How To Make A Cherry Blossom Mother’s Day Cake

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This beautiful Cherry Blossom themed Mother’s Day cake is simply stunning and easy to create with a little help from a variety of our lovely coloured products and equipment. We have topped it with a pretty handmade sugar Cherry Blossom spray from our collection of sugar sprays in the Mother’s Day cake decorations section.

Step 1 – Painting cherry blossom branches

To create the cherry blossom branches around the cake, use a picture as a guide and paint freehand using a small thin brush with Rainbow Dust ‘Paint it’ brown.

Start by mixing your colour in a paint palette with some Rejuvenator Spirit, so the paint glides with ease across the cake when creating the branches. Work your way around from the lower sides of the cake, gradually moving upwards and towards the front as shown in the picture. Continue this process to complete the tree, along with adding small angular brushed strokes and darker layers to create the tiny branches.


Step 2 – Making cherry blossoms

Mix a little Pink ProGel into your White Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste, once soft and pliable roll out thinly and cut out your flower using the cherry blossom cutter. Take the cornflour pouch and dust your blossom art veiner mould, then place the cut out flower on one side and press down gently to emboss the petal details.

Once dry mix a little Progel pink or Rainbow Dust ‘Paint It’ hot pink and Sugarflair Superwhite together with rejuvenator spirit in a palette and paint your cherry blossom flowers accordingly. Then finish by mixing some rejuvenator spirit with Rainbow Dust ‘Paint it’ yellow to colour the centre of the flowers.


Step 3 – Assembling the cherry blossoms

Using Sattina Royal Icing, attach the made flowers randomly along the branches on the cake. Continue this process until all the flowers have created a natural and desired appearance reflecting the Cherry Blossom tree.


Step 4 – Add the final decorations

Finish by attaching the cherry blossom flower spray with a little royal icing and add your own message or pop on the silver ‘To Mother With Love’ motto.


We used:

Cherry Blossom Cutter & Mould by Blossom Sugar Art
White Sattina 3 in 1 Modelling Paste
Little Venice Cake Company White Paint Palette
Sugarflair Superwhite
Rejuvenator Spirit
Nylon Brush No.1 P41
Sattina Royal Icing
Mini Palette Knife – PME
Cornflour Pouch
6’’ rolling pin
Pink ProGel Concentrated Paste Colour by Rainbow Dust
‘Paint it’ Selection (Rainbow Dust)Brown, Hot Pink & Yellow pots
Ivory Sattina Sugarpaste to cover the cake
Candy Floss Pink Sattina Sugarpaste to cover the cake board
11 inch Petal shaped cake board
Pale Pink Satin Ribbon – 15mm & 25mm to add around the cake board and cake
‘To Mother with Love’ Motto
Cherry Blossom Flower Spray