How To Make A Delicious Chocolate Orange Pumpkin Cake For Halloween

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Halloween is already creeping up on us and what better way to scare the ghouls and ghosts away than with your very own chocolate pumpkin.  It may look terrifying, but it tastes absolutely delicious and best of all, is really easy to make! It’s sure to be a hit with your little trick or treaters.
Step one
To make our cake, we used Cake Craft World’s brand new chocolate orange cake mix, which is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! All you have to do is add water, mix and bake. It really is as simple as that. Brush or wipe PME release-a-cake around the inside of the tin to ensure your cake comes out perfectly. 
Step two
Using a palette knife, layer the cake with chocolate frosting, alternating with orange curd for extra flavour. Frosting is a great alternative to buttercream, being oil based, it does not have to be kept in the fridge.
Pro tip: push a cake pop stick or cake dowel through the cake to keep it stable!
Step three
Cover the entire cake in chocolate frosting before cleaning up your work surface ready for rolling out the icing then place the cake on a spare cake board.
Step four
Sprinkle your work surface lightly with icing sugar and roll out 1kg of orange sugarpaste large enough to cover the cake. Use a cake smoother to remove any marks made by the rolling pin.
Step five
Drape the icing carefully over the cake and gently use the palm of your hand to smooth and cup the icing around the sides.
Step six
Cut any excess icing away from the cake then use the cake smoothie to create a professional finish.
Step seven
Move the cake onto a coloured cake board and use the bulbous cone tool to mark deep indentations around the sides of the pumpkin. If you do not have one of these tools, use the end of a paint brush.
Step eight
Make an indentation in the top of the pumpkin with your rolling pin.
Step nine
Use a PME plunger leaf cutter to cut out 3 leaves in green sugarpaste and make 3 long thin sausages to create tendrils.
The easiest way to make very fine tendrils is to roll out the icing first into thin sausages, then use a smoother to roll over backwards and forwards to keep the tendrils neat.
Step ten
Attach the leaves and tendrils to the cake with edible glue and finish with a stalk made out of brown sugarpaste.
Step 11
Roll out some black sugarpaste and cut out a mouth. The easiest way to create the shaped top edge is to use the point of a heart cutter.
Step 12
Cut out 3 triangles for the nose and eyes making sure the nose is slightly smaller. Soften the points with your finger before attaching with edible glue. To add a sheen to the pumpkin, spray over with a glaze such as ‘shell & shine’.
Cut out a message using the Cake Star Alphabet push easy cutters and attach to the board with a little more edible glue.
Step 13
Add a few finishing touches like this sparkly halloween cake topper, some icing eyes and some spooky spiders.

Chocolate Orange Cupcake Bats
You can also use the chocolate orange cake mix to make delicious cupcakes.
When the cupcakes have cooled down, pipe on a large swirl of chocolate buttercream, add 2 icing eyes and 2 segments of chocolate orange for the bat wings.
We used
Chocolate & orange cake mix
Chocolate frosting 
PME ‘Release-a-cake
2 x 500g tubs Sattina grass green sugarpaste 
Sattina pitch black sugarpaste
Sattina white sugarpaste
Edible glue 
Icing eyes
Shell & shine glaze spray
PME medium half ball pan
12″ green cake board / drum
Cake pop stick
16″ non stick rolling pin
9″ non stick rolling pin
Small palette knife
PME large rose leaf plunger cutter
Cake star push easy uppercase alphabet cutters
Pack of spider ring decorations
Sparkly ‘Happy Halloween’ cake topper
Paint brush for marking pumpkin & glue
Metal heart cutters, set of 3
Pack of 60 orange cupcake cases
Pack of 12 disposable piping bags
Tube 826