How To Make A Happy Birthday Icing Cake Topper

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Use the Fmm Happy Birthday cutter to create a funky shaped birthday cake topper that can be popped on the side or top of your cake and coloured and decorated to suit the theme of your party.

Step 1.

It’s really important to use the right icing with this cutter. You must use a modelling paste like Sattina 3 in 1 or Sattina Perfect Paste (a mix of 50/50 modelling and sugarpaste) so that the icing doesn’t stretch and tear – don’t just use sugarpaste!

Dust your work surface and the cutter with the cornflour pouch and roll out some modelling icing to about 3mm in thickness. Leave the icing for a couple of minutes to firm up a little, then cut out your Happy Birthday by pressing the cutter firmly down into the icing, giving it a little wiggle backwards and forwards on your work top.

Step 2.

Pull away any excess icing around the cutter then dab some cornflour onto your finger and run over the cutting edge to make sure it has cut the icing cleanly.

Step 3.

Using a cocktail stick, remove the unwanted icing in the centre of the cutter between the letters etc.

Step 4.

Turn the cutter over, gently tapping it on the work surface so that the lettering pops out. If it does not fall out easily, the letters can be eased out carefully using a paintbrush to push the paste through.

Use a little water or edible glue to attach the lettering to your cake and a  large flat palette knife to move the Happy Birthday into place.

Step 5.

You can also create a cake topper by attaching the lettering to a shaped plaque. Simply roll out some coloured modelling paste, place the cutter on top and use a sharp knife or scalpel to cut out a curved plaque shape that the Happy Birthday can be attached to.

Step 6.

To create a 3D Happy Birthday cake topper, use a strong modelling paste like Sattina 3 in 1. Cut out the lettering and leave to set over a round dummy or tin for at least 24 hours before attaching to your cake with dabs of royal icing.

Step 7.

The Happy Birthday cake topper can be decorated to suit the theme and colour of your party. Add sprinkles, stars and flowers or paint a design on when the icing is dry like the zebra print here which was actually drawn on using a black edible ink pen.