How To Make A Buttercream Unicorn Cake In 10 Easy Steps

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This adorable buttercream unicorn cake is so simple to do, even the most novice of cake decorators will be able to wow their guests by making it!  We used our brand new top and side scraper to achieve a smooth finish and a range of pretty decorations to complete this gorgeous cake.

For best results, attach your cake to the board with some buttercream and spread a thin layer of buttercream all over your cake evenly with a palette knife and scrape away any excess. Pop the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes (or the freezer for 15) before removing. This process is known as a crumb coat, which will firm up the cake and buttercream so that no crumbs get dislodged. It’s a great foundation for a perfect finish.

Step One

Make sure the height of your cake is about 5mm lower than the underside of the top and side scraper you are using. Our top and side scrapers come in three different sizes, to accommodate the size of your cake. Spread a thick layer of buttercream or frosting over your cake with a palette knife.

Step Two: 

Place the cake on a turntable. Position the side scraper onto the side of the cake and spin the turntable holding the scraper firmly in place. When you have a build up of buttercream on the scraper, pull it away from the cake and scrape the excess buttercream back into the bowl.

Step Three:

Position the scraper back on to the side of the cake and continue to work your way around. If you have time, place the cake back into the fridge or freezer again for a short while to chill and firm up the buttercream.

Step Four:

Add another thinner layer of buttercream and repeat the process.

Step Five:

Keep repeating the process until you are happy with your covered cake.

Step Six:

Add ribbons to the base of the cake and cake board.

Step Seven:

Gently push the gold glitter unicorn horn and ears cake topper into the cake. Start with the horn in the middle of the cake – this will make it is easier to position the ears evenly either side.

Step Eight:

Roll out some gold modelling paste and cut out two circles using a cutter. Then use the same cutter to shape two crescent moon. Make small snips along the paste to create eyelashes and flick them up with a paintbrush to create a curl.

Step Nine:

Attach the eyelashes to the cake with a little edible glue.

Step Ten:

Brush the top of the cake with some edible glue to decorate with a selection of sprinkles or sugar, pipe a few dots of buttercream to attach the wafer flower, then finish with a sprinkling of pink magic sparkles.

And that’s how you make this adorable buttercream unicorn cake!

Equipment used:

  • 6″ round x 5″ deep cake
  • large top and side scraper
  • turntable
  • circle cutter
  • palette knife
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • buttercream or frosting
  • gold glitter unicorn horn and ears cake topper
  • edible glue
  • gold modelling paste
  • selection of wafer flowers – it’s the pack of 12 mixed wafer flowers