How To Make A Completely Cuckoo Chocolate Drip Cake For Easter

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With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d get creative with the main thing that everyone looks forward to… chocolate! We went a bit cuckoo with this luxury chocolate drip cake topped with a realistic looking rooster. We like to think of it as a quirky alternative to the customary yellow fluffy chick cake topper – the cake may look a bit wacky, but it tastes absolutely delicious!

Step 1.

To create the extra deep cake, use a 6″ deep cake tin, or stack two 6″ cakes on top of each other and layer with chocolate frosting. Pop your chocolate cake onto a thin board the same size as the cake, before coating the outside with frosting using a palette knife and a deep side scraper to achieve a smooth finish. We used a turntable as a non-stick base to place our cake so we could rotate it easily whilst buttercreaming to achieve a smooth and neat finish.

Step 2.

Slip a large palette knife under the cake and move it onto a larger cake board (we covered ours in chocolate sugarpaste but you can leave it plain or used a coloured cake board). A handy hint is to dip your palette knife into hot water before smoothing the top – this will give your cake a smoother finish! Put the covered cake in the freezer for a short while or the fridge for about half an hour to set cold.

Step 3.

Now it’s time for a pop of colour! The easiest way to melt the Colour Melts is in a plastic disposable icing bag. Melt the Colour Melts in the microwave, checking every 10 seconds, until they are at the right consistency. The advantage of using a disposable icing bag means that they are ready to drizzle over your cake straight from the microwave. (Don’t microwave for more than 10 seconds at a time though – you don’t want the bags to melt or Melts to burn!)

Step 4.

Take your cake out of the fridge or freezer, and snip a small hole in the plastic icing bag. Try to keep the hole as small as possible to allow maximum control when you come to pour the Colour Melts over your cake. Pour them around the edge first, before flooding in the centre. Make sure you have enough melted so that you can cover the top all in one go. We used two 12″ plastic piping bags full of melted Colour Melts for a 6″ round cake.

Step 5.

Decorate the top with a scattering of sprinkles straight away to ensure they stick firmly before the Colour Melts set.

Step 6.

Finish off your wacky cake by adding a fun cake topper, a vibrant Easter ribbon, sugar flowers, chocolate eggs, and cute fluffy chicks. Make it a spectacular Easter explosion!

Handy hints

Don’t worry if the top of your cake isn’t perfectly smooth, a scattering of colourful sprinkles will cover up any imperfections!

When adding ribbon to a cake covered in buttercream or frosting, wrap a thin strip of greaseproof around the cake first to prevent any staining on the ribbon.

We used:

1kg of ‘bake even’ chocolate cupcake mix
Chocolate frosting (700g tub)
Luxury chocolate Sattina sugarpaste
Palette knife
Deep side scraper
6“ deep cake tin
9“ cake board
Rainbow Dust orange colour melts
Disposable icing bag
Orange Ribbon With Embossed Gold Easter Eggs And Hens Design
Chenille chicks
Chocolate flavoured sugar-coated mini Easter eggs
Icing daffodils
Pink, Orange & Mauve icing flowers
Multi-coloured sugar dots confetti
Rooster cake topper