How To Make A Ferrero Rocher Tower & New Year Cupcakes

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Wow your Christmas party dinner guests with this stunning tower of nutty chocolate boulders. This mountain of mouthwatering Ferrero Rochers will give profiteroles a run for their money! For New Year’s Eve vibes, we’ve studded our stack with dainty sugar stars, but you could choose an alternative decoration of your choice, such as snowflakes! Place it on top of your cake and tie a glittering golden ribbon around the base to create a spectacular centrepiece, or feature it as a standalone piece. Either way, your family and friends will be absolutely mesmerised!

We made some glittery cupcakes with a ‘Happy New Year’ message using the push easy alphabet cutters and sprinkled these with some Berry Dazzle edible glitter. We also created an extravagant ‘2017’ using large individual patchwork numerals and spruced them up using purple and holographic gold non-edible glitter. A stunning addition to a New Year’s Eve celebration table!

Step 1.

First, you’ll need to make your cone and melt your chocolate. We made our cone using a 14″ cake box lid. Simply draw a circle around the cake board (14″ in diameter), cut the circle in half, and roll into a cone fixing with sellotape on the inside of the cone. Place some melting chocolate in a bowl, and put it in the microwave in short bursts to melt slowly. Check it every few minutes, then every 30 seconds, as chocolate can burn very easily! Once your chocolate has fully melted, leave it to cool slightly before coating your cone with it, as this will prevent the chocolate from running. Attach the cone to a small cake card about 1-2″ larger at the base with some of the chocolate, before coating it in chocolate.


Step 2.

Once your cone is drenched in delicious chocolate, start sticking your Ferrero Rochers onto it one by one. Starting at the bottom, attach a ring of Ferrero Rochers to the card and cone with the melting chocolate which has just started to set. Gradually build your tower layer by layer, until you reach the top and you’re left with a dazzling tower of chocolate spheres!


Step 3.

To decorate your tower, simply cut out some decorations, like stars or snowflakes. Spritz your stars or snowflakes with gold or silver edible glitter spray, and stick them all over your tower with chocolate to create a glamorous studded effect. Finish off your masterpiece with a generous spraying of edible glitter all over, and bring 2017 in with a chocolatey bang!



Step 4.

We’ve made our cupcakes using the delicious Golden Delight cake mix and baked them in gleaming gold foil cupcake cases. Cut out your ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ message using Sattina Regal Purple sugarpaste and push easy alphabet cutters, then leave your letters to set overnight. The following morning, paint the edges of your letters using the Golden Sands dust mixed with rejuvenator spirit. Finish them off with a dash of Berry Dazzle edible glitter and some golden sugar star confetti for extra sparkle!



Step 5.

We made these elegant 2017 numbers using Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste and large individual patchwork numerals. Leave them to dry overnight, before attaching the glitter the following morning. Place your numbers on some kitchen paper, spray them with glaze, and sprinkle over holographic gold, lilac, and purple glitter, before spraying again to set the glitter in place. Now watch your numbers catch the light and dazzle at your New Year’s Eve party!



We have used:

Ferrero Rocher cake:
Ferrero Rochers
Melting chocolate
Cardboard cone
Gold Lustre Sugar Star Confetti
Edible non-aerosol glitter spray pump in Gold and Silver
Sattina white sugarpaste
Gold ribbon & purple ribbon
Round cake drum
Cake card

Sattina white sugarpaste
Sattina Regal Purple sugarpaste
Golden Delight Cake Mix
Cake Star Push Easy Upper & Lower Case Alphabet & Number Cutters
Rainbow Dust Berry Dazzle edible glitter
Rainbow Dust Metallic Golden Sands Edible Dust
Gold cupcake cases
Rejuvenator Spirit

2017 numbers:
Large individual patchwork numerals
Sattina 3-in-1 modelling paste
Crafty Colours non-edible glitter in Purple and Lilac
Diamond Colours non-edible glitter in Gold Hologram