake or the base from breaking. Use a cake leveller and a knife to create a domed shape on the top of your cake.

Step 4.

Cover your cake in a layer of vanilla frosting, buttercream, or ganache using a small palette knife, then put your cake in the fridge to chill for an hour.

Step 5.

Whilst your cake is chilling, dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch and roll out a small amount of modelling paste. Use the 63mm circular cutter to cut out four circles to use for the Minion’s goggles. Use the smaller 48mm cutter to cut circles from two of your bigger circles to make rings. Place the rings on top of your other two circles to create the base of the eyes.

Step 6.

Use the smallest Framar circle cutter to cut out two small circles which will be the iris and pupils.

Step 7.

Colour in the eyes using edible ink pens and white blossom tint or paint for finer details. We made brown eyes for our Minion, but you can use any colours you like. Attach these to the centre of your larger circles using edible glue.

Step 8.

Mix some Rolkem Super Silver lustre dust with a little rejuvenator spirit to create a silver paint. Using a small brush, paint around the goggle rims. Leave to dry on a curved cylindrical shape or a round cake dummy.

Step 9.

To make the Minion’s hair, roll out thin sausages of black modelling paste with your hands. Keep one end straight and slightly bend or kink the other. Make different lengths and shapes to create a more realistic look, and leave them to dry. If your paste is a little sticky, put some petal base on a cake smoother and roll them out on a surface using the smoother. For the metal goggle bolts, mould two blunt cylinders from modelling paste and use a palette knife to mark a diagonal line through the centre of each. Paint with Rolkem Super Silver and rejuvenator spirit, and leave to dry completely.

Step 10.

Dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch and roll out 1kg of Sattina Sunshine Yellow sugarpaste to a medium thickness. Remove your cake from the fridge, and place your rolled out sugarpaste over the top. Gently ease the edges around the sides of the cake and cut away any excess sugarpaste from the bottom until your cake is fully covered. Use a cake smoother to smooth out any imperfections.

Step 11.

Make your Minion’s dungarees using the templates supplied. Dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch and roll out some Renshaw Powder Blue sugarpaste. Place the templates over the sugarpaste and use a cutting wheel to cut around the edges.

Step 12.

Once you have all of your pieces, attach them to your cake using edible glue. We covered the legs separately by wrapping sugarpaste around the poles.

Step 13.

Use a design wheeler to add detail and give your dungarees a stitched edge.

Step 14.

Use a bulbulous cone tool to make small indentations in the top of your cake to stick the hair in.

Step 15.

Fill the holes with a little edible glue, before sticking the individual hairs into your Minion’s head.

Step 16.

Roll the rest of your yellow sugarpaste into two thin cylinders. Using a palette knife, cut them to the same length, and then again at a slight angle on one end to make the arms. Attach them to the sides of your cake using edible glue or royal icing. Draw a little smile on your Minion’s face using a flower and leaf shaping tool.

Step 17.

Use the templates to measure out how much black modelling paste you need to make the hands and feet. Create three fingers in the hands using a craft or palette knife, then mould into a glove shape. Make one incision in the centres of the feet to wrap around the bottom of the legs so they look like little shoes.

Step 18.

Use royal icing to attach the eyes to the Minion’s face. Hold them down for a while to make sure they stay in place.

Step 19.

For the finishing touches, add two blue dungaree straps using Renshaw Powder Blue sugarpaste and wrap a strip of black modelling paste around the back of your Minion’s head to create the goggle strap. Roll two small balls of black modelling paste and attach to the ends of the straps for buttons. Attach the silver bolts to the sides of the goggles using royal icing, and draw a little logo on the Minion’s front pocket with a black edible ink pen.

Handy Hints

Add a little royal icing to your buttercream to stiffen it and make it easier to cover your cake, particularly if it’s a hot day!

Use folded tissue paper and small bottles of edible glue to hold heavier parts of your minion in place.

You will need:

Make your own 3D Minions Cake Frame Kit
2 double layer madeira cakes (6“)
Rice Krispies Treats
Callebaut White Chocolate Couverture Chips
1 tub of Vanilla frosting
Sattina Sunshine Yellow sugarpaste (approx 1kg, and 100g for arms)
Renshaw Powder Blue sugarpaste (approx 250g)
CMC (for strengthening if required)
Renshaw black modelling paste
Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste
Edible glue
Royal icing
Cornflour pouch
9“ and 16“ rolling pin
Cake leveller
Cake smoother
4“ straight palette knife
6“ round cake dummy or cylindrical shape (to dry and curve eyes)
Reversible 6 piece circular cutter set
Framar set of 6 circle cutters
PME flower and leaf shaping tool
PME bulbulous cone tool
PME cutting wheel
PME design wheeler with 3 heads
Sugarcraft knife
Rejuvenator spirit
PME black brush n fine pen
PME brown brush n fine pen
Rolkem Super Silver food colouring
White blossom tint or paint