How To Make A Cute Christmas Penguin Cake

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This cute little penguin cake is super quick and easy to make. Simply bake two cakes using the small half ball pan and sandwich together. The cake is perfect to offer family and friends and will give you approximately 8-10 portions. We used the Sattina golden delight Madeira cake mix which takes minutes to prepare – you simply add water, mix and bake!

Step One: Covering the cake

A handy hint when covering a 3D cake is to layer the cake with buttercream then insert a cake pop stick or short dowel through the middle. Make sure the dowel is no higher than the top of the cake then cover in buttercream. For best results chill for approximately 20 minutes to set a little before covering with sugarpaste.

Knead 500g of black sugarpaste until soft and pliable and roll out on a work surface sprinkled with icing sugar large enough to cover the cake. Carefully lay the sugarpaste onto the cake, smoothing over with your hands and tuck in gently around the base as much as you can to achieve a neat finish. Now cut away any excess and tidy the base of the ball-shaped cake using a small palette knife.

Step Two

Dust your work surface with the cornflour pouch. Roll out enough white sugarpaste to cut out a heart large enough to cover the front of the penguin’s body and attach with a little cooled boiled water or edible glue.

Step Three: A perfect finish & two cute little star feet

Smooth over the cake with a smoothie smoother gently to create a perfect finish, especially taking care when smoothing the edges around the white heart. To make the little feet, roll out some orange sugarpaste and cut two shapes out using a star cutter, then attach them to the bottom of the cake either side of the heart with a little edible glue.

Step Four: Woolly scarf

To create the woolly scarf, roll out some blue sugarpaste and place a knit embossing sheet onto the icing. Roll over firmly with your rolling pin so that the pattern embosses onto the icing then cut the scarf out using a sharp knife or the Fmm ribbon cutter. Attach around the middle of the penguin with edible glue. Finish the scarf off by adding two extra lengths so that it looks tied.

Step Five: The Features

For the beak and flippers, knead a small amount of Sugarcel powder (around a quarter of a teaspoon) into both black and orange icing separately. This will make the icing firmer so that it will hold its shape better. Cut out two long black triangles for the flippers, soften the edges then attach to the penguin with edible glue. You may have to prop the flippers up with some kitchen roll for a few minutes so that they start drying and hold their shape. Cut out a small square in orange icing then cut in half to create two smaller triangles. Attach centrally above the scarf to create the beak. For the eyes, cut out two small black circles then add two tiny white circles before attaching.

Step Six: Cracker hat

Knead a little Sugarcel into some red icing and roll out long and narrow. We used the ribbon cutter again to achieve this shape – it cuts neatly without pulling the icing! Use a diamond cutter to cut a zigzag pattern all the way along creating the crown effect. Attach to the penguin, painting a ring of edible glue on the head before positioning into place and securing. For an extra special party hat, why not add some yellow stars! We rolled out a little yellow sugarpaste and used our star plunger cutters, then attached them with some edible glue.

Step Seven: Add a little message!

Finish off by adding your Christmas message. We used the mini push easy alphabet cutters as they really are so easy to use! Dust your surface with the cornflour pouch, roll out some icing, cut and plunge out the letters then attach to the board with edible glue.

We used


  • 500g of Sattina golden delight Madeira cake mix
  • Sattina vanilla frosting
  • 500g Sattina pitch black sugarpaste icing
  • 100g Sattina white sugarpaste icing
  • Small amounts of Sattina sugarpaste icing in true red, Mediterranean blue, and bright orange
  • Cornflour pouch
  • Edible glue
  • Sugarcel (CMC) powder


  • PME half ball cake tin (small)
  • 12″ round royal blue cake drum
  • 16″ non-stick rolling pin
  • 9″ non-stick rolling pin
  • Icing sugar shaker
  • Small straight palette knife
  • Cake pop stick/short dowel
  • Large heart cutter from PME set
  • Medium star cutter from set of 6 cookie cutters
  • PME diamond plunger cutters
  • PME round plunger cutters
  • Framar circle cutters
  • The cake smoothie smoother
  • Fmm ribbon cutter
  • Cake Star small star plunger cutters
  • Knit embossing sheet from the Home and Garden texture mats set
  • Cake Star push easy mini upper case alphabet cutters
  • Nylon brush No.1 P41