How To Make A Delicious Raspberry & White Chocolate Gateaux

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We’re mixing things up and giving you a delicious alternative to strawberries and cream this summer with our raspberry and white chocolate frosting! This tasty frosting is ready to use straight away, so it’s ideal for those last minute celebration cakes. It’s perfect for filling and covering larger cakes or piping straight onto cupcakes. We made a multi-layered cake using our Golden Delight Madeira cake mix, and piped on little swirls using the new Wilton No.1B drop flower/rose piping tube. Serve this up at a summer party and you can guarantee it’ll be gone in minutes!

Step 1.

Bake two 8″ or 9″ cakes using 500g of cake mix in each tin. The Golden Delight Madeira cake mix is absolutely delicious, and requires very little time and effort (bonus!). All you have to do is add water, mix and bake! It’s better to bake two rather than one deep cake as the cakes will not take as long to bake and they will stay really moist. We used a cake leveller to slice the tops of the cakes off to ensure they are level. Once level, layer them with the raspberry and white chocolate frosting. To keep it as neat as possible, spoon the frosting into a large disposable piping bag, cut the tip off, and pipe the frosting in rings onto each layer. Use a palette knife to flatten the top.

Step 2.

Pipe the top using the new Wilton 1B tube. We absolutely love this piping tube as it pipes beautiful swirls, rose swirls and large drop flowers. To create piped rose swirls, start in the centre then swirl around to the outside. It’s always a good idea to practise a couple on your work surface first to get the hang of it. It also helps to mark out the cake with a cocktail stick to give yourself some piping guidelines.

Step 3.

Finish decorating the cake by studding it with fresh raspberries and white chocolate buttons. You could even sprinkle over some white chocolate shavings to distribute the flavour more evenly.

We used:

500g raspberry & white chocolate frosting
1kg Golden Delight Madeira cake mix
Set Of 2 Delia Smith Loose Base Sponge Tins OR 8″ Round Loose Base Sandwich Tin
Cake leveller
Wilton 1B drop flower piping tube
10″ round rose gold cake board
Large disposable piping bags
Flat palette knife
White chocolate buttons