How To Make A Bouncy Easter Bunny Sugar Model

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The Easter Bunny has arrived in the form of this adorable sugar model. If you are looking for Easter cake decorating ideas, this makes a quirky little centrepiece to bring a traditional Easter cake to life, and requires only two modelling tools. It might look tricky, but it actually couldn’t be easier. Why not give it a go this Easter!

Step 1.

First, dust your work surface with a cornflour pouch. To make the bunny’s body, take some Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste and roll it into a large cone shape, ensuring it’s slightly pointed at the end. The easiest way to do this is by rolling about 3/4 down your cone, and then pull and slightly flatten the end. The ‘pointed’ end will be where your bunny’s front paws are shaped. Using a blade tool, make a small incision in the centre of the point, and split each end apart slightly.

To create the toes, use the blade tool to make two small marks on each paw. Stand your bunny’s body with the paws pointing up and gently ease the paws down so they are in front of the body. Put a little edible glue on your cake pop stick, before gently pushing through the centre of the body. Make sure the stick isn’t too high, because you don’t want it to pop through the bunny’s head when you come to stick it on the top! Trim it down if it is too high, then leave to set for a few hours, or overnight.

Step 2.

For the ‘hips’ and the tummy, roll out some more modelling paste, and use a 3.5mm circle cutter to cut out three circles. Use your blade tool to trim off the bottom of two of the circles. Again, use your blade to create the markings on your bunny’s hips, and the texture on the tummy. Alternatively, you could use a fur texture mat to create the detail on the tummy.

For the back paws, roll out a sausage of modelling paste with your hands, ensuring one end is more pointed than the other. Use your blade tool on the round end to create the toes, and cut at an angle on the other side to get a sharp edge. Attach the paws, hips, and tummy to your bunny using edible glue.

Step 3.

For the ears, roll a sausage of modelling paste with your hands, and cut it in half to ensure you have equal amounts for each ear. Shape each sausage into an elongated cone with one pointy end. Use a bulbulous cone tool to make a dented line right in the centre of each ear, twist slightly at the pointed ends, and leave to set.

For the head, create another slightly elongated cone shape, and use a bulbulous cone tool to mark two dents in the top of your bunny’s head for the ears. Use your fingers to mould the shape of the head as desired. For the fluffy cheeks, cut out two small circles, and use the bulbulous cone tool to create the detail.

For the eyes, either cut out some black sugarpaste using a small circle cutter, and cut again using the edge of the cutter to create the smiley eye shape. Alternatively, you could draw on both eyes and eyelashes using a black edible ink pen, and dot a little white paint in the centre. We used a single pink edible ball for the nose, but you can use sugarpaste if you prefer. Attach the head to the top of your cake pop stick, and use edible glue to stick the ears in the dents you made.

Step 4.

Use a small brush to dust a little peach blossom tint inside the ears, on the cheeks, and paws of your adorable little bunny.

Step 5.

Use some edible glue on a small ball of modelling paste to stick some mini white sugar pearl sprinkles on your bunny’s fluffy tail. Attach the tail to the rest of your bunny using edible glue.

Step 6.

Stick your bunny on top of a traditional Easter cake to finish off a spectacular showstopper your friends and family will adore over the long weekend!

Handy Hints

If your hands get sticky whilst modelling, dab the cornflour pouch on them.

Always start with a ball when you’re modelling, whatever shape you’re making. This will ensure it’s really smooth before you roll it into another shape!

When drawing on the eyelashes, make sure there is no cornflour residue on the surface to prevent the colour from bleeding.

We used:

250g tub of Sattina White 3 in 1 modelling paste
Rolling pin
PME Bulbulous Cone Tool
PME Blade and Shell Tool
Set of 6 Circle cutters
Edible glue
Sugarflair Blossom Tint in Peach
Small brush for dusting
White mini sugar pearl sprinkles
Pink sugar pearl ball sprinkles
Black edible ink pen OR Black sugarpaste
Edible white paint by Rainbow Dust
Cake pop stick
Cornflour pouch