How To Make A Cute Panda With Balloons Cake

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We made this 6 inch deep cake using our red velvet cake mix and layered it with chocolate frosting. Our red velvet cake mix is so delicious and so easy to use – all you have to do, is add water! We covered our cake with 500g of Sattina true red sugarpaste and completed the look using a pretty red ribbon with white hearts design. This cake is perfect for Valentine’s, birthdays, and any other special occasion. You could make two cute pandas as a cake topper for an anniversary or a wedding to represent the happy couple!

Making The Panda

Step 1

Make the panda’s body and head from the white Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste. Roll the body into a ball between your hands to shape a small round cone shape. Use about the same amount of paste for the head, roll into a ball then roll between your hands to very slightly flatten the ball into an oval shape.

Make the arms and legs using the black modelling paste. Always start with a ball, then roll into a cone or tear drop shape. Cut one end off each leg and arm at a diagonal so they sit flush against the body. Be sure to make the legs a little larger than the arms. A handy hint to get the pairs of arms or legs the same size is to start with a ball, then cut it in half so that both arms or legs use exactly the same amount of paste.

Step 2

Sit the body on a small board (so that it is easy to move around) and push a cake pop stick down through the centre of the body. You may have to cut the cake pop stick a little shorter as you only need a couple of centimetres sticking out for the head to sit on. Attach the legs and arms into place using a little edible glue.

Step 3

Roll out a little red, white and black modelling paste to around 2-3mm in thickness and leave to sit for a couple of minutes while you make the ears and nose. To make the nose, roll a tiny piece of black paste into a ball and shape between your fingers into a soft triangle, before attaching it with edible glue. For the ears, roll a little black modelling paste into a small ball and flatten on your work surface. Cut in half to make two semi-circular ears and attach with edible glue. Because the nose is already in place, it’s easy to position the ears evenly.

Now cut out black circles for the eyes and gently roll over each eye to create an oval shape. With your fingers, gently shape each eye narrower at one end then attach as shown in the image with the narrow ends at the top. Cut out two smaller white circles and attach towards the bottom of each eye, then add two mini white edible pearls to finish.

For the mouth, take a tiny amount of black paste, roll into a sausage then thin each end before attaching to the face with edible glue in the shape of a smile. Lastly, cut out two small red hearts and attach them to the cheeks for a cute blushed look.

Finally attach the panda head to the top of the body centrally, with a little edible glue, pressing gently onto the cake pop stick until secure, and leave to dry.

Heart Balloons

Step 1

Roll out some red modelling paste to around 1-2mm in thickness and brush a little edible glue in the centre. Make sure the area you cover with the glue is smaller that the balloon cutter.

Step 2

Place a 24 gauge wire on the glued section of paste (as shown).

Step 3

Fold the paste over the wire and press down.

Step 4

Roll over very gently with a small non-stick rolling pin.

Step 5

Place the heart balloon cutter over the red icing so that the base of the balloon is over the wire.

Step 6

Press down around the edge of the cutter to cut out the balloon then pull away the excess paste.

Step 7

Make three balloons then leave flat to dry overnight. Once dry, the balloons can be sprayed with edible glaze and edible rose pink glitter to add texture. To dry, push the wires into a cake dummy standing or lay flat on a foam pad and leave to dry.

Step 8

After leaving the panda overnight to dry, carefully lift away from the board with a flat palette knife and attach to the cake with edible glue or a little royal icing. To attach the balloons, take a tiny flower pick and fill it with a little sausage shape of red modelling paste. Push the balloon wires firmly into the pick, then push the pick into the cake underneath the panda’s arm so that it looks like they are being held.

Handy Hints

– Use a modelling paste as it sets much firmer than a sugarpaste.

– Once shaped, leave the arms and legs to firm slightly as it will make attaching them easier.

We used:


250g of Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste

Renshaw black modelling paste

Renshaw red modelling paste

Cornflour pouch

500g Sattina true red sugarpaste

500g Red velvet cake mix

Chocolate Frosting

Edible glue

A couple of white mini pearl sprinkles

PME edible glaze spray

Edible non aerosol glitter spray pump in rose pink


6‘‘ non-stick rolling pin

16‘‘ non-stick rolling pin

8 inch round cake board

Cake pop stick

PME set of 4 circle plunger cutters

PME set of 3 heart plunger cutters

Fmm balloon cutters

24 gauge white wires

15mm red ribbon with white hearts design

15mm red satin ribbon

Flat palette knife

Flower pick