How To Make A Show Stopper Sprinkle Bunny Cake

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Create a show stopper sprinkle cake this Easter topped with cute candy bunnies. You can use a normal depth cake but the extra depth of using two cakes will ensure it takes centre stage and the colourful sprinkle coating will get everyone‘s attention.

Step 1.

To create a show stopper extra deep cake, stack two 6″ cakes on top of each other and layer with buttercream or your favourite filling. Coat the outside with buttercream using a palette knife and a deep side scraper to achieve a smooth finish. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes so that the buttercream sets firm.


Step 2.

Once out of the fridge, smooth over with another thin layer of buttercream. Place the cake over a cake box lid, baking tin or similar to catch the excess sprinkles then scoop the sprinkles out of a bowl onto the cake, turning until the cake is completely covered. If there are any gaps showing buttercream, brush over a little edible glue and scatter with more sprinkles.


Step 3.

To make the cute bunnies, melt coloured candy buttons in a microwave. Place them in a microwavable pot or melting jug then melt in 1 minute bursts so they don’t burn. When they are completely melted, pour into the moulds then pop in the fridge to set for around an hour before turning out.


Step 4.

To decorate the bunnies’ trousers and bow ties with sprinkles, brush a little edible glue over the areas you want covered.


Step 5.

Pour the sprinkles into a pot then dip the bunnies in so the sprinkles stick to the candy.


Step 6.

Attach the bunnies to the cake with cake pop sticks. Push the sticks into the cake, brush with melted candy melts then hold the bunnies against them for a few seconds until they have set in place.


Step 7.

Wrap a matching ribbon or two around the cake and finish with a large bow.


A Handy Hint

If your buttercream is too firm to spread easily over the cake, add a teaspoon or two of cooled boiled water to create a softer consistency. This will allow you to achieve a smoother finish.

Easter Goodie Bags

If you have candy melts left over, make extra bunnies and pop them into small cellophane bags and tie the tops with matching satin ribbons. They make great little treats to give away or hide as an alternative to Easter eggs!

What we used to make this cake:

Two 6″ round sponge cakes
Coloured candy buttons, green, yellow, pink, blue, orange
Deep side scraper
Palette knife
Edible glue and brush
Pearlised Rainbow Nonpareils, 100g Pouch x 2
Funny bunny mould or check out some of our other cute moulds!
Silicone chocolate melting jug
Pink, Blue & Green Cake Pop Sticks
Sheer pastel stripe ribbon
35mm wide pink satin ribbon